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  1. Good day everyone, Since i'm a noob in scripting I use already made script I found in the internet. Lately I got a problem with the "Single Actor menu" by Zvart He creates a constant variable (I think that's what its called) at the start of the script to determine the picturename of the file that will be displayed in the menu. But since I give the option to choose from multiple actors,this doesn't work for me. So I tried to change the variable inside the script but it gave me an "dynamic constant error" Since I couldn't find something that helped me, I hope you can Thanks in advance Saru
  2. Saru

    Variable in Script

    There problem is I don't know how (I'm still a beginner, as I said). I will give another picture (this time from the lines where the actor-picture is drawn). Maybe you can tell me what to do.
  3. Saru

    Variable in Script

    The script is for a new menu (a single actor menu to be precise). The code we are talking about is checking, which character-model is chosen in the character-selection and puts a matching picture of the actor on the menu screen (when you press esc, the menu is called. On the left are the submenues (items, equipment.,...), on the right is a picture of the actor, a hp-bar,... (reference-picture in the main post) Changing from capitalised to uncapitalised did fix the other error, thank you for that. But now I somehow have to get it back to a constant, because later on "PICTURE_NAME" is used in a method, and changing it to "picture_name" doesn't work.
  4. Saru

    Variable in Script

    Alright. I now Changed my script as said, but It gives me a "dynamic constant assignment"-Error. (The Variable-Value is defined at the start of a new game, if this helps) Also (so that I don't have to ask later): Where exactly do I call the metthod?
  5. Saru

    Variable in Script

    Thanks for the answer, but sadly it didn't work. Probably because it's in the module-part of the script (but you couldnt know, didn't share that information before you answered)
  6. Saru

    Variable in Script

    First of all, thank you for the fast answers. I tried to do as said, but now I get a "NameError. Undefined local variable or method "var" " Version 1: def var $game_variables[981] $game_variables[982] end var Version 2: def var a = $game_variables[981] b = $game_variables[982] end var that's what I wrote before the script-part you can see in the image of the main-post. I don't know that much about scripting, I'm still a beginner. Edit: Maybe I should tell that this script is inside of an already existing script I found on the internet and wanted to use. It's inside the "module", before the first class or anything else (I would add a picture, but somehow I can't upload it to this post, so I will add it to the main post)
  7. Hello, Right now I try to make a condition branch for variable in a script, but I can't get it to work. The picture show what I have right now. When I start the game, I get "NoMethodError occured. undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass" Can somebody help? Thanks in advance
  8. Saru

    Border Passability

    I'm not sure how I should change that, since there is no star permission in the first (A) Section of a Tileset. Therefore I set Outside_A5 (the one I took these tiles from) to E, the arrows like in the picture and star permission on, but I still had the same problem I tried setting the arrows as you said, but it didn't change anything. It is like if I wouldn't have done something.
  9. Hello Everybody, My Problem is that I can't make the borders of a hill impassabale without making the complete tile impassable. In the picture with the actor on the hill I can only move in the blue area, the red is impassable, although I should be able to move everywhere from what I did in the tileset-edit (see pictures). I don't know how to fix this problem, so I hope one of you can. Thanks in advance Saru