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  1. Wenith

    Custom Title Menu Screen

    I can't seem to get the actual cript in itself, the only thing provided is the png image files themselves but I can't find a way to replace the actual menu buttons(new game/continue/exit)( which I assume would be possible using the actual script.) As well as seeing if there's a way animating the cursor/title menu. Please not that I have little to none pre existing knowledge of programming or scripting whatsoever. I did manage to get a custom text font working tho, but only for the menu box and not the actual ingame text.
  2. Also posted on RPG Maker forums. I'd like to have custom images etc for the home/title screen, a.k.a no box and if possible a fluid transition with the cursor. Font used is just an example, provided by MOG's animation title(?) https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/download-page-9/ Preferably something like this, this, or this, since I'm going for a more pixely style Iori's Dream Teller probably is the best example. As of now I can't seem to get the font graphics to actually replace the ingame menu options. It looks like this currently. Thank you in advance.