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  1. Canvas is complete! Five years and two children later, I have finished my second game. The download has been updated. The game should last around 15 hours or so depending on a few factors including puzzles and sidequests. I have included a full walkthrough and complete item guide with the download. If you need more detailed help than the walkthrough gives, please don't hesitate to ask. I love every kind of feedback, especially bug reports if you find any. Thank you very much to those who take the time to download Canvas and give it a shot.
  2. Thanks for playing Manifest! Every one of my friends and family clocked well over 30 hours to complete it, but I wanted to lowball it to avoid potential complaints of playtime coming in under my figure. Some help below... Please don't hesitate to post if you have any other questions or comments. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you both so much for playing Manifest, your kind words, and for taking the time to post a comment. I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it. Sykper, that is definitely a bug, good find. If you have any questions about VX or Ace, please don't hesitate to ask...I'll try my best to answer them. I hope to hear back from both of you as you progress. Thanks again.
  4. sbethune81

    Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

    I'm getting the same problem as hiromu656. When I playtest my game in the editor, it has no problem finding the SE to play when I craft an item. If I compress the game data into the version for others to play, the script is unable to find imported SE's, even when they in the SE folder and are played fine through event commands in the game. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Canvas This is a game for those who love to explore, experiment, and discover. Welcome. Story: Arrym is a Wraith, one of an elite band of thieves notorious for taking on big jobs. He has all the talent in the world, but what little motivation he once had has all but dried up. Branak has the opposite problem. He is a Wisp, a newly inducted member of the guild, with seemingly misplaced dreams of greatness. He is determined to prove himself in the eyes of his superiors and take his place among the Wraiths. They are partners. In the midst of completing a job and evading their sworn enemies, the Knights of the Thorn, they are presented with a bigger job. Much bigger...and far more noble than they would typically agree to. Battle System: Almost everything on-map in Canvas is evented, including the battle system. Use an assortment of pixel-based attacks and abilities to dispatch your enemies in a variety of ways. You can anger them with arrows, stun them with bombs, throw them into each other with gusts of wind, and more! Each on-map enemy was carefully crafted with its own behavior, movement style, and methods of attack to provide the player with challenging and often thought-provoking encounters. Your on-map weapon will change appearance based on the weapon you have equipped. Features: Character swapping - each with their own unique "tool" and advantage/disadvantages when it comes to combat (Weapon range, attack speed, etc.) A variety of shared tools/abilities acquired throughout the game, useful for combat and puzzle solving. Item crafting Area maps Bestiary Glossary Characters grow based on your AP allocation A free-jump system that works hand in hand with my... Robust elevation system - Ties in with projectiles, tools, line of sight, jumping, etc. Puzzles aplenty! - You will need to experiment with your tools, and then come up with new and creative ways use and combine them. Mini-games galore! - As you explore the world of Canvas, you will discover many evented mini-games to add variety to the gameplay. They are all fully-interactive game systems as opposed to pass/fail based on a number or stat systems. Lockpicking (2 versions) Mining Fishing Pickpocketing Blacksmithing Persuasion Screenshots: New Screenshots: * The game is around 15 hours long The game is unencrypted, and for those who own RPG Maker VX Ace, I encourage you to poke around and explore. Download: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5517/ Credits: You might also like my first game, Manifest, which can be found here: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3694/
  6. Glad to hear back from you. Please feel free to go ahead with any translations.
  7. Thank you very much for the review. I really enjoyed reading it.
  8. sbethune81

    Live Damage Exploring Maps?

