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    Game Over Carrara 1.2 (PC,MAC,Android) free

    Update: MAC and PC version avaiable from our Website!
  2. Hello there, here's something different from a classic RPG, a point-and-click, like Riven or Myst. This project is very particular, because it is set in a real city, with real people, citizens, who interpret themselves in a dystopian version of our town Carrara, (Tuscany | Italy). Carrara is the capital of marble, it's a city famous all over the world because of the quality of the most famous stone with which they built the greatest works of humanity, from Roman times to the Renaissance. In this story, the city has been hit by an apocalypse. The narrative is actually rendered in a horror fashion for mere provocation, as a consequence of the decline experienced over the years by many Italian towns, which were previously famous and full of tourists and nowadays languish in desolation. We have translated the game in English just to show the structural wonders of our city, even if in a dystopian and horror fashion, just to create a contrast between fiction and reality... The game is based on real photographs of the town, which has been mapped in Google Map style, at night or at dawn when nobody was around. Then, each scenario has been transformed in a dystopian style. This game has episodes, think of a TV series, this is the first episode! PS: Suggestion... save your progress frequently, and don't make noise... Follow us on Facebook for updates! Or website! Game Trailer
  3. Lakaroth

    Dark Dithering

    An adventure game based in Hell, you are Murray, an unlucky skeleton that need to find out how to remove his curse. A game design like Zelda, funny dialogs like Monkey island, and an atmosphere like Ghost & Goblins, this is Dark Dithering. An old school game, pixel art and hand drawing animation. Follow me: Facebook | Youtube | Website Developement Progress | Story90% - Programming 85% - Soundtrack 30% - Graphic 40% A demo is coming soon! Then hope you support us in future when we are ready on steam and crowdfunding ! StayUpdate! Intro: My intention is to create a modern parody in a comic set in hell, between the current and the main elements of today's communication, during our adventure, we can access Deadbook, the social network for the dead directly from our menu, make friendships with the most curious characters of hell, participate in miniquest in the form of events, and buy directly online, from the ecommerce in hell, like "Deadzone". Deadbook It will also be very useful in terms of game design, to solve puzzles and discover the many secrets inside the Dark Dithering world. It all starts with a great love story, which unfortunately ends up in a bad way, our hero, willing to do anything to get his beloved, releases a terrible demon that instead of helping him, inflicts a curse to Murray, his girlfriend becomes a stalker, and he is surrounded by misfortune.... The way to remove the curse and heal his beloved, will be very long and tiring, also you never know what is behind the corners of hell... Murray Moray: After taking a curse, his girlfriend has become a stalker, and the unfortunate Murray has been hit by misfortune... Fiama Belmont: Because of the curse of Murray, Fiamma has become intractable, jealous, obsessive, and poor Murray had to flee the house, and seek refuge by his friend Karma. Karma: Karma is a karmeleon, unlike chameleons that change color based on where they land, the karmeleon change color according to the Karma and mood. It will be very useful to have a friend like him, to prevent and understand when there are times of danger. Opening Video Gameplay Video 1 Any feedback and suggestions are apprecciated! Best Lakaroth Credits: Rpg Maker Plugin: Quasi Movement Quasi Movement Plus Quasi Region Lock Galv Cam Control Yep Event Chase Player Yep Event Stop Movement TDDP Mouse EX Orange HUD (By Orange) Iavra Minimap (By Iavra) LTN PoPup (By LTN Games) More Frames By Shaz MOG CharParticles (By MOG) Galv Message Style Special Thanks to Daemond for some Plug in ad HOC.
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    Hello there!

    Thank you Darq i understand... This is a little bit different from others forum, so I thought I could not post there without a demo. Il'go there! Thanks I thought I could not post without a demo I thought I could not post without a demo I thought I could not post without a demo
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    Hello there!

    Thank you! Well i have a little problem, i cannot post in GAME IN PROGRESS session. How can i do that?
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    Hello there!

    Understand, thank you guys!
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    Hello there!

    Hello there, i'm new to this community, after one year of developement and planning, i'm almost ready to share my demo with you guys, i see there's some account restriction for a new user, i can wait. I also try to change my avatar but it give me an error. Anyway... all the best!