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  1. Geiken

    Updated to v2.2. Changelog: - Three new dungeons have been added across Snowtop. Inside are new enemies, items, and unique bosses. Each boss provides an item that will upgrade one of the three secret items found across the world. - Many items now have new attributes, such as double experience gain or granting the wearer an ability to cast buffs. - The final bosses are now more of a challenge.
  2. Geiken

    Updated to 2.1. (Spoilers below.) - Many bugfixes and tweaks. - After finding a specific key, the player can unlock secret chambers throughout the world that house emblems meant to be equipped to specific followers for stat increases. - New boss, the "Kith Brute", has been added to several side dungeons, with equipment to claim from them. - "Mother" bosses are now much faster and aggressive. - During the climax, Fury now has the ability to ghost through any obstacle and can one hit KO if he catches you. Kodigon's fire attack now shoots twice as fast and five bolts are thrown instead of three. If her army attacks Ring, several of her soldiers will be summoned as reinforcements as her health drops. - A lot of new equipment can be found in the overworld and in dungeons. - Followers now return any added equipment to the player during the course of the story or during companion quests.
  3. Geiken

    Updated to 2.0. This is the first completed iteration of the game. Title art has been completed, Aquan camps have been added to the Highlands, bandits will ambush you there and in the deserts, and random whirlwinds have been added to East Desert for those who stray from the path. Generally balancing has been applied as well. Other updates will be added as time goes on in case something is needed or if I wish to add something.
  4. Geiken

    Updated to 1.9. 1.8 was uploaded as well, but I forgot to make a post about it. Story towns have been completed, four optional towns, 100+ items (including weapons, armor, and special rewards at the end of dungeons) have been added, 31 optional dungeons, and 21 side quests have been added to the game. The fast travel system has also been completed, to be accessed by the player later in the story. The next update will finalize the game. This will focus on balancing the combat, flavor text (making observations regarding the environment, reading books, etc.), and general touch ups to make the game feel more complete.
  5. Geiken

    Updated to v1.7. All lighting, shading, and fog effects related to story locations are completed. A roadmap has been added to the download post, detailing what comes next. The focus will now move on to fleshing the world out, starting with towns, interiors, and NPCs.
  6. Geiken

    Updated to v1.6. Kodigon's Temple and Snowtop maps completed. Animals were also added to lay the groundwork for hunting later on. Next is adding additional lighting, shading, and fog effects to remaining maps.
  7. Geiken

    Updated to v1.5. East Desert and the first two Sary Island maps completed. Ring's tinting and lighting are completed, but shadows will be added once I've found or made an appropriate asset for it, and interiors and NPCs will be worked on when I start working on all of the towns and cities. The other Sary Islands will be worked on when I get to the optional areas in the game. Next are the Kodigon's Temple maps.
  8. Geiken

    Updated to v1.4. Ring Deserts maps completed. The basic form of the healing system has also been implemented. Healing is now done through a spell that costs MP, which regenerates over time. There will be optional items found as rewards in dungeons or side-quests that can be consumed to increase the speed at which it regenerates. Next are East Desert, the first two Sary Islands, Ring, and all of the smaller maps in between.
  9. RPG Maker Ace Twitch Channel

    I have no idea if you're still LPing, but here is my request: Geiken Currently in development.
  10. Question About this Site

    Thanks for informing me of where this belongs. And thank you for the answer. That makes sense.
  11. I'm still a completely hopeless noob, so despite having looked and getting confused, I'm unsure where else to put this. It's just a question about the review forums. Most of the topics concerning Let's Plays seem to be locked - is there a reason for this?
  12. Geiken

    The first in any incorporeal step is to rise and become cognizant of your own desires. All walks of life must adhere to this simple concept. Resistance to such is to follow what is laid out before you, progressing infinitely through kalpas created over nonsensical dreamstates. How? Because all paths are laid out regardless of prior choice. The most difficult area in this regard is to accept this as an absolute, and move forward with what is necessary. Defiance is not optional. You only have a single directive - comply. Description Geiken is a mystery/philosophical story set in a fantasy/sci-fi setting. The focus is on the writing and storytelling, covering themes of identity, apotheosis, and the pursuit of happiness. Decisions can be made that alter the course of the narrative and the landscape of the finale. There are six different endings that occur based on prior choices. Abstract: A narrative-focused game with an emphasis on player-protagonist engagement and unintended consequences based on player choice. Genre: Mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi Game Progression: Complete Demo Length: 20-30 minutes (Download is at the bottom of the post.) Story Characters Current Features - A 20-30 hour main storyline spread across 10 quests. - A quest journal system. - Combat is ABS, meaning you fight on the map. Companions are also able to fight alongside you. - 30+ optional dungeons. - 20+ side quests. - 100+ unique weapons, armor, and items, all with different abilities and stats. - Many readable, in-game books that expand on the lore - A large, open-world map that becomes more accessible as the player progresses through the story. After a certain point, the player gains access to a base, a system for traversing this world with ease, and the ability to recruit story and side quest NPCs as followers. Screenshots Videos Version History Credits Downloads (RTP stands for "Run-Time Package", which is required for RPG Maker games to work. If you've already played an RPG Maker VX Ace game on your computer, chances are you already have the RTP. Download the Non-RTP version if that is the case; if this is your first time, download the With RTP version.) Non-RTP With RTP (The demo is merely the beginning area with little restriction. There is no story, you start with a basic weapon and healing spell, you can explore the island freely, and you can talk to any of the NPCs. This is just to allow anyone who is curious to see what the game offers.) Demo Non-RTP Demo With RTP
  13. Chibi's Let's plays

    Here is my game. There is a demo and a full version; the demo covers the first quest and the full version contains the completed story. The maps for the first area are finished (for the most part), all of which are included in the demo. Beyond that, most of the maps serve as placeholders for the story to play out. Gameplay is also not finalized, as is evidenced when you play and is detailed further on the download page. This is my first project and I haven't gotten that much feedback, so if you do decide to play it I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!
  14. Chibi's Let's plays

    I'm working on the climax of my game now, and once that's finished I'll be uploading it to this site (along with a demo of the first 15-20 minutes). The main story is around 13 to 15 hours long, and has been the primary focus. The world maps, some dungeon maps, and side content (side quests and towns) are mostly unfinished. I'm mostly looking for feedback and suggestions (I'm an awful map-maker). If you would consider playing it when I upload it (hopefully this month), that would be awesome.
  15. Chibi's Let's plays

    I like your voice. Question - Do you do WIP games? Probably a dumb question, as I can't imagine that would be enjoyable to play/watch. I'm asking in case there's a chance you do, which would prompt me to consider submitting my own to you. Unfinished, in this scenario, means that side content has not been implemented and maps need to be completed. If not, no worries, I'll still keep you in mind for the future.