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  1. RishigangiX

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Just dropping in to say that I've finished making a tester's demo for the first episode, so if anyone from the community is interested in becoming a tester, let me know. I'll only release a public demo after I'm made sure that typos and bugs have been squished. I'd also like to hear feedback from the testers about the first episode, and suggestions for improvement. So if you're up for it, just drop a message or reply to this post. Cheers!
  2. RishigangiX

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Thanks for the support. I'll try to get a demo ready soon. ^^
  3. RishigangiX

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    Added Credits. NOTE: The game is still in early development and the List of Credits is subject to change.
  4. RishigangiX

    Eva Reynes: Volume I

    She was one of the best in her line of work. She had it all - the money, the fame, the respect of her peers and the fear in the eyes of her enemies. But sometimes all it takes is one hit from the bitch called life to knock you off your feet. Following the tragedy of the RM-8 incident, Eva Reynes finds herself in a life drenched with alcohol and music, with no care in the world for her job and her responsibilities. Evenings once spent chasing criminals were now spent chasing bottles of whisky. On one such evening, she got a call from her apprentice and friend, Damien Wills. He had been framed for murder. "Just this time" were her words when she put on her overcoat and headed for the scene of the crime. But when she finds out that this case somehow connects to the one case which ruined her life, how will she react? Are there answers at the end of the road, or will she end up chasing shadows leading nowhere? How will the years of drinking and reclusion take a toll on her when it matters the most? Walk in the footsteps of the legendary Eva Reynes and unveil the truth. Warning: Eva Reynes: Volume One is a dark, sadistic mystery game which gets increasingly difficult, and there will be no hand-holding after the tutorial. After the first episode, you will be on your own to make deductions and find clues. The game will NOT warn you if you go on the wrong path, miss clues, or make wrong deductions, which may eventually put you on a one way street to a bad ending. At times you won't even know where you made the mistake. - Unique personalities, complex and unpredictable plots, and a captivating story. - Investigate crime scenes, search for clues, make deductions and find out the truth. - Engage in timed discourse battles; point out contradictions using the evidence you've found. - Manage and develop skills/traits like Personality, Perception, Discourse, etc. - At times you'll have to choose between being a good person or a good investigator. - Original content and artwork. - Several bad endings, one normal ending and one true ending. Website: https://www.potatobraingames.com/eva-reynes RMN: https://rpgmaker.net/games/10841/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PotatoBrainG Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PotatobrainGames/ Lead Developer: Rishigangi (Potatobrain Games) Graphics: Sage Takeda Avery Cyanide FirstSeedMaterial Sturmfels PandaMaru com_sho Cvrtis bougainvillea Chalkdust hiddenone waifu2x Bokou Indrah whtdragon Enterbrain [Copyright](C) 2012 KADOKAWA, INC; DEGICA Co., LTD artists Archeia, Marimo, Caz, Ocean's Dream, Thernz scripters Yami, Liquidize Music samkfj Kerrigan Marrion Fields Production shimtone MAKOOTO Amachamusic MakaiSymphony RengokuTeien Scripts: MOGHunter Yanfly - yanfly.moe Khas HimeWorks Soulpour Archeia DreamX Takeya Kimura Shaz Karberus Hudell ExHydra PHLiM2 Kamesoft Tor Damian Design
  5. RishigangiX

    Eredia: Diary of Heroes

    Thanks for your interest. I'd love to hear your feedback after you give the demo a try. ^^ Thanks. I'll let the artist know that his work is being appreciated!
  6. RishigangiX

    Eredia: Diary of Heroes

    Eredia: Diary of Heroes Developer: RishigangiX Genre: Turn-Based RPG Game Progression: 45% Average Game Length: Demo Length - 6 hours (approx.). Includes 14 side quests. Recruitment: Need two more testers. http://www.potatobraingames.com/eredia-the-diary-of-heroes Follow Eredia: Diary of Heroes on these pages to stay updated: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ErediaGame/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PotatoBrainG Website: http://potatobraingames.com RMN: https://rpgmaker.net/games/8673/
  7. RishigangiX

    Chibi's Let's plays

    I'd love it if you gave my demo a try. https://rpgmaker.net/games/8673/
  8. Hi there, fellow RPG lovers and makers! My name is Rishav, but you can call me Rishi. I've been using RPG Maker for a total of about four years. The first time I used it was when RMXP came out, and I used to play around with it for hours every day with little regard for my sleep and studies (I was still in high school at that time). After using it for about three years, I decided to take a long (somewhat indefinite) break from game development, and it was only last year since RMMV was released that I decided to return to the beautiful world of game making (or the beautiful game of world making for that matter). This is the first time that I've challenged myself into making a commercial game, and things are going smoothly so far with Eredia: Diary of Heroes (Thank God I didn't forget everything I learned about game making). Besides making games, I am working full time as a Japanese->English translator/interpreter, and am also pursuing my Masters Degree in Psychology. My hobbies include Playing/Making Games, Watching Anime, Reading, and Powerlifting. I'm new here, but I'd love nothing more than to get along with the fellow devs of this community who share the same love for playing and/or making RPGs. (Hmm... the introduction didn't sound troll-ish at all... maybe I'm getting good at this...)