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  1. VERSION 2.0 RELEASED- v2.0 onwards: SCRIPT CREDITS BATTLE ENGINE: Moghunter: Battle system ATB, ATB Ayesha, Battle Hud EX, Battle command, Transition EX Yanfly: Battle Equip Menu, Steal Skill, Encounter Rate, Weapon Attack Replace Rhyme: Animated Enemies Soulpour777: Battle Animations TheoAllen: Animated Battleback V.M. of D.T.: HP Bars Galv: State Hue Change DoubleX: State Icons Karin: Battle Modifiers Jene: Surprise Attacks Mr Trivel: Hurt Sounds Shad3light: Targeting Priority Manipulator Hime: Intro for Random Encounters, Conditional Effects, Target Scope, Use Condition VLue: Damage Pop-up, Enhanced Encounter Conditions efeberk: Random Battle BGM Yanfly: Victory Screen HBK61 Common Event on Battler Hime action conditions Fomar0153 Counter Attack Skills MAP GAMEPLAY: Falcao Pearl: Action Battle System Lunia: Party HUD jCommander: Party Swap Hime: Tile Swap, Camera Control, Follower Event Touch, Choice Options mikb89: Some Popup modern algebra: Text-Wrapping Galv: Move Route Extras, Item Storage, Basic Music Player Glasses: Movement Speed Yanfly: Parallax Lock Shaz: Auto-Stepping Prof. Meow Meow: Trace Stealth System (LiTTleDRAgo) TheoAllen: Limited Inventory Vlue: Sleek Item Pop-up Yanfly: Skill Cost Manager, Follow-up Skill GAME ENGINE: Yanfly: Ace Core Engine, Message System, Stop Movement!, Common Tile Event, Dynamic Stats, Death Event, System Options, Ace Menu Engine, Extra Param Formulas, NPC Restrict Gump: LevelUP Messenger Galv: Variable Timer Functions MENU SYSTEMS: retnuh: Shiggy's Menu Options (SoulPour777) Moghunter: Animated Title A Dark Paladin: Animated Gameover (Moghunter) Majirefly: Level Name Mr Trivel: Expanded Actor Menu modern algebra: Monster Catalogue Hiek: Enhanced Save (Levi Stepp) Galv: Visual novel Choices RPG MECHANICS: Dekita: Perfect EXP Curve Cyanic: Steam Achievements Hime: Custom Use Condition, Transform Use Items, Scene Interpreter Moghunter: Chain Commands ENGINE OPTIMISATIONS: Mithran: Graphical Object Global Reference (C) Maker Systems: Save File Doctor Falcao Pearl: Pearl Antilag KilloZapit: Cache Back TheoAllen: Insane Anti-Lag
  2. Thankyou Rezanta! I have taken some ideas on-board and updated the game on-sote... I hope people appreciate that it is unique - and hope some even find it fun to play. again, thankyou! I am truly greatful for all feedback!
  3. Maybe I can't fix the ABS, but I'll tidy up the artwork. Got a lot of flak for the ABS - and for those outside the RPGM community, they really hate it. Tempted to provide an option to play first-person turn-based in combat... might help salvage this game :). However, that said that - have spent a lot of time trying to get ABS to feel okay: followers act ok, lot of keys required though. Would appreciate your opinion either way: seems RPGM community gave up on ABS and Falcao's offering in 2014 - so if it is unloved then let me know if my version is work keeping or ditching, in your opinion. It is pared down and rebuilt, but it is not the most intuitive system is it. X Kayzee: hope you enjoy a game with THREE fairies in it anyway (you can go to the Tavern and play with all 3... I am accomodating ) PS- artwork amended.
  4. now that I can agree with. I do agree, it does seem with such large projects, people are more focussed on what they are doing. When I joined here early this year, I did take time to review other people's work: but of course we all get caught up in our own endeavours... So yes, 'recruitment' is an odd idea, but was looking at my own work and thinking 'I know I could do that better' - but wanted to know, given its origin, whether people are turned on or off by this style: it is not a typical RPGM game. So given that, woudl hiring an artist be advisable? I'm not sure what to do tbh. hi Kayzee! yes, but I think we are all like this: perhaps I am just ignorant of RPGM community and I need to redress that. And yes, this is a totally free game, no DLC or any of that nonsense. Investigating how Steam works as a distribution model has been a pet project of mine... [PS: Kayzee, you even cameo in this game... ] Structurally, I love this game and believe in it. Technically, it is a bit shaky in places, but proud of how I've pushed some parts really hard... The music is awesome - but is not mine of course. But the artwork is all mine, and perhaps I should be looking, at the very least, for a fresh pair of eyes, preferably one with a good eye for RPGM games already. I think I'm classically stuck with a game that has depth and is engaging, but perhaps a bit of a visual mess: maybe the kitchen sink needs removing, etc. So I'm not sure why I'm posting here, but am open to ideas. Apologies if this is the wrong place to go, but it seems a good place to start. Again, thanks for your comments, they are giving me food for thought, :).
  5. Hi, I've been developing my RPG Maker VX Ace game for about a year now, and it is live on Steam: PUBLISHED STEAM GAME From the feedback I get, it goes along the lines of a 'a love letter written in crayon'. While I have received a lot of feedback and support from other communities, am finding it difficult to make this game attractive to the RPGM fans.So here I am: looking for advice and potentially volunteers looking to get a credit on a released Steam game.Even if you cannot directly help, would love to hear what you think of the current art-style and happy to discuss why certain artistic choices were made.Where should I go from here? Thanks for your time.
  6. UPDATE: so it's been a while. Have launched a succession of builds on Steam and getting great feedback - though I sorely miss any substantial feedback form the RPG Maker community: is this game pushing the genre a bit too much away from what RPGM is good at I wonder... ? And unfortunately, until I hear otherwise, I will have to assume this is so. The criticism for RPGM games is that they are often samey, however in my approach to this, have I been to alienating? Would love to hear any comments: I am like a blindfolded man, searching in a dark room for a black cat who, is not there. Can you help?
  7. boyflea


    If you now go here, you can see it properly, http://store.steampowered.com/app/717190/Super_Dungeon_Master/
  8. Finally beat a game without killing anyone, :) Happy with the game-balancing at long-last


  9. Coming soon! STEAM version of this game! http://store.steampowered.com/app/717190/Super_Dungeon_Master/
  10. boyflea


    Daydreaming is free...
  11. thankyou for the response! have compiled a video collating the various feedback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiY2eFXU6VI&t=12s full walkthrough can now be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNTnxlxQrobUvQjHW5Hgj7NYgqTD0w66Z
  12. Finally, my game is on Steam! (workshop... :) )

  13. Thanks to inspiration from Kayzee (KilloZapit) - have updated to v1.02 to include two extra characters to make the game considerably easier to play: this will allow younger players to participate. And hopefully, that will be all teh updates for a while! Please feel free to provide any feedback here or on the main RMN site....
  14. Thanks to inspiration from Kayzee (KilloZapit) - have updated to v1.02 to include two extra characters to make the game considerably easier to play: this will allow younger players to participate. And hopefully, that will be all teh updates for a while! Please feel free to provide any feedback here or on the main RMN site....
  15. Minor update, v1.01 provided, addresses issue with omitted credits and fixes 'Continue' niggle on main menu. Thanks everyone for the support!