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    Quick Time Events During Batte

    Thank you for you help! I know that if the player needs to "Grind for a boss" that mechanic would be troublesome, but the game i have in mind is completely linear, and there wont be many areas with "Random Encouters", most of the time, the battles will be scripted and there wont be side quests ( At least, for now ) This fighting mechanic will make up for the lack of fights that's going to have in the game, and also for many other aspects of the game such as, the lack of any "ORIGINAL" design, like the title screen is grey and the chracters are make from the tool given in game, there wont be anything custom made so i want it to be fun for the player.
  2. Heya! This is my Second post here, my first is a bug im having, so, Would you kindly give it a look? I've hit a wall i dont know what to do. Thanks! So, im making my first ever game, with a few basic mechanics and ideas but what i have in mind is this, each attack you give in battle would have a quick time event, so you can deal more damage. Of course missing all of the quick time event's would result in a miss, but if you get all of them right, not only will you deal more damage but your critical hit chance would incrase. For balancing porpuses i imagined a pretty dificult system, where the buttons that apear would be selected from a random set of predefined keys that you can press. And the speed you would have to press them incrase, or decrease depending on the level diference between you and your enemy. Defending from an attack would work in a similar fashion, if you get all of the quick time events right, you would decrease the damage recieved or dodge the attack, but if you miss them all, you would receive a critical hit As the game goes on, Monsters and bosses get more complicated attacks, making it hard to dogde the attack, while also making it harder to hit one. Every Skill would have it's own quick time event to make it more effective, and maybe even it's own animations. The idea here is to make the player feel LIKE A F*CKING BADASS when fighting a boss by dodgin their attacks with some cool animations playing while they tear their keyboards in half by mashing keys. The "Defend" option would be Unused and possibly erased from the fight screen, because of the system I Barely started making games and i know how ridiculous this idea is, but i really want this to work. Any ideas, suggestions and even criticisim is welcome. Thank you for reading my post!
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    Here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/?1hn8xzm4d7h3t5d
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    Thank You!