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  1. ashm

    Pokemon Sun and New!

    Havent played since XY but always up to date with the news from /vp/. The review is mixed but most people agree it was best pokemon game to date for difficulty and story. And new gen meaning new pokemon and new meta. So, I'm more interested to play competitively on battle simulator.
  2. ashm

    VX Ace Survey!

    So what's number 10 about ? Online as in developing or online while playing ? Multiple platform support like MV ?
  3. Anyone got cool name to replacing elemental term like venus and mars (golden sun). Currently crimson and azure, but need help for naming nature element.

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    2. ashm


      @Chungsie : *explaining on PM

      @truncatis : I prefer color based to uniform with the rest (to avoid owing you too :o)

      @KilloZapot : state of matter is out of question. Anyway it was a good read

      @Freakytapir : cool, but Gaia already used.

      @Shiggy : Thanks, I dont realize it's easy to check color on wiki.

      Malachite << sound sinister but cool


    3. Asharonapaul


      hmmm... perhaps my own language can assist?


      maekah - dying flower's song

      ahrael - whisper of the wind

      pahtya - Earth

      tyafah - rain

      flower - el

      power of the sun - aeryaelsol


      you can find more by trying other words at http://lingojam.com/Solhandahohra


      it is a WIP.

    4. Green With It

      Green With It

      Maybe change them to another languge like hellenic or latin

  4. ashm

    Set up a dream scene

    Hmm interesting. But I think the problem still same. Won't the player would notice that because the different tint color ? I'm thinking about to change the default dream scene (commonly using grey) or adding black border (i dont even know what black border do in "visual telling")
  5. I want to insert a scene where character have a dream -> wake up and realized can't move the limb -> sleep again -> wake up What i want in the end is character confused and decide that paralyzed stuff is just a dream. I know how using grey tint to make a dreaming scene. But what should I do to make that paralyzed scene. If I use normal tint, the player (the one who control the character) would spot easily that is not a dream. But If I use grey tint, it would make an inconsistence If I just decide "but that part was not a dream" So, any tips to set up this particular scene ? Black bar? Semi grey ? obviously not spehia, right.
  6. Just brainstorming for my story to decide whether this is a reasonable motive or not. Would you accept an offer from a nice guy who save your life to work for him for 5 years ? Note : Legal work, Well accomodated, no guarantee day off.

    1. Thejaxinator


      Well am i payed?

      Did i have a job before?

      If i say no will he shoot me?

    2. ashm


      -Ofc Payed, but not much (since you get free rent and meal anyway).

      -Yes, but not a lof better

      -Hmm... I havent decide this. Maybe need to develop that character first.

  7. ashm

    Chadzter's Random Art Shop

    I'm thinking of adding more balloon icons since there is a script that let's you use as many icons as you want. =3 I hope it's Ace script. The reason I hesitate to do it via show animation is because Z layer (or whatever the name) might conflict with other. I like it, But I think you put the face feature too high (as in Y axis). Will keep scouting this thread for more emotion
  8. ashm

    Chadzter's Random Art Shop

    Cool. I also thinking to change show ballow emotion via show animation. That's way, we can add countless specific emotion (like smug, blush, evil grin, sweat etc)
  9. So, the pattern in Sword9 animation. Is that a kanji or what? Does it have certain meaning or just simply cool caligraphy ?

  10. How do people make cool skill name like "Inferno divider" (atleast for me, its cool). My naming sense only allowing me to name such "phoenix blast" < kinda lame, isnt it ?

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    2. Lord Vectra
    3. Jolt Android

      Jolt Android

      use onelook.com, type in a word but put : first. like this :burning

    4. Ragnos


      I just pull stuff out of my @$$ till I find something that sounds good. Vectra can second me on that one.

  11. ashm

    RM VXA Auto-Shadow

    Edit it one by one. Because I'm so grateful they add this feature on ace since vx requiring a script for it which is more annoying.
  12. ashm

    Help with Mage Class

    Mage is the most versatile class. You need a damage dealer, just build him around offensive spell. You need spam enemy with debuff while buffing allies, name it. Or you need to heal ? Mage can learn restorative spell too. Since you already have battlemage, just look what role that lack from your party. Protective, support and healer i think.
  13. Got my laptop reinstalled and lost all resource. What happen in here >> http://usui.moo.jp/rpg_tukuru.html

  14. What are the developer thinking when they decided to give the player best equip/item/skill after defeating the hardest boss on the game (final/optional) D:

    1. magic2345


      Developer: "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

    2. ashm


      I know right ?

      It's like "congrats for beating (not finishing) the game. Now use this prize to slaught those slimes"

  15. ashm

    Dark Knight Skills

    From my favourite MMO, Dark knight is a commander of hell knight chosen from many fallen knight. Their skill is Blade dance : Slashing and creating multiple moon-shaped projectile Terror howl : Release darkness aura to stun enemy and apply guard break to all attack Life steal : Rush to target and drain their hp Charge of Darkness : Summon the swarm of Shadow knight. So yeah, basically anything related with physical debuff and hp.
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