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  1. Ariel Schnee

    Ocarina of Time Script

    Your link is broken now, please fix.
  2. Ariel Schnee

    CSCA Core Script

    That link really needs to be put on the http://caspergaming.com/index.html page.
  3. Ariel Schnee

    CSCA Core Script

    Yo Casper, Your site no longer has a link to the scripts anymore. WTF!? And after all that money I paid for a lifetime license...:(
  4. Ariel Schnee

    Does Anybody Know

    01. I already paid for these once. Don't want to pay again. That's not fair. 02. Steam is not an option. I'm using XP. Steam doesn't work on XP anymore now. (Don't tell me to upgrade my OS. More than half my stuff would stop working if I did.) 03. Steam has a bad habit of ripping me off.
  5. Ariel Schnee

    Does Anybody Know

    I finally got to it using this link https://www.rpgmakerweb.com/c/account . Took lots of searching to find it. However, it seems most of my links have expired.:( And can no longer be downloaded. So, it looks like I'm out money on the expired ones. Here's a list of the ones that have expired. --- Product Delivery Method Quantity Unit Price Arabian Nights Resource Pack Download 1 US$9.99 Modern Day Tiles Resource Pack Download 1 US$6.99 Modern Shop Add-On Download 1 US$5.99 The Blackheart Power Download 1 US$4.99 Futuristic Atmospheres Download 1 US$12.99 Gyrowolf's 2013 Music Resource Pack 001 Download 1 US$19.99 The Adventurer's Journey Download 1 US$4.99 High Fantasy Mega Pack Download 1 US$49.99 Wild West Tiles Pack 1 $9.99 Pixel Myth: Germania 1 $19.99 JSM Party Themes 1 $7.99 Royal Tiles Resource Pack 1 $9.99 USD Dungeons & Volcanoes Tile Pack 1 $9.99 USD Evil Castle Tiles Pack 1 $4.99 USD ---
  6. Ariel Schnee

    Does Anybody Know

    Does anybody know what happened to the DEGICA site. I bought a lot of stuff from the RPG Maker online store years ago. I lost everything when my external harddrives were destroyed. I just got a new external harddrive, and tried to download using the download links in my email receipts. They wouldn't work. Neither would the support links. So I can't contact them. Does anybody know what's going on? Can this be solved? Can the download links work once again? Or am I out of hundreds of dollars now?
  7. Does anyone have any Chrono Trigger sprites, and face graphics, for VX Ace? Also, any graphics for the Gates? And a graphic for the Airship to look like the Epoch?
  8. Ariel Schnee

    Where Are PM?

    I can't figure out to access my Private Messages. I know how to send them to others. By clicking the icon on their profile. But I don't know how to check to see if I have received any. Help?
  9. I can't figure out how to access the forum member list on this forum. Where is it? I can't find it anywhere.
  10. Ariel Schnee

    Falcao Pets Servants 1.3

    The link leads to a site where downloading is disabled now.
  11. Ariel Schnee

    Visual Novel Choices

    I'm now having this problem when I try to use this script. --- Script 'Galv's Visual Novel Choices' line 167: NoMethod Error occured. undefined method 'collect' for nil:NilClass --- What's it mean? Help.
  12. Ariel Schnee

    Beyond Reality

    This is an interesting game. But one thing. You forgot to include a Quest Log. If you need a url. I recommend this one http://rmrk.net/index.php/topic,45127,0.html.
  13. Ariel Schnee

    Beyond Reality

    Does this have a demo for it?
  14. Ariel Schnee

    Save your Mother - NOW FOR SALE!

    Is there a demo for this now? I'm not going to shell out money unless I know it's good now. Only way I could know that is playing a short demo so please make one.
  15. Ariel Schnee

    Demon's Revenge

    Demo link doesn't work, please fix that
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