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  1. Perang Cemen

    Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest

    Summary of Update -Battle System- It's still ATB like in the past with some... no a lot of change. -Crafting system (I'm not used event for this anymore since there are too many) -Guild System I just made it with events and I do believe that this is to obvious, player can do quest there to earn money and items, you can ask guildmaster there if you had questions but don't expect they had the answer you want, to access these Guild ID is required. Make sure to not miss a certain event for the Guild ID. (Rpg Gamer miss an event? you gotta be kidding me...). -Magic System There are 5 Type of Magic as well as 5 Tier for each, these magic can only be used by certain class, use Libra Lens to check which magic that are character able to use, the MC can learn any magic but he may forget them upon useing his certain ability, character that has no magic command can still consume magic tome but they won't be able to use them so don't waste it on them. There are also other form of magic tome called Codex and it's can bs used by anyone ignoring class. -Class System -Non Combat Skill Mostly skills like grinding, jumping, fishing, mining, crafting, pushing, throwing, smashing, detecting, etc. Each character has their own set of these skills which useful at the map, like Karen Danger Detection that could tell whatevert that treasure chest has item or trap with [!] mark, or Karin Jumping skill that makes you wander around city faster. -Opening Skill A skill that active at start of battle, mostly buff/heal it's user but it can be also give enemies debuffs. *This is just a summary so I'll just stop right there, and thanks if you read these
  2. Perang Cemen

    How might I implement a different combat system?

    If the combat isn't turn based, you might need hell of a code(script/plugins) or you can just make it by events(high level of logic and insane amount of patinet are required) Make stuff like leveling up command card(item) by common event or showing card image in corner of screen is simple but if you want to make combat system to non turn based or want the character move around to attack the enemy, you will need to define many variables such as range of attack, target position, and many more which is pain in the neck if you do that by common event. As for script/plugin isn't my forte so I couldn't much of a help, for this one you might need to browse or ask people around if you can't make them yourself, I do believe there are many non-turn based combat system script/plugins but you need to either modified it to suit your need(I did this a lot) or combine it with other scripts(beware of comp. problem) There are many RPG maker tool other than XP, VX, or VXA and their ilk, so when someone say Rpg Maker Tool to me is rather vague... make sure to mention what you're useing to avoid stood-under-miss if you know what I mean.
  3. Perang Cemen

    Items Class Restriction

    Does it need to put [array] manually there? I'm not much of a scripter but I would put the Array stuff in the "Scrpit" not in the "Note", so I can just put the numbers/ID at Note like these: <classes: 2, 3> or perhaps: <classes: "2","3"> or maybe: <classes: 2 - 3> That's just a rough example, like I said I'm not much of a scripter(doesn't sound convincing) myself so correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. How many eons has it been since I was AWOL? None seems asked nor care about, Hmph! I'm so sad... well I don't feel like to stack another the hello post so I'll just say it here, Hi there it's me! No-no I'm not it's me-it's me scam, alright I'll stop that lame joke, it's been long since... sorry I don't even remember, my memory is messed up as you can see just like in the past, anyway I'll be hanging around here again for sometime so please bear with me, and of course give me a warm welcome, RMC are the most kind sites I ever know compare to *cough* *cough* anyway thanks if you do read till the end, althought I doubt who would read something as vague as this.


    Oh right... I just completed my Devil Boy Quest! That's all Xp


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      I guess there are some on my profile page. 👀

      Just poke a staffer to move the thread, I already moved it for you. 😉 

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      Hey hey hey,

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      Perang Cemen

      Much appreciated and yes I saw the pony my bad😁 and Hey there Widen612 👋 Nice to meet you~ and of course nice to see everyone here again. (Maybe not everyone since there are some that are leaving or went awol like me)

