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  1. CodeHunterEx

    Puzzle School (Word Game)

    Synopsis: Puzzle School is a word puzzle game where you have to guess what a word is. Similar to the old 'Hangman' game. There almost 3000 common English words included in the game so it should keep one guessing for some time. When you start the game you will notice a choice for 'Normal' and 'Tablet' mode. The difference between them is the amount of animations going on. Normal mode has more than tablet mode. Tablet Mode is good for running on computers that are slow when running in Normal mode. Try not to get too PUZZLED Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ee2at4ycqp7iw7g/PuzzleSchool.zip?dl=0 Credits: Background from 'School Tiles" which can be found here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/a/rpg-maker-vxace-tileset/classic-school-tiles Game design and font used created by me, Code Hunter (Lawrence). Main character and teacher character created in VX Ace. Simple scripting used in game created by me except the word selection created for this game by TheoAllen and edited by me. Screenshots:
  2. CodeHunterEx

    Text Reader

    Does anyone work with Ace scrips these days, and can the problem loading files over say 250KB files be corrected? Or know of a script that does the same feature without the loading issue?
  3. CodeHunterEx

    Bible Scout

    I am back, and I made a few more minor updates. At the start you now have the option for auto/manual text messages. Sun and moon added to replace the old sun/moon representations and it is MUCH better. New challenges added including some books are not found in cities. You will have to discover what needs to be done to get those books. Adding trivia into the game. Thank you goes out to Jacob for his comments on the game and his suggestion for manual text.
  4. CodeHunterEx

    Bible Scout

    I made a few changes to the Genesis introduction and added some other items as well as made some internal changes. This will be my last update for a little while. Many blessings everyone.
  5. CodeHunterEx


    This is a great script but it has issues when loading large files. Files 100KB+ files. Is there a way to correct this?
  6. CodeHunterEx

    Text Reader

    This script is promising: I have a problem, though when I try to use it to read the files. When the player selects the item to read the game seems to freeze up. Wait long enough and it may load. Is there a size limit to this script, or is there something I need to do to get it to load? I even tried this using a clean project and get the same problem.
  7. CodeHunterEx

    Bible Scout

    Another bit of updates added. Added a little more to the game's introduction. See images below. Library for reading the books of the Bible has been added. The main library can be accessed from all churches and the player's house. When you leave the library you are returned to where you came from. Started adding in the King James Version for players to read as they find the books. Changed the font to make adding in the Bible text a bit easier. That is it for this update. You can get the download from the first post. If it isn't working, please notify me. For those who don't have a login for this forum and would like to contact me, you can contact me at my email address 'codehunterex@gmail.com' and use 'Bible Scout' as the subject, or sign up and join the forum and post a reply. More coming soon.
  8. CodeHunterEx

    Move Event not working

    How loopy of me not to catch that. This isn't my first loop around programming. (head smack) Thank you.
  9. I have the following Event (Autorun): @>Control Variables: [0010:Intro X] = 0 @>Control Variables: [0011:Intro Y] = 0 @>Conditional Branch: Variable [0011:Intro Y] < 6 @>Control Variables: [0010:Intro X] += 1 @>Control Variables: [0011:Intro Y] += 1 @>Set Event Location: [Event NW], Variable [0010][0011] @>Wait 30 frame(s) @> : Else @> : Branch End I have another Event that is just an image that I wish to move. When I run the auto event, the image moves once and that is all. Nothing else happens. Does anyone know why this is?
  10. CodeHunterEx

    Text Reader

    I am looking for a way to be able to load a text file and have a text box the size of the game window where you can display and scroll the text on the screen. Is this possible? Is there a script or other way to accomplish this? The idea is to have the player click on a event that loads a text file and lets them read the text and then close the window. Thank you
  11. CodeHunterEx

    Bible Scout

    Current status of project: Completed: Creation intro (updated) Tutorial/starting island Ship that lets you travel the world Several places to visit including towns, castle, caves, and a tree maze A few secret areas to find Fishing areas around the world Tree planting around the world To do: Add more quests Add more places to visit Add ability to read the books of the bible that you find For now that is how the project is and if I add/remove anything I will update the status again.
  12. CodeHunterEx

    Bible Scout

    Small update. I created a new title screen based on the old title screen and also created a Creation introduction. (Genesis Chapter1)
  13. CodeHunterEx

    Autorun for events

    Transfer is the last command in each event. Just before the transfer I have 'Erase Event'. Don't know if that is necessary or not. The 6 maps are only used on 'New Game'. Once it completes it is on the main map for the game.
  14. CodeHunterEx

    Autorun for events

    I am trying an experiment. I have 6 maps and each map has an autorun event. When the event is complete and it goes to the next map, does the event automatically get removed and ignored (no longer running), or do I need to use 'erase event' before I go to the next map?
  15. CodeHunterEx

    Bible Scout

    Here is a game I have in the works and I hope that others will enjoy. [Story: | Goal:] The devil has destroyed the Bible as a whole and scattered all the books all over Zeredathah and it is your job to go around and collect all 66 books. To make the game more enjoyable I am adding things to do. Some examples (some may not yet be available): Planting (Available) Fishing (Available) Day/Night as you travel (unavailable at this time) Quests by NPCs (Available) [Cretits:] Scripts added: Basic Options Basic Resize ^^ Above Scripts by V.M of D.T ^^ Basic Music Player Respawn Timer Fishing Mini-game (Used with permission) ^^ Above Scrips by Galv ^^ Scrips under consideration for inclusion: Character Effects by Galv Region Effects by Galv Khas Awesome Lighting Effects I will update as scripts are added. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sx96vqw6sofymfg/AABuXeeZOIjSZJO7DzwFlfs_a?dl=0 Note 1: This is game ONLY without the RTP (run time package) https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages Note 2: I am not too familiar with Dropbox. PLease notify me if you cannot get the game. Anyone famliar with Dropbox that can assist, please do. [Screenshots:] Here are some screen shots for the game: The Angel is the first thing you see starting the game. Who doesn't like furballs (I mean cats)? The Forest of Armoure is an area where you need to find all 7 parts of the Armor of God to get to the next area. King Joash is the King of the land so go and visit him and see what he has to say. All around Zeredathah you will find places to plant. Not only in towns, but also on the world map. There is 3 items in the towns, and trees on the world map to plant. Hidden somewhere in the starting area there is a secret waterfall with animals. Can you find it? Other secret areas around Zeredathah can be found if you are diligent.