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  1. You just inherited a house in the middle of Nowhere. You have nothing to do. Just to sleep... But every time you sleep, a new guest knocks on your door. One hundred events to be triggered, each night a 1% chance to trigger an individual one. You need to survive, find the way out, and uncover the hidden secrets. https://ostrangerquota.itch.io/wist-will-i-survive-tonight Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_dC8A7o5Ss
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    78 Free Soundtracks for various themes

    Updated links 2021.
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    2 tracks from my DEMOgraphic

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLxF6odP_Co https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn4CRsnyU-Q
  5. Original by https://MindQuota.com I wanted to release all the soundtracks that i have worked for my games in the past years. All of them are free to use commercially with credits given to TvGxO. Download on mega : https://mega.nz/file/YJpRURSK#Mm4zv8dEYhAoymcLlEq9vrru46i-xNjE-Wzifw2buUQ Or on the Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2076013085 45K INTRO.mp3 4q_3.mp3 bituri2_2.mp3 drawinger_2.mp3 GBN - 0ad.mp3 GBN - A VOID (ME!_).mp3 GBN - Ashes.mp3 GBN - Atacand II.mp3 GBN - Atacand.mp3 GBN - Azot.mp3 GBN - BeatStard.mp3 GBN - Billy Weston.mp3 GBN - Black Bell.mp3 GBN - Blast.mp3 GBN - Bubblegum.mp3 GBN - County.mp3 GBN - Cry's.mp3 GBN - Dizzy.mp3 GBN - E.N.D..mp3 GBN - Error.mp3 GBN - Fiddle.mp3 GBN - Formalities.mp3 GBN - Freezy.mp3 GBN - Galaxy.mp3 GBN - Gate.mp3 GBN - Gekko Den.mp3 GBN - Good Time.mp3 GBN - Gravel.mp3 GBN - Grudge.mp3 GBN - Him.mp3 GBN - Intermedia.mp3 GBN - Keyboard.mp3 GBN - Killer.mp3 GBN - Last Banjo.mp3 GBN - Long way.mp3 GBN - Lunatic.mp3 GBN - Manaure.mp3 GBN - MISTER Y.mp3 GBN - Mongol Night.mp3 GBN - Monkey Lair.mp3 GBN - Mumbai.mp3 GBN - Never Mind.mp3 GBN - Night in Desert.mp3 GBN - Night Watch.mp3 GBN - Nightmare.mp3 GBN - Origins II.mp3 GBN - Origins.mp3 GBN - Oz.mp3 GBN - Pattern.mp3 GBN - Pep.mp3 GBN - Rock.mp3 GBN - Script.mp3 GBN - Siege.mp3 GBN - Snake Eye 2.mp3 GBN - Snake Eye.mp3 GBN - Strange Stage.mp3 GBN - Sunday.mp3 GBN - Thrill.mp3 GBN - Tribal Day.mp3 GBN - Want.mp3 GBN - Wave.mp3 GBN - Why.mp3 GBN - With Energy.mp3 GBN - You Heard.mp3 i21_2.mp3 Intro (2).mp3 Intro.mp3 jjdar_6.mp3 Outro (2).mp3 Outro.mp3 road1_3.mp3 rqrq2.mp3 SLOW_4.mp3 spark_4.mp3 Starting1.mp3 strange house_2.mp3 swamp.mp3 triyh.mp3
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