  5. Perang Cemen

    Devil Boy Quest Completed

    Deer! It's me again, I had bad and good news which one you would like to hear first? Well now let start with the BAD one, the Bad new is... do you truly wanna hear? in that case read below: Enough with bad news let's move to a good one and that is... Devil Boy Quest just complete, that's all. It's complete but I might have to update it later since it has bug... I mixed 3 Script that override each other and I dunno how to fix it because it's only happen sometimes (Rare probably...) so I thought It's just my war machine(PC) spec is so sad... Since It's so laggy... when I open my skills menu that has lot's particle... it's also lagged at 100x100 map with 350+ev or was it normal? Anyway I'll just call it known bug, and maybe there are other bugs that I just happen to forget, I'll just have to fix it if I able(I'll do this if somebody report it to me) or leave it as another known bugs... Thanks in advance to whoever read this, I bet you are nice person, whoever you are. Perang Cemen
  6. Perang Cemen

    Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest

    *The Demo updated! (This is probably last demo before final release!) The game already finished but due to so many Review include Complain, word of praise, suggestion to improve the game, etc. I decide to do some updates before final release and that will take a while, probably end of this year, I hope. *Lot's Bugs already fixed! (Don't ask what I have fixed because I forget after I fix it) If you still found some bug let me know. *What's new? (Here ya go...) This update is based on those who send me suggestion to improve the game. -Better Translation Not sure, I haven't check em. -Usable Magic Scrolls An Item can be used in battle to casting magic attack like Fireball, Waterball, Tornado, or buff magic like Power Up, Shell, Magic Up, etc. -Balance Character Stat Make other character expect the main hero and optional character a bit stronger and durable. An Optional Character like Dauna and Goldark isn't balanced, which mean their stat are always high or they're the strongest in the game. -Skills Rearrange type of Physical/Magical, their Sp/Mp cost, Cooldown, Limiteduse, and Type of skills, you may notice Rose now has Magic Command for her spellblade attack such as Riot Blade, Lexar Black Blade is also changed to Magic command and so on. -I Forget the rest... Anyway thanks for read it. ~Perang Cemen
  7. Deer, it's me Perang Cemen, I'm here because some or lot's people get troubled with IMBA, IMBA mean Imbalance, IMBA what I mean is bug, example: when Mira join you at Kaelo her Agi was so low, you know why? because Cecila cast freeze spell at her and the only way to make her Agi return to normal by meet with Cecila again at Zukaru, the problem is what if you can't find her and skip it, Mira will stuck in her low Agi and you will be in trouble since you may need her help, there also side quest that make Lexar MaxHp drop to 1 and return to normal after quest done, the same problem is what if you can't finish the side quest and skip it? Lexar MaxHp will stuck in 1 and you're done for, that's why I create a patch to remove those include some quest and story. I know it sound's silly but at first I didn't think that someone would be so stupid to take side quest but didn't finish it ASAP, instead of clear it ASAP they just go to main story and then stuck or you can say can't go back to clear the side quest, the problem is when the side quest lower your stats and you go with that and trapped in a main story where you must fight boss or something like that, this will be a big problem, so I... remove those side quest, and anything related to lowering stats or these IMBA. I'm Really sorry if you have download it before 30/04/2018 since you may need this patch to make your lowered stats return to normal. (You don't have to download it if you wish to play full version, it will be automatic fixed, but if you want try Mira at Demo, very recommended to download it) Thank you for your attention ~Perang Cemen
  8. Should I wait for translate to be done might take until the end of the year or... should I release it half translated... the main story and anything important already translated very well, even there will be typo or misspell or something in some part like NPC not important talk, item description, skill, etc... if I re-check them all over again it would be took more-less half of year... hell huh!

  9. What's wrong isn't me, what's wrong is the world! Hell yeah!

    1. Kayzee


      Is there really a difference between you and the world you live in? Your own perceptive creates the world you experience after all.

    2. Perang Cemen

      Perang Cemen

      Whenever I had conflict with someone and they say "What the hell wrong with you"

      I'll answer "What's wrong isn't me, what's wrong with the world!"

      The conflict may close to what usually I did, that's is gamedev, most people around here is see a lone gamedev like me as weirdo, or someone who do pointless thing...

      Well don't wanna bore you with this story so just laugh over it and think I never say these...


