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  1. Question: How many Nitro Brains do you need to deliver the world's best present? Hint number one: You are Quidget, wiener dog slash genius inventor slash science ninja. Hint number two: You and your assistant Beatrize just build a Lightning Oven. Hint number three: You have the feeling that setting up this Secret Brain Chamber was an extraordinarily good idea... Quidget is Team Tailnut's entry to the Degica IGMC2017 game jam. It's a spin off of our current game in development, Peninja - The Funky Sexy Love Ninja RPG. Genre: Adventure Playtime: About 20 minutes of scienterrific fun! The game is completely playable in it's current state. Due to the short time frame in which it was completed, you might find so boogielicious bugs though Click on the picture to go directly to the itch.io download page! For science! Have fun playing and don't you punch the Electric Igor! ---- Game goal: You forgot to bring your package to the post office. Animate a hunky hulk to deliver it for you! Characters: Quidget the Wonderwiener ist a genius inventor and an inventive genius. For him, animating the dead is as easy as chewing out the filling of a stuffed pig! Beatrize is Quidgets trusty assistant, quick with her wits and even quicker with her tongue. Don't let her make you mad - you are not, repeat NOT a mad scientist! Credits: Team Tailnut: Dezue - Story and Art OniGiri - Programming Plugins: Sound: Known issues: If you finish the last quest and want to pull the Big Bony Lever, please do so from below, so the ending cutscene can roll smoothly. Grab your Nitro Brain NOW!
  2. parallax The Lortrec Castle

    I like the layouts overall, maybe you could make it more diverse by alternating the floor tiles a bit. Different patterns or borders and the like would help to make it feel more ornamental. Stay funky Dez
  3. Plague's Artwork

    Looks cool! I particularly like the black ninja cat/dragon
  4. Icons for collecting money

    I think it uses the icons from the icon set. You can specify the icon in the ShowIconBalloon command. For more info, Yanfly's help files are always pretty helpful
  5. A funky hello to you all!

    Hello! Thank you for the welcome, it's nice to be here
  6. Hello, you funky sexy RPG makers and friends! I'm Dez and, like most of you, I'm here as a fan of JRPGs in general and the RPG Maker in particular. Recently, my friend OniGiri and I started to work on our own sexy game I'm working on the story and the art and she's responsible for putting everything together in the RPG Maker. Since we're equally fascinated by classic JRPGs, the old Larry adventure games, Austin Powers AND ninjas, our game will be a charming potpourri of all these ingredients: Peninja - The Funky Sexy Love Ninja RPG A detailed introduction is soon to follow, for now I'll just check out the forums for a bit Stay funky and see you around, Dez