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  1. Thomas Smith

    insomnioid concept art/misc art

    Looks nice
  2. Thomas Smith

    biker concept

    Looks nice
  3. Thomas Smith

    Charles' Creation Corner

    Nice. Maybe put this topic in your signature.
  4. Thomas Smith

    oh hi

    Where is the thread now?
  5. Sorry, only know how to make all actors stop dancing.
  6. Thomas Smith

    oh hi

    it is a good program, i've made but not released a few games made with it I have a game in it. I put in on another forum. https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/project-delta.90184/
  7. Thomas Smith

    oh hi

    I use VX Ace most as well
  8. Thomas Smith


    Not sure yet.
  9. Thomas Smith

    Hi Risk Transition Movie by DRC

    I like it!
  10. I know you from rpgmakerweb forums. Yes, I am called Thomas Smith there as well.

    1. EpicFILE


      Ya, we've interacted fairly often there.

      I joined this forum since mid 2015, and have been inactive since late 2015.

      It's kinda funny to know I'm an older member here, but a younger member there. :D

    2. Thomas Smith

      Thomas Smith

      I'm an older member on forums.rpgmakerweb.com. I joined a while ago but never actually did anything.

  11. Thomas Smith

    oh hi

    So...what maker are you using? (List of engines)
  12. Thomas Smith

    Sudyg Woods in Khr'mast

    All right, got it
  13. I'm kind of new to these forums - joined a while ago, but never actually did anything in it.

    1. Saeryen



    2. lonequeso


      Lurking in the shadows, eh? You can come into the light. We don't bite. Well, Charizard bites, but he is easily distracted by food and liquor. 

  14. Thomas Smith

    oh hi

    Hello! Welcome!
  15. Thomas Smith

    My Drawings

    These are my simple drawings.