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  1. Custom text screen

    sorry for this post. I just ended up editing the last one...
  2. Custom text screen

    Okay. Thanks to you and Vectra. I'll try Galv's Message Background out to see if that does what I want. And thanks for the tip about not being able to change the position of the face graphic. All I wanted to do was make it bigger, but keep the position the same. EDIT: So, since I don't have any of the images yet, I don't have much to do with it. However, I was a little disappointed to find that there are only 2 settings. I'm not sure how much I can customize the text commands with only 2 commands. I'll try it out again once one of my face graphics gets done.
  3. Custom text screen

    Yeah. Sorry if I said it weird. Do you think I'll have to code it myself? Or is there an event thing or plugin I can use?
  4. animations not working

    I just had to remove the Attack1 and everything else from the game. Thanks for telling me about that Vectra! I just replaced the animations with ones from MV, and it worked. It was located in the Animations in the database in the editor, not the folder itself. It works great now! And sorry if this is necroposting... this topic can be closed.
  5. animations not working

    I finally found the problem! Now I gotta see if it works...
  6. Custom text screen

    Hello. I was wondering if there was any way to make a custom text screen. I have a friend drawing the face actor images, and I wanted to show them off on a bigger text screen, compared to the small Rpg Maker MV text screen that show up in the game. Here's a picture of the text commands that I want for my game, versus the text commands that are in the editor. NOTE: The picture for the text commands for what I want for my game is from the game Stardew Valley, which was all coded, not made with a platform like rmmv, as far as I know. versus
  7. As the title says I need to add options from the Female part of the Character Generator to the Kid part. I'm trying to make a small character, and the Kid part of the character generator works great (it is actually a shorter sprite than the Male or Female ones), but I can't get it the way I want because there haven't been any options added to it since the last update. I was thinking I could add in parts from the Female part of the Generator because you can only make a Female Kid right now, but I don't know what to label them to make them work in the Kid part of the generator. If you need any clarification, let me know. Any help is appreciated!
  8. Random number generator question

    This topic can be closed.
  9. Random number generator question

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I'm still new with some parts of the software and didn't know how to use the variables. Thanks again!
  10. Random number generator question

    Thank you for all your suggestions and options. Let me clarify a bit more first about the plugin. The plugin generates a random number by having you set it through a plugin command. Then shows a text command telling you what number you got. The variable idea that you guys mentioned did come to mind, however, I wasn't sure how to do the text command showing what number got rolled. Also, the plugin allows loops so you can click it and get a number generated every time. I found a similar loop in the generator itself, but when I tried it, the game froze up and I couldn't move the character.
  11. Random number generator question

    I'm using TF_RandomNumberGenerator v1.0.0 to generate random numbers. I already made ones with 1-#, but now I want to make one that has 1 to 100, but counting by 10s. I'm not sure how to make this one work.
  12. Current Map as battleback?

    Look at MOG Hunter's Chrono Engine. Here's the link: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-chrono-engine/ You might have to use google translate or something to understand what he means, but I think this is what'll work best for you. It looks very similar to the VX Ace version, but it's an MV plugin.
  13. SumRndmDde's Title Command Customizer Question

  14. SumRndmDde's Title Command Customizer Question

    They're already mentioned at the top message. But the title (minus the 'Question' part) is the main plugin that I think is causing the problem.