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  1. dapcat

    SILENCE RISING prologue

    my initial prologue image. i dont know how divided in chapters i wanna be, but for the inital demo i want to use this
  2. dapcat

    SILENCE RISING Title Screen

    Current title screen for my project, might or not be final, but im quite fond of it.
  3. oh yea it worked ! i had no idea the map size influenced it, thats good to know thank you very much!!
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hmxoxyqf4oa4qm0/AAAT9A_AiVfu2vvDR_UtAYhZa?dl=0 ive clicked on compress game including rtp files and this is my result, ive put both the exe file and the folder on this dropbox link, does it work?
  5. dapcat

    Hello! Dapcat here.

    thanks everyone for welcoming me! when i do get to a stage where its possible to post it on the game projects i def wanna try ;w; i literally just started
  6. i think the reason your software says my image is smaller is exactly because rpg maker isnt displaying it properly, which is the issue https://gyazo.com/72be8a806c133a6b7d4e415db64b2614 its in portuguese but you can see there, 640x480 altho its interesting that thats the size its showing it, the original max resolution. maybe removing the resizing would fix the issue but i would honestly like to know if theres a way to fix this and keep the bigger size lsgdjh
  7. hey im dapcat/amalgam8 and im an artist on my own time and ive just started on the project of my first game, silence rising. you can read more on it on my about but please to meet yall ive never rly used forums in my life so thanks for having me!
  8. ive made a typo mistake where i shouldve put 640x480 instead and ive made the correction but the issue still stands, the image i have is the exact size of the screen im currently using: 'RESIZE_WIDTH = 640 RESIZE_HEIGHT = 480' and my image is a jpg 640x480 so idk what to do
  9. hello. i am starting out rpg maker vx ace and im running into the following issue: my screen size (using yanfly's ace core engine script) is 640x480, and i want to show a picture full screen, like a chapter cover. choosing upper left x=0 y=0 or center x=320 y=240 yield the same result: https://gyazo.com/799fa1eb952a68344ee1481bc5ab9f16 can anyone help me fix this? i dont have any issues with the title screen or game over pictures, so far only with the show picture command.