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  1. Dragon Emperors

    The Three Mazeketeers

    The demo is now available to be downloaded on Itch.io!
  2. Dragon Emperors

    The Three Mazeketeers

    We've updated the screenshots after recent development. The demo will be ready soon-ish, we're currently finishing and polishing things up. Stay tuned!
  3. Dragon Emperors

    The Three Mazeketeers

    About A girl was summoned by a certain kingdom from a magical place to help the kingdom with a daunting task. But the summoner accidentally summoned three versions of the girl from different timelines to one body! Would they be able to finish the task? Help these girls to finish the task by journeying through the labyrinth. Use different forms to see different perspectives and to tackle various challenges. What lies beyond the labyrinth? Features > 3 Forms to see the world differently > Each form has its unique abilities to tackle different challenges > First challenges will be simple, but the latter one will need the player to utilize all of the different forms Screenshots Credits -To Be Updated- Download DEMO IS NOW AVAILABLE ON ITCH.IO The Three Mazeketeers on Itch.io Changelog Here's a little animation of the girls dancing Any suggestion you might have for this game? Tell us in the comment! Support Us! Facebook Twitter Newgrounds Itch.io
  4. Dragon Emperors

    Lucerna Tenebris - A Fantasy RPG

    @RoooodWorks Done. Sorry for the very late edit!
  5. Dragon Emperors

    Lucerna Tenebris - A Fantasy RPG

    About Lucerna Tenebris is a fantasy RPG set in a world where Deities and Demon fought, consequently altering numbers of animals into monsters and humans into demi-humans. In response to humanity's treatment to demi-humans, they united themselves to survive against human tyranny, while humans created a guild of adventurers to repel both monsters and demi-humans. Currently the game is in early prototype, tailored to suit the maximum of 1 hour judging play time for Indie Game Making Contest 2018, mainly showcasing the plot outline and featured battle system. Features Fight enemies on grid-based Active Time Battle system! The game re-introduces Grandia's ability system - where you learn specific weapon skills through equipping certain type of weapons - as Mastery system. Learn more skills through class system called Forte. Beat monsters by customizing Masteries and Fortes you've gained! Characters Screenshots Credits Demo Latest version: 0.1.24 (Alpha) IGMC 2018 submission: 0.1.18 (Alpha) Support Us! Visit our IGMC 2018 rating page! Facebook Twitter
  6. Dragon Emperors

    Touhou: Oracle of Forgotten Testament

    BUMP! We have added a trailer to main post.
  7. Dragon Emperors

    Touhou: Oracle of Forgotten Testament

    BUMP! New demo and the main post get updated. Demo 3 Download Link: Mediafire The new demo contains: Please let us know if you have any feedback or comment to improve the game!
  8. Oracle of Forgotten Testament Watch the trailer here. Gensokyo, an isolated land separated by the Great Hakurei Barrier from the outside world. A land where incidents occur occasionally and eventually solved. In one regular night, a thief snuck into the Scarlet Devil Mansion. No one ever predicted that this is a beginning of a new incident. About the Game Oracle of Forgotten Testament is a Turn-based RPG Touhou fangame. Player will use characters from Touhou game to venture Gensokyo and resolve incidents. Disclaimer This game (Oracle of Forgotten Testament) is based off of Touhou Project by Team Shanghai Alice. We (Dragon Emperors), as well as this project have no affiliation with said project. Characters Demo Duration About 15-30 minutes Features ==DEMO UPDATED== This is the short demo to showcase some basic feature and nuance of the game. We are planning to release the game in episodic format, and now in progress of making the first episode. For now we are collecting feedback from the demo, so we can polish it better in chapter one release. Download Demo 3 Download
  9. Dragon Emperors

    Hello! Hi!

    Hi, hi all! I'm Keith from Dragon Emperors, a small team developer trying to make some rpg game. Well, actually RPG maker isn't my expertise because I'm dealing with the music. I'm still learning about possibilities and limitations of RPG Maker, especially VX Ace so it will be easier to discuss with my friends. Oh, we are currently developing a touhou rpg fan game and need more feedback for future improvement. I'll make a thread in project development. Hope you can drop some feedback there
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