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  1. Positioning an event in-game?

    First, Chose 4 Variable to change it's name to, Seed, X, Y, Z. then make a event for pot, then make a event name it flower, and the last make a event name it mv. In pot event (Appear Condition) Variable Z =! [Map Id where this pot are] (Action Button) (List of event command) put item selection, chose seed variable to receive item id. Variable Operation Seed = game data item [Seed Item in your item database] after that put Conditional branch if Variable Seed > 0 Variable Operation X = Character This Event X Variable Operation Y = Character This Event Y Variable Operation Z = Other Map ID else (You can leave text box message or something if they don't have seed) In Flower Event (Appear Condition) Variable Z == [Map Id where this flower are] (Action Button) (List of event command) Open Save screen In Mv event (Appear Condition) Variable Z == [Map Id where this flower are] (Auto Run) (List of event command) Change event position Event: Flower X Cor = X var Y Cor = Y var temporary event removal That's for one pot and one flower. (I could make 2 pot or more if need but still flower probably just one and if you make a two flower the first flower will be gone) With Common event (Plant seed from menu item anywhere in map) Name a Common event Flower In Item database in Seed item add common event command flower in Common Event Flower Variable Operation X = Character Player X Variable Operation Y = Character Player Y Variable Operation Z = Other Map ID Make Flower Event in all map (Appear Condition) Variable Z == [Map Id where this flower are] (Action Button) (List of event command) Open Save screen I could make it like what you really want, maybe... with Script, but I don't have much time since I busy too deving my game, anyway that's all I can help, hope help you. ~Perang Cemen (The most kind Game Developer Ever = Self-proclaimed)
  2. Positioning an event in-game?

    I could do that with event and common event but probably I can make only one flower grow from a seed at a time. I could tell you if you like. Or Search script like that, but I don't know if anyone has made that.
  3. "Nesian Ultima" the most cheating boss skill I ever made...

    The Guard Skill break. 100% Hit. Fixed 99999 area damage. 100% Stun state.

    The boss who have this skill usually use it when their Hp below 50% to send player to gameover screen.

    Oh! right actor max hp is 9999, that's all.


    You may think "How the hell player survive from that? the dev must be crazy"


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    2. Vis_Mage


      Be very careful with this sort of design.


      Just because you have some sneaky work around doesn't mean the player will pick up on it, even if it's blatantly told to them. If it's told in a cryptic way, the player might not find the right answer. Even if it's very obvious, you can't expect players to remember every hint they come across. Say, they put the game down for the night. By the next day, they'll have likely have forgotten some of the details. And worse yet, if it's something you don't even hint at, and expect them to trial and error. 


      With that said, there are ways you can do this Ultima attack, and still have it be both fun and fair. 


      Also, this doesn't directly apply here, but be careful about taking inspiration from FF. They may be the poster series of RPG's, and have done a lot of things right, but they're far from perfect. 

    3. CyrusJazzberry


      i'd suggest replacing that whole '99999 damage area-tpk' shenanigan with a 'chance to inflict a lot of semi-annoying status effects that when combined will heavily cripple a party member/the whole party' thing

    4. Ninjamida


      That depends on the situation and what means are available to deal with it. If an Auto-Life (Reraise, Life3, etc) type effect exists in your game, and should be available by this point, then the attack is fair. If there's a very logical way to avoid the attack (perhaps the enemy has an "arm" or two, and destroying the arms prevents this instakill attack), or if it's used after a certain number of turns so it becomes a damage race, that's fair. Or perhaps we have something like in Final Fantasy 8 or 10, where you can have something else (GFs / Aeons respectively) absorb the hit for you; combined with a warning signal (such as using a turn to "charge up"), this can be fair.


      Basically, such an attack isn't *inherently* unfair, but it's very easy to use in an unfair way.

  4. The battle system is pretty simple, you just have to define your monster and enemy monster x location, after that you have to make the distance like this x - that x, after you got the distance you have to make a skill changed like mid skill would be around 50 distance and etc etc etc, the battle system is probably possible in rpg maker but I don't really know about background or animation, anyway... you might need expert scripter if you don't know what to do, I am dev-er not scripter so don't ask me. I'm just telling you nothing impossible with Rpg Maker.

    Question Number 7

    What kind of a boss that doesn't give EXP after they defeated?

