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  1. ...In all due honesty, I've been considering leaving every site I've ever registered on, and just lying in bed because of how stupid everything is, and how badly I've been treated...

    I've been struggling a lot, and it doesn't help when my struggles are considered 'just being lazy' by ableist trash...

    I tried looking into the notifications, NOPE! EX145. Seriously, I've kinda given up, but still, can we actually have a fix that doesn't break!?

    Who am I kidding; nothing is actually fixable.

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    2. Kayzee


      It will get fixed soon I am sure! *hugs*


    3. ZeroKunKuronage


      it works again!!! thanks!!! *hugs*

    4. Rikifive


      As far as I know, it happens because of unreliable webhosting service.

      These constant errors bother me too, but sadly I can't do much about them... I have to mail the system admin each time this happens and await response.