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  1. #1) I don't know what version of Excel you have, but in mine, when you hit Enter it goes down 1 cell. As in A22 to A23. #2) Can't you just click in the formula box, do your edit, and hit enter? The selector box should just move to the next cell, taking you back to where you were. #3) As for the alignment problem, you can Right-click> Format Cells > click Alignment tab > "Horizontal" dropbox > select Left. Deep breaths, and don't be afraid to search stuff online! Hell, that's how I found out about MIN, MAX, and other commands I never knew about for Excel.
  2. Have you tried putting the line break code at the beginning of the victory quotes, rather than the script call for the character's name?
  3. Nah, if the program gets a call to play the same BGM, so long as the pitch (speed) is the same, it won't restart it. I've seen a BGM call to lower the volume of town music when you go inside buildings before. I will third the request for screenshots of how your events are set up, though, so that we can see what's causing the parallel process to glitch (I do agree it'd be easier to skip the parallel process and just have a "Play BGM" line at the end of the auto-run event, when you turn the switch on.)
  4. First, set up a common event. No call condition, and within that common event, pick Actors > Recover All (Full Party). Name it 'Megalixir', or something similar. Then, go to your Megalixir item, and go into the effects box, Call Common Event [Megalixir]. I'd recommend setting the target to "User" and using a full-screen animation, just so it doesn't look funky that the animation isn't hitting all heroes, but then they all get up anyways.
  5. Gleason

    Request: "Battle Fan" SV weapon for MV

    This thread can be closed, I was able to work out a deal with an artist and I think it turned out great!
  6. I know this request is kinda out there, but I'm looking for someone to create a sideview weapon sprite (in the same style as the 3 default weapon sheets, if possible) of a battle fan. A good example would be Yukiko from Persona 4, and either "thrust" or "swing" style would be fine for it. I can provide picture examples if need be, and I'm also willing to tip through paypal or gift a smaller game through Steam, if that would be preferred. Feel free to PM me if you're interested and wish to discuss terms!
  7. Gleason

    Resistince is Futile

    #2. Just have to last long enough to drop them on the ground from a height of more than 2 feet! On the other hand they ensure protection for "even those that express interest". Perhaps you could go over options and review stuff with them, without ever actually being assimilated?
  8. Gleason

    Reflect Skill Not Working?

    Are any of the skills set to Certain Hit or Physical Attack? I know I've accidentally done that before.
  9. Gleason

    Non-Curve Leveling Up

    If you leave the slider bar for slow/fast in the middle, doesn't it spread the level ups evenly over levels 1 to 99? So that you'd want to put 10 HP in at level 1 and 990 HP in at level 99, using the above example.
  10. Gleason

    Loving on the video characters?

    Aurica, from Ar Tonelico 1. As happy as I was to get a good ending, I was sad to leave her (and by extension, the rest of the cast) behind. Getting teary eyed over the fate of a character in the Stephen King novel, Cell. Fate was cruel to her. Early December in Persona 4, although that's a different kind of 'love' for a fictional character. There's nothing wrong with liking a fictional character--that's where we get a lot of awesome fan art and discussion among fellow fans of the game/show/series, right? The problem is when some people begin to treat them as MORE than a fictional character. Like Chaosian said, when it starts interfering with your day to day life, then there's a problem, and you need to break free of the hold that a fictional entity that can never return your feelings has over you.
  11. Gleason

    Animation size?

    192x192 is the size per cell. They go 5 across (910 pixels).
  12. Gleason

    So I'm Spuds.

    Hello Spuds! How are you? this is just a short haiku to say welcome, you
  13. Don't get me wrong, I didn't dislike FF7, I just never got all the hype beyond the "holy crap it's the first big name JRPG in 3D". The original Wild Arms predated it, but you take a look at the differences in graphical quality between the two, and, well... That being said, I stand by my belief that Jenova was behind it all and Sephiroth and Cloud were both her(?) pawns, silly Ultimania guide be damned.
  14. Considering people were considering paying for ads to promote the idea of voting for FF7 in the GameFAQs poll ( http://imgur.com/a/qhe2E ). There are fans of different games, and then you have the subsection of FF7 fans who are more self-absorbed by their favorite game than Kefka was in attaining nothingness.
  15. Gleason

    Szyu's Crafting System

    Great crafting script. I have a few questions, though. Would it be possible to craft multiple items at once, if you have the ingredients to do so? Also, would it be possible to call a 'main crafting' menu where you choose the category of crafting, rather than calling each category with a separate plugin command? Either way, thanks for making this script.
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