    A. First Boss

    B. Mid Boss

    C. Final Boss

    The correct answer are below.


    That's right! the FINAL BOSS!

    Even that boss give you EXP what for? you have beat the game yay!


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    2. Ninjamida


      @Kayzee Though I'd say in most such cases, they do give something that essentially provides the same function as EXP, just perhaps by a different name.


      Though that makes me wonder how an RPG (especially a turn-based-combat one) without any levelling at all (perhaps still with learning new abilities though) could work. By playing a No Sphere Grid challenge you can essentially play Final Fantasy X as if it were such a game, and especially if you take on the sidequests (almost all of which are possible - out of the 60+ in the game, there are two that require insane amounts of luck (Shinryu and Dark Anima), there's 7 that require abusing loopholes in the challenge rules (Neslug, Ultima Buster, Nemesis, Dark Shiva, Dark Bahamut, Dark Yojimbo, Dark Magus Sisters), two more that require either loophole abuse or insane luck (Vorban and Dark Valefor), and there's one that's impossible except via the "kill anything in one hit" move (Penance)), it becomes a very interesting way to play. I even considered whether to base the remake of my game off such a concept, though ultimately I've decided against it.

    3. Kayzee


      Well, in terms of having a progression system that allows you to slowly get more powerful, yes. But many RPGs have, for example, fully skill/stat based progression rather then exp/level progression. Others have character point based progression. These serve the same function in keeping track of a score of some sort and rewarding you by getting stronger, but they can do it in very different ways.


      Also: An RPG without a progression system of any kind usually ends up resembling more of an adventure game then a RPG if you ask me. That's half the reason the Zelda games for example usually aren't called RPGs after all.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee LoZ II I'd grant an exception to because you do gain EXP.

  6. Devil Boy Quest

    Any graphic related to my Devil Boy Quest. ( '')Don't blame for my description.
  7. The 'thing' you don't know about Lexar

    I just notice there comment in this image :3 I cover his face, some people don't want to see it anyway. (Behind those black censor his face looks too scary, his eyes sharp like a demon and his anger expression like he want to eat people alive) Note:This image are No.7 in game , this image will be unlocked after he awaken from the world down below.
  8. Remain silent...

    (Contain High Fantasy based on real story, don't consume this if you allergic)


    Perang Cemen act like a busy man like he doing his dev in his dark room in a mansion in a mountain that surrounded by forests. there a village in a foot of mountain, elder of that village summon a famous hunter to investigate the mansion.

    after passing trough dark forest the hunter arrive at mansion, the door isn't locked so he just come in.

    Inside that mansion so dark but he hear a sound from a room in upper floor, he go to floor above and right in the front of that room.

    He take a peek from small key hole and he see something like a human being...

    Without thinking he kick the door and come inside that room while aiming his gun at that creature, and he see...

    Perang Cemen wasn't doing his dev but he play TETRIS! the hunter mad and shot Perang Cemen, but Perang Cemen avoid to the side of the room.

    Perang Cemen take his laser gun and shot the hunter, the hunter hand got hit from laser gun, after that the hunter run away and return to village and report to elder, still elder don't get it, where the hell Perang Cemen have Laser Gun, he never get out from his mansion... and so the elder summon more hunter, but Perang Cemen shoot their village with Bazoka, and those pesky hunter dead and the elder decide to move far away from that mountain, THE END.

    Note: Perang Cemen ordered Laser Gun and Basoka at online shop, since it's impossible to send it by courier they send it by drone, so Perang Cemen don't have to come out from his mansion and that still make elder curious, that's why he still send spy in secret but still Perang Cemen can handle them since he the best of the best of the best, yay!


  9. nothingspecial Devil Boy Quest Dev Stuff!

    Just notice this... Hey! your expecting me making H game?! Oh well that's fine I have make lot's free H game but I use resource(such as tileset and bgm) that long time ago free but now not, to avoid damn lawsuit I remove all my game from my own blog and make it empty wait who care about that... anyway... after my Devil Boy Quest done, I think I'll make those missing resource, translate them to anglish and re-upload them one by one(for free of course but donations are welcome, if there many donation I could buy those and don't have to make a new one too). For now I'll focus on this one, because there some people wait this project to be done... ~Perang Cemen (He believe he is the greatest game developer in the world that make a game for adult and young man, I'm not suggest kids to play my games) PS: Never use any resource if term of use like this "Free to use but the term can change anytime for any reason" <- this is a trap, they wait until I done my project and change the term so I have to pay them shit... (I don't have money tree, that's the main reason I couldn't pay them)
  10. Too many skill choices?

