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  1. Hello everyone! Today I come to you in the seek for a spriter and a programmer. Overall Concept The project I've been working on for over two years is a mix between three concepts: - From Digimon we have the characters, these already known creatures that are made of data and evolve into other digimon if the requirements are met. - Megaman Battle Network provides us with the concept of "net surfing", where our partner(s) will be able to travel around the net and various devices which are connected to it. - Final fantasy Tactics settled my love for tactic games, so I'm introducing it to this game. Starting in your home page, you'll have a set of mechanics to help you rise, train and evolve your digimons. A task board will be presented to you with quests to complete and progress in the story. With a team of 4 digimon you will be surfing the net fulfilling requests, helping others and battling several threats. But don't get me wrong, you are not inside the net, you're seating in your chair in front of your PC, you are you. Your digimons and various other characters will break the 4th wall when talking to you, acknowledging that you are the one controlling them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lore After eons of peace, Yggdrasil, the mother and god of the Digital World, decided to reset the server where it was located and start again. A time and date was settled for the reset, which will come with the erasing of all the digimon in existence. The Three Great Angels, protectors of the Digital World, saw this threat and transported 70% of the digimons to the net, saving them from the reset, the other 30% that couldn't be saved was infected with a program that transformed them in X- Digital Monsters. But it wasn't over, an evil wave that came from the dark ocean (a dangerous space where rejected digimon are being imprisoned) started lurking in the digital world and the net as well. In order to solve this problem, Ophanimon, one of the Three Great Angels, programmed a video game for humans to "play", a risky move to help the digimon evolve and battle this new enemy, that was infecting digimon and making them evil. Now the hope is in the hands of the humans, again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main scripts - Gubid's Tactical Battle System (some optimization and new mechanics needed) This is the core of the game, since it revolves around this battle system. There are several changes I want to implement to it, like the lack of animations for the skills and the basic attack. And I want to introduce a card system that will let players add some buffs, skills and weapons for their digimons. - Layy Meta (no change) With this script the maps are converted into an isometric view. - Yanfly's Class System (no change) The core script for evolution of the digimons. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open positions - Spriter Overall, the digimon sprites are almost complete, I'm using the sprites from the game Digimon World DS, and it's sequels. But it's not complete, since I'm introducing more digimons than these games already have. The spriter taking this position must know that these are isometric overworld sprites, like this one. - RGSS3 Programer In order to accomplish what I stated in the section of Gubid's TBS, the programmer will be in charge of changing the animation script between the system. At this time when the attack is made, the actor jumps to the target and an animation is played. I want to make it more realistic by taking out that jump (or implementing it in some skills if necessary), and make it so the sprite only moves forward to the enemy. If it's a ranged skill, an animation or sprite will be replacing the movement. This is the most important change I want for the system. I also want to add a card system, like only battle items that will add buffs, skills, armors and weapons to the digimons in your party. This system will prompt a selection screen every turn, to choose from 5 random cards of the player's deck, will be used in the digimon that is taking the turn. Cards are usable once per battle, and will have a code to determine which cards can be used together, making it balanced and not overpowered. Gubid's TBS has been abandoned by its programmer and the web page is down. So there is no support for this battle system, and the programmer taking this position will have to learn how it works and how to implement such changes. I'm also willing to hear some ideas to make it simple and not waste time in something too difficult for it to be accomplished. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well... that's all for now. I hope someone will read this out and help me with this project. Thank you all for your time! Goodbye!
  2. FAGC

    Change event sprite based on the day

    No, i was just going to use the time and date from the pc. But that´s the problem, i don´t know how to get the date from the pc to use it in a common event.
  3. FAGC

    World Map Teleport Scene

    Exactly what i was looking for. Thank you very much.
  4. I did exactly what you said and.... it worked!!! Thank you very much, you were very helpfull. Problem solved, can this thread be closed, please?
  5. Hello community! How is it going? I need help with a teleporting system, i'll explain it so you can tell me what i can do to make it real! The home of the player will be a map that can be accessed via an item. I want that item to be used only in towns (specific maps) When you activate it in a town, it will place a teleport to the home map, and you can go in and out of that map at will (always returning to the same town) When activated in a new town it will place the teleport there, but erasing the previous one. How can i do this?
  6. @KilloZapit Thanks, but i've already covered that aspect of the game, i will be very silent about the project for some time, cause i need to come up with part of the story. Every one who helps in the game is going to be represented with an NPC
  7. @Lonesqueso You did it man, you covered every aspect of the puzzles i been working on. Some of these skills are for scrolls or for the Mage, but they are going to be in the game. Thank you very much. @Rezanta I've already decided on all the races you said. And some of them are not going to be included in the game as playable, although they maybe make an appearance as NPCs. Thanks to you too. It's the perfect time to say that every one who helps in the game, gets a NPC with his/her name. (unless is something weird with a lot of XxxNamexXX )
  8. Actually, all races can be either warrior, mage or thief. There is no restrictions.
  9. S"!t, that's a lot! and never thought aout less than the half Thank you very much! EDIT: 30 Races confirmed! Some of them also have gender variety, such as the Lion, the Chicken and the Bull. There is also species variety, like the Bear, the polar bear and the panda; also the Tiger, the Panther and the Jaguar share the same race, the Snake and the Cobra, etc.
  10. That's preety much what i'm doing, enlisting the skills and the races that can use it.
  11. I don't want to make official announcements yet, because, it's all under development right now, and some things may change. I'm going to make a "Game in progress" thread anytime soon (no working demo). So, maybe you should wait for it.
  12. I've already decided for a gamepad controller, 16 buttons. Seeing it as a PS controller, it goes as follows: D-PAD: Movement Cross: Talking to NPCs/taking decisions. Circle: Cancel Square: Selected skill 1 Triangle: Selected skill 2 L1: Item Skill 1 L2: Item Skill 2 R1: Race Skill 1 R2: Race Skill 2 Select: Brings up the "Skill selection menu"* Start: Menu (No analog sticks) *Skill Selection Menu: Here you can choose what skills square, triangle L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons use. You can pick from the following list: Weapon Skills Item Skills (Locked to L1 and L2 buttons) Race Skills (Locked to R1 and R2 buttons) The Skill Selection Menu will be a hard thing to do, but is what i want, is the most reasonable idea.
  13. I have just decided that 2 combat skills + 2 combat/field skills will be the perfect combination. Now i want to hear some new ideas. Also, it will be great to have ideas for passive racial skills, Four per race will be enough.
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