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  1. It's not luck, I'm cheating.

  2. Huge Update, Hell yeah!

    Deer! (Hi there!) Finally I got time and hell yeah! I manage to screenshot em and put it in my game page, forget it you may don't like it, anyway I just add a featured stuff in my game page, be sure to read it. Yo there whoever you are, a people just pass by or accidentally click this or something I just want to tell you Devil Boy Quest is almost complete, the left thing to du is just translate it to anglish, I mean English, Note that my English are suck. Anyway there will be a forge, potion mix/brew, formation, and lots system. Let's move to case 1 the FORGE?! it's like create weapon/armor you need a hammer, anvil(in tsugi blacksmith worry not they let you use it for free), forge recipe and the material you need to create new weapon, naturally it would look like a mixed weapon/armor, anyway it would be boring if there no failed chance to make item but you may ended up complain if you failed so... I make it that you must press down button at right time, success or failed it's up to you. (if you failed you lose your hammer but not your material) Now move to case 2 MIX/BREW?! just like forge you need to mix potion in a pot(there a building in Mizu that has no shop sign), note that you also need special item that sold by the man in that town, the cost of that item is around 300, anyway the system is same but it may look different, there 3 possible happen, first you press at right time and success, second you miss a bit and failed, you miss a lot and bum it explode. (If it explode it may damage you a bit and you lose the item used for brew) Which case is now... oh right 3 a formation, you can set formation of the character by use Format Pen, what a strange name... anyway if the character put in the front will gain extra attack and magic defense but lowering defense and magic while if the character put in back will have extra defense and magic but lowering attack and magic defense while they put in mid they didn't get extra or get lowered. case 4 what again... I forgot... oh right secret dungeon in Iparas Village! whops! it's secret area so you havta to uncover yourself, anyway be sure to have at least one stonebreaker so you can come to that ehem pub so... forget it. case 5 error translation, please skip this one I don't want to talk about it. case 6 new character, Right, she naturally a future protagonist in Perang Cemen VII. (Devil Boy Quest is Perang Cemen I.) her name is Dauna, yet she like Lexar but she always act cruel, and trust no one, she do what she like, and well she close to be a bad character, anyway she very strong and she use a unique weapon that not sold in normal weapon shop, what is it? a Sword-Gun/Gun-Blade, she may reveal herself if you manage to do some damn hard task. case 7 new system graphic, looks like you don't care huh? okay skip that case 8 fishing system, it may not appear in demo, since you have to go to Zukaru City and get Fishing Rod, while the demo end before you reach that place, anyway the fishing system like BoF2, you will throw a bait based on power you press and if it's hit a fish you must pull it before the time over. case 9 Bound system, to raise mood of your ally you may need to talk them, present is great way to raise their bound, more bound more they will support you, when bound reach it's max amount some secret quest will be unlocked, note these secret quest won't unlocked in demo. case 10 give me more feed back, those case above are based on those who give me feed back. if you have anything in mind be sure to tell me, and thank you if you do so. ~Perang Cemen Below are Devil Boy Quest Album...
  3. Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest

    The project almost complete! just need to be translated and done... oh well I'll put the detail soon in blog, my hand not hurt anymore but I need to make a some screenshot, anyway the demo is no longer has debug stuff, naturally it used for tester, oh right! the demo just updated the size getting bigger sorry about that I add new super powerful character, and save file from past demo will crash the game, so you may need to start a new but fear not it will be super fast if you can ask this new character to join you. ~Perang Cemen
  4. AoE

    If you think it look bit better then it look bit better, but don't expect me to use that since I make my own random ally/enemy in one minute. Just copy and paste from single ally/enemy then add ? in my epic symbol.
  5. So wow what's going on?

    My project is done but the hell I have to add one more girl to a game, the damn thing I have to make a extra event for her...

    Now the male playable character is become 1 and female playable character is become 10.

    What too much female? listen... when I make a game I have two rules...

    First, I'm never wrong.

    Second, if I'm wrong... back to the first rule.

  6. Devil Boy Quest

    Any graphic related to my Devil Boy Quest. ( '')Don't blame for my description.
  7. Okay... Don't havta much time cos' busy dev my own game. right now still doing some secret boss testing and secret character testing, would you like to take a peek? then see below, but don't tell anyone about this ok?