    Oh yeah that database now have 6821 skills, I was planning to have 10000 if database won't break of course... (But have that much begin to cause lag when open skill command/skill menu, probably I'll limit it or find anti lag script that allow database to be loaded first with cost of ram, yeah...) PS: I lazy to take another screen shot so I use the old one, yeah...
  11. Too many skill choices?

    If you ask me... one actor need at least 500 skill. why? (you may ask) Because I'm crazy! Don't open this if you're not crazy enough like me.
  12. I write a blog half-asleep, probably there missing word in that blog post I made yesterday.

    well at least one or two people look at my blog post which mean my current project not so boring... probably they regret after they read it.

    and I just update my signature that nobody want to see and about me page too that nobody look at it.

    Anyway... yay! I just feel like to say that "YAY!"

  13. Let fill my blog yeah! Awright! Awright! (First of all I'm sorry of my bad anglish) Deer! (Hi there) it's been a while, for now I'm focus on one game that is DBQ, actually I have lots game but most of them use a resource from a web with this ToS "Free to use if link back" the problem is their web gone so how the hell I link back? since I didn't link back then I couldn't use it freely... yeah forget about that. Now in this Project I havta to buy some pack, paid some people, and use some free resource with better ToS (Free use but credit for com is also Ok) even the web gone I can still use it but in the end I havta to sold this game. (Actually I don't want to but I don't have money to paid my team, so I tell them I'll paid them after this game release, I hope lots people like and buy it else my team will kill me) Let's forget about those not important reality stuff! Now what happen to DBQ? they're fine they still in development. actually almost done! yay! but I need to check lots thing and might take 2-3 month (My target release is 04/04/2018. (If I didn't pay my team after 01/06/2018 they really kill me) Anyway.... when I check I found some bugs but I have handle them. (Handle with care lolz) is there something crazy or weird happen? of course! it always happen! "Strange opinion about DBQ"(I spoil it maybe you don't want to read it) "Sorcery" this has nothing to do with game dev but whatever "I'm not much of a writer, so don't ask me about it" "Victim of a nasty translation error..." "Re-use" "Old fans of DBQ" (Only those who know Devil Boy Quest that made in Rm2k are allowed to open this) "The bosses" Special Note Is there something else? Oh sure what do you want to know? just leave comment if you feel like to say anything. Anyway thanks for read the title, why the title and not the post? I'm sure you read the title since you click it but I doubt you read the whole or even the post, you might read some important part or part you like anyway thanks to if you take your time and read the whole post. Want to chat with me? just PM me! I'll gladly to talk with you about my games or anything. (if you want to hear fast answer PM me when I'm online) ~Perang Cemen The Best Game Developer Ever (Self-proclaimed)
  14. Yay!

    (Something Fixed! them all!)

    1. Saeryen




      Thanks admins!

    2. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Yup... I don't see EX 145 errr whatever is that.

      Anyway thanks to admins.

  15. Tired... after 4 hours non-stop testing boss battle, I fell to the floor... I might have bad dream after this.


    I have 3000 hp, 180atk,111def and enemy boss have 32000 hp 360atk,320def, when I attack enemy boss just got 80 damage, when enemy boss attack me I got 1218 damage, even if I have 99 potion, how the hell I win...

    If I can't defeat this boss when I try it again I'll lower enemy boss atk and def by 50%!

    after I win I'll raise it again to 100% so whoever play my game would have hard time beating this boss mwahahahahaha!

    Probably they will fight with weak enemy to raise their level and buy strongest equipment available.


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    2. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      I do a lot of testing boss battles myself. I have formulas I use to determine stats and stuff, so I only have to test for battle length and stuff. I still battle test everything in case my formulas are faulty later in the game. So, thats how I go about doing stats and stuff XD

    3. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      @Lord Vectra Talking about formula... I like to use Variance to a skill which deal crazy damage, what about you Lord of Darkness do you like to use Variance?

    4. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      I keep it at a base 20. My damage formulas are unique but I just leave variance alone because a base 20 is manageable for my project. 20 may change for future projects but not this one.