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  1. Valjean83

    Second Savior (finished)

    DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ytncasZKvHWmyLtmFw6_nPle6JRq_2zb/view?usp=sharing "It has been one hundred years since the one called The Legendary Hero defeated the evil god Kheelion at the top of the top of the Black Spire known as The Claw. Afterwards, a great abyss opened up swallowing The Claw as well as The Legendary Hero. After a long quest, peace had been restored to the land of Hectalia. That peace would not last. Many felt it in the air but would not say. Evil was not dead. Kheelion had found a way back...after all this time. The world calls for heroes when they are needed, and those heroes often aren't offered a choice in the matter. This is the story of a boy. A boy who would go on to do great things. Someone who might follow in the Legendary Hero's footsteps and be The Second Savior." Hectlia is an idealized world where Sin does not exist. Humans are good by nature but are sometimes corrupted by demons with malicious intent. There are gods that govern different aspects such as memories and time. There are rumors that the oldest god and father of all, Jehova is dead but the faithful remain devoted. Dragons are not trusted because deep in the past, a black dragon named Hesperex attempted to wipe out Humanity. There are three kingdoms: Margel, Falnire and Greylin who once formed the Triad of Justice to ward off monsters. Since the times of peace, they have drifted apart. Three beings called The Tyrants roam the lands, standing for Depression, Obsession and Deception. Their names are Ghazzadrin, Syd and Morrow, and in ancient times, they were the only ones to accept Kheelion after their brothers and sisters were destroyed. Characters: You: A boy of about fifteen. You have a younger brother named Ethan and an Uncle named Cyrus who both live in Margel Town. Camille: Your best friend. Her parents want to marry into money but that's not what she dreams of. She is a cleric who favors spears. Cliff: Captain of King Myden's soldiers. He is unwaveringly loyal to the king. Axes are his weapon of choice Vlad: A vampire who hasn't been himself lately. Leah: A girl who has lost her memory Rane: A girl who has lost her home to a curse Tania: A paladin who seeks revenge. Muillidan: A dark wizard with terrifying magical power Creator: Matt Tomecko Composer: Matt Tomecko (Pages Turning) Composer: Adam Tomecko (Scaling The Mountain, Skarnill's Tower) Music from various video games Special Thanks to those that made materials and scripts so this adventure could Be made. These people include: Yanfly Fyzzo Galv Pacman Modern Algebra Neonblack DoctorTodd Omegas7 Woratana Hime Fomar Effectus and the input and inspiration from so many This is not a high encounter game. I have played rpgs where every step involves a fight with monsters and this can be tiresome. I would like your input on the encounter rate. It is managed by a script that makes an encounter more likely for every step you take. If you prefer more fighting there is an option presented that lets you summon monsters to battle.   Have fun saving the world 
  2. Hey all. I have been using Effectus to great...uh...effect, but I ran into a snag. The script works great but there are some passability issues on the world map the ship hits an invisible barrier when it reaches the edge of the map instead of looping. if you switch the top true/false to true, the barrier disappears but you can walk off the edges of the other maps. I would like to make it so the ship can loop around the world map while also having the game recognize barriers on the other maps. The ship and boat are the only ones i've seen that hit the imaginary barrier. Any help at all would be so helpful.
  3. Valjean83

    Creating a one shot spell

    Thank you very much!
  4. Hey everyone. My final boss has a spell that is very powerful. So much so that I only want him to be able to use it once. How would I go about this?
  5. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    Thank you to Roninator for helping with my project. Kayzee, I understand your feelings about Effectus, but without that script, my game is way too choppy.
  6. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    Oh, am I not using the right tool? I can get these things mixed up, I was led to believe I needed the Graphical Object Reference script as well as a Backtracer. this is the link to the demo. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JZLRam0-NfZy_z8TKaK2XGU-O8EJpZLE/view?usp=sharing
  7. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_frg5yF93rwaaPtYS5x3SuVYlNrn3XmmoGDmgIxJhlM/edit?usp=sharing Here is what the backtracer picked up. It is very long and I am having trouble recognizing errors. I did notice 'memory leak' though. Maybe you all who are versed in code can give me more of an idea of where the errors lie, because all I see mostly is a wall of text. Whenever I play the game and an error appears, it is almost always a disposed window error. If you would suggest another backtracwer, I would be open to it.
  8. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    It's cool roninator. I grabbed Solistra's backtracer and it created a log of all the shenanigans my system has been up to. The probkem is, it's very hard for me to make sense of it. There are term's such as ''memory leak' which worries me. Had a disposed window error and can't seem to find it. Will I be able to do this myself or will i need someone fluent in reading this kind of language? also, i am not sure how this will work in conjunction with Mithran's script Thank you all for assisting me with this!
  9. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    I created a new project and pasted the Effectus Script and Mithran’s script right under it and I got the same error so there probably is something repeating in there. For now I am going to keep Mithran’s script above Effectus because I don’t see any other way, and I am going to grab a back tracer. What exactly does this do? I know I am trying to get rid of crashes, but once I pinpoint what is going wrong, how do I get rid of the errors?
  10. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    If I have Mithran in any other spot there is a crash. I do not know why there is no crash if it’s above Effectus. If I get rid of Mithran completely, the game works, but will keep on crashing. I have a question. Are there typically more errors when you run the game outside of the editor?
  11. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    The scripts I am using and the order in which I have them is as follows Effectus Yanfly Engine Ace Connected Maps (Hime) "Better" NameInput v1 (fyzzo) Galv's Map Positions Change Fade Time (Pacman) ATS: Formatting VXA (modern algebra) No Battle Screen Tint Scale Encounters script (Neonblack) Custom Database (Hime) DT's Level up + (DoctorTodd) ATS: Choice options VXA (modern algebra Map Saver (Omegas7) Transformation States (Fpmar) CP Scrolling States VX script (NeonBlack) No land on events script Lock Actor in Formation (modern algebra) Stop cutscene script Graphic Object Reference (Mithrran) __________________________________________________________ Update: I moved Mithran's script above Effectus and it's working. Now I just have to know how to use this script in preventing disposed windows. Someone also mentioned I needed a 'Backtracer'. What is this and do I need it? I know i ask a lot of questions. It's just that when it comes to this script business I am completely lost. I am glad that it is working! However I am not seeing the unresolved disposed windows that I believe the script is meant to show. Thank you for reading this and supporting me and my game. It means very much to me!
  12. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    I forgot to mention that I am using the Effectus code for anti lag. I took out the Effectus script and the other script works fine. Effectus is a pretty massive script and I have no idea what part of it is causing the problem. Are you familiar with it? speaking to someone who knows not a hint of coding, what would you suggest i do. I want so badly to play my game without a diposed window error happening every five minutes. thank you for reading this!
  13. Valjean83

    Stack Level too Deep?

    Hey all. Was wondering if anyone could give me some help on this. On a recommendation I downloaded Mithran's Graphical Object Global Reference script. My game was suffering from rampant disposed window errors and I was told this could help. However, once I paste it into my scripts and then start the game, I receive the error message: SystemStackError occured Stack level is too deep i was reading the reasons why this might occur, but I don't have this script anywhere else. Also, it appears the same in my script as it does as where it came from. Does anyone know why this is happening? http://pastebin.com/DvuinNFU
  14. I have completed my game, but in random parts errors come up crashing the game. Admittedly, I have many scripts in my game, so what do you do when an error pops up to stop it from happening again? If it mentions a certain script, is it best to just remove that script?
  15. Valjean83

    Disposed Window Error

    ok. thank you!
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