    1. Lord Vectra

      Lord Vectra

      looks good


  8. I wanna update the blog but my left hand hurt,  I just add some forge, brew, and fishing mini game, hell yeah... hope my hand return to normal asap(as soon as possible)

  9. Non-Commercial donations

    Lol that was my mistake in past I make game for free by use someone non- commercial stuff, but donation are welcome. after years or so the creator of resource email me and ask to remove all of his resource from my game due his resource must be used for free game, or a game that just free to play, no donation or stuff like that, and so I did remove it all, then I start it again from start. But Hell yeah! Now I use a free used for commercial resource from now on, to avoid these. Just like @Takeo212 said, don't use any resource you find in internet without sure who the creator is, else you don't want to remove it from your game or something even worse they sue you for it.
  10. I test every boss now...

    and I say "shit! shit! shit!" the boss keep use her special skill that deal huge damage if the actor didn't take guard stance.

    I keep guard until my hp low, when try to recover I took that skill and game over.

    thus I lower the priority of that special skill.

    then I say "What is that? what... is... that?!" the boss doesn't use that skill at all, I have re-fight it 5 times until she finally cast it, but it become too easy.

    Whatever I'll leave that, the boss free to do whatever they like anyway...

    1. Kayzee


      It's hard to balance normal style JRPG battles huh? Maybe all RPG battles...

    2. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      It solved, I force the boss to do what I want.

      It's like:


      Attack Turns:

      1st Turn: Target: All Characters

      Special Skill (100%)

      2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Special Skill (33%) or Normal Skill (33%)
      3rd Turn: Special Skill (33%) or Normal Skill (33%) or Buff Self (33%)
      4th Turn: Attack (33%) or Normal Skill (33%) or Bad State Skill (33%)
      5th Turn: Special Skill (33%) or Bad State Skill (33%) or Attack (33%)
      6th Turn: Attack (33%) Special Skill (33%) or Mp Restore (33%)
      7th Turn: Guard (33%) or Charge (33%) or Nothing (33%)

      If HP <= Half:

      1st Turn: Display message: Let me heal my self
      2nd Turn: Heal self (100%)
      3rd Turn: Attack (33%) or Guard (33%) or Mp restore(33%)
      4th Turn: Guard (33%) or Attack (33%) or Normal Skill (33%)

      If HP <= 1/4 max hp:

      1st Turn: Display message: You're done for...
      2nd Turn:Special Skill (100%)
      3rd Turn: Deathblow Skill (100%)

      Though I still lack of something(like something a miss) but it's fine I'm still evaluating after all...


      Note: I still have trouble with enemy revive skill, the enemy use revive even though that his ally ain't dead, so it's like they doing nothing and waste their mp, and also healing ability, i want they heal their near death ally but they didn't do that but they heal self, what worse their hp is still full, what an idiot ai.

  11. Anyone have trouble like me? There 8 enemies in troop, thus I use a skill that use 150 frame animation with a 16 object in animation and they all are zoomed to 800%, then there appear a heavy lag, not only that when I try to test the animation in database, it Not Respond  after 75 frame, the NR for some time but return to normal as animation finished. Did I need more ram or need more faster CPU or something? Oh yeah I'm use VXA.


    1. Chaosian


      Difficulties rendering sprites at above 30 FPS? Sounds like RPG Maker alright... Not sure if you knew, but the engine is kinda optimized like hot garbage?

      It's still possible it's your machine though. What's the best game you can run on your PC?

    2. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Yay! It solved! I just add some anti lag animation script, in databse still NR, but when in game everything seems ok.

  12. Positioning an event in-game?

    First, Chose 4 Variable to change it's name to, Seed, X, Y, Z. then make a event for pot, then make a event name it flower, and the last make a event name it mv. In pot event (Appear Condition) Variable Z =! [Map Id where this pot are] (Action Button) (List of event command) put item selection, chose seed variable to receive item id. Variable Operation Seed = game data item [Seed Item in your item database] after that put Conditional branch if Variable Seed > 0 Variable Operation X = Character This Event X Variable Operation Y = Character This Event Y Variable Operation Z = Other Map ID else (You can leave text box message or something if they don't have seed) In Flower Event (Appear Condition) Variable Z == [Map Id where this flower are] (Action Button) (List of event command) Open Save screen In Mv event (Appear Condition) Variable Z == [Map Id where this flower are] (Auto Run) (List of event command) Change event position Event: Flower X Cor = X var Y Cor = Y var temporary event removal That's for one pot and one flower. (I could make 2 pot or more if need but still flower probably just one and if you make a two flower the first flower will be gone) With Common event (Plant seed from menu item anywhere in map) Name a Common event Flower In Item database in Seed item add common event command flower in Common Event Flower Variable Operation X = Character Player X Variable Operation Y = Character Player Y Variable Operation Z = Other Map ID Make Flower Event in all map (Appear Condition) Variable Z == [Map Id where this flower are] (Action Button) (List of event command) Open Save screen I could make it like what you really want, maybe... with Script, but I don't have much time since I busy too deving my game, anyway that's all I can help, hope help you. ~Perang Cemen (The most kind Game Developer Ever = Self-proclaimed)
  13. Positioning an event in-game?