    Hi MoonCanvas, I'm not sure how familiar you are with events in VX Ace, so forgive me if I start out too basic . Once you've created an event with the monster/enemy sprite that you want, set the 'trigger' to event touch. That means the event will run when you touch the event or when the event touches you. Under autonomous movement type you can set a custom move route to have the enemy 'move toward player' if you want a stalker type enemy, or you can create repeated paths to simulate traps like rolling boulders. Another option could be to have the enemy move around randomly but quickly to catch the player off guard. Once you have the movement set up, you can start creating the event commands you want to trigger when the player comes in contact with the event. There is an event command in the 'actor' section called 'change HP' that can be used to take away health from a single character or the whole party. If you want the character to die from damage taken on the map, check the 'allow knockout' box. So that the event doesn't keep triggering over and over quicly when the enemy is against the player, I recommend having a 'set move route' event command after the 'change HP' in order to make the player move back a step or something similar to allow time to get away. If you want some advice on how to make the player temporarily invincible after getting hit like in a lot of old action games, let me know. Hope this helps.
  9. Always happy to help. Thank you for pitching in too, Arin. In the series of screenshots with Vellamik's quote there is a shrub in the bottom right corner, just above the textbox. Follow that path down and to the left, and you'll find a room with a note in it. Have fun and don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.
  10. Hello! This thread's been quiet for a while now, so it's great to hear from someone. Thanks for giving Manifest a shot...hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing back from you =).
  11. Thanks for all the kind words...glad you all enjoyed/are enjoying/will enjoy Manifest.
  12. MANIFEST There exists a most curious and powerful race in the world of Ospes, able to manipulate and alter matter itself. Their numbers are few, and from the beginning they have lived as outcasts, perceived as a threat to the world and every living thing in it. They are called Theolar. Thymetians, the most dominant race on Ospes, have done all that they can to suppress the Theolar. For they, more than any, are afraid of them. Most Theolar are content to live in hiding and have abandoned the use of their abilities in hopes they would be forgotten. But among them there is a small group, known as the Andurim, who are unwilling to give up that part of themselves. Their sole purpose is to provide the Thymetians and the rest of the world with a glimpse of their greatness, now long overshadowed by what else they are capable of�... Thank you for taking enough interest in this project to view the thread. This project is a fulfillment of a childhood dream and it is very dear to me. I do hope you enjoy it. If you play it through to completion, I promise you that you will see a few things that have never been done before in Rpg Maker Vx. In the interest of quality, I encourage everyone who plays the game to leave feedback, comments, advice, or any questions if you have them. File size: 133 Mb (remember...30 hours of gameplay) World and Story: Characters (A sampling): FEATURES: - In-depth story, both serious and humorous - ATB Tankentai Battle System - Customize battle difficulty from the menu - Hundreds of unique skills including many with complex common events - A large, lag-free world map to explore - Challenging dungeons with varied and original puzzles like you've never seen in RPG Maker VX before - A huge number of mini-games, including gambling, accuracy, speed, timing, strategy, and more. - Optional puzzle-filled ruins with plenty of rewards - 99 hidden relics to find and trade in the world - Original and addictive lockpicking event system - Some dungeons involve sneaking past guards and enemies - Optional Quests/Hunts similar to Phantasy Star 4/Final Fantasy XII - Fully functional battle arena - A complex evented world mini-map with 3 different zoom perspectives Some of the mini-games you will encounter during your travels: (Screenshots for these are provided below) - A whack-a-mole type game - A fishing minigame based off a combination of the Fable 1 fishing system and the Guardian Force Boost system of FF8 - A dodging minigame - My complex lockpicking system - A 3-Card Monty style game, but with 10 rabbits instead - A shooting gallery game, similar to the one found in Alundra - A blacksmithing minigame involving timing - A Slide puzzle w/ multiple images (I count it as a puzzle and a minigame). See screenshots below. - A shooting/defense game where you must keep monsters at bay - A single player memory card game with a unique twist - A fast-paced meteor dodging game Testimonials Screenshots: More Screenshots: - Mini-games (and some puzzles) : Gambling minigames in the various pubs and bars around the world, for those wishing for a break from the main story or who want to make some extra Etherum. The games are as follows: 1) Water, Earth, Lightning - my version of paper, rock, scissors 2) An evented version of blackjack with images, complete with double down functionality 3) A unique version of roulette called "The Great Divide" which allows you to place up to seven different wagers before a number is rolled 4) My own game called "Longshot." Credits A big thank you to all of the following people for their wonderful resources: I would never presume to compare the quality of my piece to any of Michelangelo's, only the passion with which we worked on them. LINK TO MANIFEST GAME: All known bugs/glitches resolved in this current version as of 12/25/11 If you are playing an earlier version, you should download this one and make sure to transfer your save files into the new folder. http://rpgmaker.net/games/3694/ (This download is more reliable) http://www.filefacto...n/Manifest.rar (Download button is at the bottom of that page, click the "slow download" button and wait for 15 seconds and click it again)
  13. sbethune81

    VE - Fog and Overlay

    You are using the same id for both fogs...make one of them 1 and the other 2.
  14. sbethune81

    VE - Fog and Overlay

    I'm getting an error 404 for this script. I've tried coming back to it at different times, but still no luck. Looks like a great script.
  15. sbethune81

    ~[Notes Field System]~

    I don't think I explained it well enough. The code in the notebox looks like this... <custom cost requirement> $game_variables[146] != 0 </custom cost requirement> <custom cost perform> $game_variables[146] -= 1 </custom cost perform> and it doesn't work because I can't put the lines of code within < and > or I will get an error from Yanfly's script. If I don't put them in those brackets I get an error from syvkal's script. I think it might only require a small change to this script, and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.