    3. Kayzee


      I rather debate if there is really any such thing as 'wrong' in the first place. :P

  10. It's not luck, I'm cheating.

  11. Perang Cemen

    Huge Update, Hell yeah!

    Deer! (Hi there!) Finally I got time and hell yeah! I manage to screenshot em and put it in my game page, forget it you may don't like it, anyway I just add a featured stuff in my game page, be sure to read it. Yo there whoever you are, a people just pass by or accidentally click this or something I just want to tell you Devil Boy Quest is almost complete, the left thing to du is just translate it to anglish, I mean English, Note that my English are suck. Anyway there will be a forge, potion mix/brew, formation, and lots system. Let's move to case 1 the FORGE?! it's like create weapon/armor you need a hammer, anvil(in tsugi blacksmith worry not they let you use it for free), forge recipe and the material you need to create new weapon, naturally it would look like a mixed weapon/armor, anyway it would be boring if there no failed chance to make item but you may ended up complain if you failed so... I make it that you must press down button at right time, success or failed it's up to you. (if you failed you lose your hammer but not your material) Now move to case 2 MIX/BREW?! just like forge you need to mix potion in a pot(there a building in Mizu that has no shop sign), note that you also need special item that sold by the man in that town, the cost of that item is around 300, anyway the system is same but it may look different, there 3 possible happen, first you press at right time and success, second you miss a bit and failed, you miss a lot and bum it explode. (If it explode it may damage you a bit and you lose the item used for brew) Which case is now... oh right 3 a formation, you can set formation of the character by use Format Pen, what a strange name... anyway if the character put in the front will gain extra attack and magic defense but lowering defense and magic while if the character put in back will have extra defense and magic but lowering attack and magic defense while they put in mid they didn't get extra or get lowered. case 4 what again... I forgot... oh right secret dungeon in Iparas Village! whops! it's secret area so you havta to uncover yourself, anyway be sure to have at least one stonebreaker so you can come to that ehem pub so... forget it. case 5 error translation, please skip this one I don't want to talk about it. case 6 new character, Right, she naturally a future protagonist in Perang Cemen VII. (Devil Boy Quest is Perang Cemen I.) her name is Dauna, yet she like Lexar but she always act cruel, and trust no one, she do what she like, and well she close to be a bad character, anyway she very strong and she use a unique weapon that not sold in normal weapon shop, what is it? a Sword-Gun/Gun-Blade, she may reveal herself if you manage to do some damn hard task. case 7 new system graphic, looks like you don't care huh? okay skip that case 8 fishing system, it may not appear in demo, since you have to go to Zukaru City and get Fishing Rod, while the demo end before you reach that place, anyway the fishing system like BoF2, you will throw a bait based on power you press and if it's hit a fish you must pull it before the time over. case 9 Bound system, to raise mood of your ally you may need to talk them, present is great way to raise their bound, more bound more they will support you, when bound reach it's max amount some secret quest will be unlocked, note these secret quest won't unlocked in demo. case 10 give me more feed back, those case above are based on those who give me feed back. if you have anything in mind be sure to tell me, and thank you if you do so. ~Perang Cemen Below are Devil Boy Quest Album...
  12. Perang Cemen

    Perang Cemen Devil Boy Quest

    The project almost complete! just need to be translated and done... oh well I'll put the detail soon in blog, my hand not hurt anymore but I need to make a some screenshot, anyway the demo is no longer has debug stuff, naturally it used for tester, oh right! the demo just updated the size getting bigger sorry about that I add new super powerful character, and save file from past demo will crash the game, so you may need to start a new but fear not it will be super fast if you can ask this new character to join you. ~Perang Cemen
  13. So wow what's going on?

    My project is done but the hell I have to add one more girl to a game, the damn thing I have to make a extra event for her...

    Now the male playable character is become 1 and female playable character is become 10.

    What too much female? listen... when I make a game I have two rules...

    First, I'm never wrong.

    Second, if I'm wrong... back to the first rule.

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