    I could do that with event and common event but probably I can make only one flower grow from a seed at a time. I could tell you if you like. Or Search script like that, but I don't know if anyone has made that.
  14. "Nesian Ultima" the most cheating boss skill I ever made...

    The Guard Skill break. 100% Hit. Fixed 99999 area damage. 100% Stun state.

    The boss who have this skill usually use it when their Hp below 50% to send player to gameover screen.

    Oh! right actor max hp is 9999, that's all.


    You may think "How the hell player survive from that? the dev must be crazy"


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CyrusJazzberry


      i'd suggest replacing that whole '99999 damage area-tpk' shenanigan with a 'chance to inflict a lot of semi-annoying status effects that when combined will heavily cripple a party member/the whole party' thing

    3. Ninjamida


      That depends on the situation and what means are available to deal with it. If an Auto-Life (Reraise, Life3, etc) type effect exists in your game, and should be available by this point, then the attack is fair. If there's a very logical way to avoid the attack (perhaps the enemy has an "arm" or two, and destroying the arms prevents this instakill attack), or if it's used after a certain number of turns so it becomes a damage race, that's fair. Or perhaps we have something like in Final Fantasy 8 or 10, where you can have something else (GFs / Aeons respectively) absorb the hit for you; combined with a warning signal (such as using a turn to "charge up"), this can be fair.


      Basically, such an attack isn't *inherently* unfair, but it's very easy to use in an unfair way.

    4. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Hehehe... I'm open to all opinions.

      so... I need more of you guys thought about it.


      (Open at your own risk)


      ( ") No kidding... Is this really designed to be impossible ?!

      (" ) I lose... no we lose...

      ( ") Is it possible that way?

      (" ) 99999... did they mistaken to put extra 99 or something?

      ( ") This is not fair.

      (" ) What exactly was that?

      ( ") Is this the only boss like this?

      (" ) Is there any more skill like that?

      ( ") If that so then this is impossible...

      (" ) Beating this game become impossible.

      ( ") For what is our hard work to reach this place?

      (" ) We already train, have good equipment, and try all possible skills...

      ( ") We fail and try again.

      (" ) It would be great if we could defeat him... I feel like I'm growing up.

      ( ") But that dream is gone now...

      (" ) It's no use what we do.

      ( ") This game is throwing us away.

      (" ) It is all over.

      ( ") We can play another game?

      (" ) That's sounds good.

      ( ") That's true but... what with that! We're lost! We're finished!

      (" ) ?!

      ( ") Maybe it was all for nothing. We are fools who wasted our time for vain games.

      (" ) So what? We know and keep doing it.

      ( ") This is not a big deal. We just lose to the boss.

      (" ) Things like that are common. no need to shock.

      ( ") We already chose to be here, then a very powerful enemy appear.

      (" ) That's right, we will take sword, bows, axe, and use it to defeat him!

      ( ") Sometime we win sometime we lost. just like 1 and 0 in PC ram.

      (" ) if we win we will have a big victory!  if we lose we will be upset...

      ( ") And spend the whole day thinking about how to defeat the enemy.

      (" ) If you want to say this game is stupid just say so.

      ( ") I don't care you call this game is shit or something because I think...

      (" ) This game is amazing! and that is the fact I believe!

      ( ") Even we lose we won't run!

      (" ) Even we can't win, or even that impossible to win...

      ( ") Our chances are losing.

      (" ) we play this game that everyone think this is weird game.

      ( ") Even so we can't run yet, even we can... run to where?

      (" ) Can I stop and say "What a waste of time" after all of this?!

      (" ) Don't make fun of me! that's crazy!

      ( ' ') if there one way to win it is enough, but if there are no, then don't again.

      ( ' ') We just play game, even we can't win, so what?

      (" ) Then go... and you will be haunted by this game for the rest of your life.

      ( ") We will stay here and keep fighting until we win and achieve victory.


      If you win and beat the boss like this what do you feel? aren't you feel you are great or do you like to beat a simple or weak boss?

      This game is design that way, if you don't enjoy playing it then don't do it.



  15. The battle system is pretty simple, you just have to define your monster and enemy monster x location, after that you have to make the distance like this x - that x, after you got the distance you have to make a skill changed like mid skill would be around 50 distance and etc etc etc, the battle system is probably possible in rpg maker but I don't really know about background or animation, anyway... you might need expert scripter if you don't know what to do, I am dev-er not scripter so don't ask me. I'm just telling you nothing impossible with Rpg Maker.