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  1. In need of a scripter

    Alright, that works
  2. In need of a scripter

    There seems to be a couple issues with the script I need help with. Do you have anything I could add you on? Tox? Steam?
  3. In need of a scripter

    Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted. On a side note, does the post-battle sequence let you select certain skills for each party member?
  4. In need of a scripter

    Alright, thanks. I wasn't able to find this sub-forum. For anyone interested, here's basically what I have down for concepts. Pretty much just UI changes.
  5. In need of a scripter

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so if a mod is reading this, feel free to move it. Me and my friends are working on a Sci-Fi RPG called Soul in the Machine. Its a story focused game that incorporates tactical elements into the various missions. So far, we have our own assets like sound and graphics handled and the story is coming along nice, however; we're lacking someone with know-how on RGSS3. I've come here to ask if anyone is interested on helping us out with our game. If needed, I can provide some more information about the game and our progress. Some things that we need help on include GUI tweaking and simple battle system modifications. If you want to get in contact with us, let me know!