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  1. PhoenixSoul

    Does Anybody Know

    You can get all of those via Steam. I have several of them myself and/or are wishlisted.
  2. PhoenixSoul

    Avery's Gear Icons Expanded

    The gem pile below the gem sack is what one sees as the icon for the total amount of gems one has. I took the lockpick and gave it a dark purplish glow for a specific item that has a chance of vanishing upon use since it otherwise is unbreakable. All the bucklers above are the originals with two recolors each. The Dragon Buckler, default RTP shield equip, fits much better with a red hue. The credit card Avery has is way better than the one I came up with, as an edit of an edit. lol The green bill is a rotated card booster pack icon that @Animebryan made. The copper dust? I don't know who made the original icon, but it's a recolor of that. The small knife to the left of the red X from Yanfly's Icon Generator is from the same icon sheet as the copper dust. The keys to the right of the lockpicks are made from Avery's Modular Keys. The furthest right and third from right took an exceptionally long time to make due to having to break pieces and remake them until they looked good. The third from right is supposed to look like how a modern key does. "Why do you have two rows of almost identical icons?" The first row is used for items, the second is used for a currency script. The silver coin is just an RTP edit.
  3. PhoenixSoul

    Does Anybody Know

    Hmmm... I don't have any clue. Maybe @Rikifive might, and if not, it's more eyes on this because that's SO NOT COOL if you lost money this way.
  4. PhoenixSoul

    Even More Edits

    Note: GCH has a Steam workshop item with the entire Looseleaf library. Just thought I'd mention it. There's also a resize of the Looseleaf library for use in MV in the workshop. Mack, whoever they are, did amazing work.
  5. PhoenixSoul

    Avery's Gear Icons Expanded

    The riot shield looks like an RTP edit. (looking at the RTP icons it looks like someone just made the brightness 75% of the original RTP icon) A lot of the custom icons I've made are RTP edits, like the Gem Sack (the toppled Coin Sack icon with resized and recolored gems in place of the coins). I wonder who made the taser; I'm using that one because that's the kind of game Ramsey is. Modern Police State. Everything I detest, lol
  6. PhoenixSoul

    Hello, old friends! It's me, Purple Phantom!

    Hello there. Glad to see you're doing well, or, as well as one could possibly be after what you've been through. (you can confide in me-I don't act on the 'shoot first ask questions later if ever' mentality-something that makes me a bad admin but a better person lol) I haven't even been active on that particular server in some time, but I can give you two viable server suggestions that won't be judgmental, my own and IndieGameLover. And as far as your stalker is concerned...grrr...
  7. PhoenixSoul

    Avery's Gear Icons Expanded

    The katana looks like an edit of the VX/Ace RTP to me. The entire column short of a couple look that way. Also, the helm column is missing a helm, and in its' place, a duplicate of the broadsword in the same row. Just noting this. I also see that the police/militia equipment row was removed. That one was an interesting one. Anyway, I have assets I still don't where I got them from or who to credit because there's no associated credits file (just the importing instructions).
  8. I was an admin on a Facebook group a little while back, and I took a non-power trip, fair, honest, assertive and good listener approach, which while it did well to keep me honest, it also made me a target for the other admins who wanted me to conform to whatever BS standards they wanted, which wasn't going to happen, at all.

    The whole 'shoot first, ask questions later if ever' mentality, is the kind of crap that gets people in trouble offline, and it most certainly makes all who go that way look like an absolute jerkwad.


    I've taken the brunt of so many power-tripping mods' anger, I'm actually surprised that I haven't already given in, but I am a better person than that, which is an unarguable fact. I'll continue to shoulder the burdens of other people's actions because that's the way this was setup for me, at least, until I can break free from this imprisonment, and then, the gloves come off.

    There is no reward for honesty except everyone makes you their patsy, that's how this society is. Meh.

    1. Kayzee



      I was an admin on a Facebook group...


      Ah... That was your first mistake right there. Well actually your first mistake was using facebook at all, but that's a mistake a lot of people make so I will forgive you. :P


      Personally I find that a lot of the time how you say something is often more important then what you say. I tend to be a kind of brutally honest sometimes, but I think I am just barely diplomatic enough about it that most people don't get that mad. You though... Well, I sometimes think you often demonstrate a deficiency in that particular skill set. :P

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Actually, I'm almost certain that it was a trap set for me, but shit happened that I cannot undo.
      Thing is, I know I did right by others by not being the asshole-moderator everyone hates.

      Facebook? Yeah, I spend very little time there. In fact, most of the most recent time I spent there was doing admin things, so it's fine that I'm no longer a group admin.

      I admit to having issues with talking openly and honestly because I easily have a derailment of the train of thought, and if that happens, all bets are off. There's not a whole lot I can do about this.

    3. Kayzee


      Really if you boil it down, diplomacy comes down to recognizing one thing: Everything is a trap, intentionally or otherwise. No matter what you do there is a risk you will trigger something that will blow up in your face. But with a healthy dose of paranoia you might just be able to see the trap ahead of time and avoid it.


      Facebook is evil! Evil I say! EEEEEVILLL! Wait, I don't believe in good and evil... Well... originally the word 'evil' actually meant something closer to 'poison' then 'immoral behavior'. So... Facebook is poison!


      Hey I have problems with that kind of derailment too, but my train of thought is more of an off road vehicle then a train sometimes anyway, so I usually wend my way back on topic. Eventually.

  9. PhoenixSoul

    Entry 009: Ramsey, not Ramsay

    Soundscares are essentially like jumpscares for the ears, and can be combined with visual cues to make jumpscares, though soundscares are a lot more diverse and not everyone will be affected the same by common sources of soundscares like the one I referenced before. A gunshot is an example of a soundscare most don't affiliate with soundscares but it usually has that alarming effect, though sometimes not. Yeah, inverse soundscares are a thing, and I've perused those as well as reverse soundscares (playing audio backwards). #audiophile
  10. PhoenixSoul

    Avery's Gear Icons Expanded

    Can only wish you luck there. Might not be easily done (usually isn't unless you're a 1337 haxxor-lulz) I think I have that icon sheet you mentioned, somewhere. I downloaded a bunch of resources too, just to see what was out there since back then, I had less ability to get what I needed (I've only progressed a tiny bit since then).
  11. PhoenixSoul

    Dark's House Decorating System

    @Kayzee After I got the re-archived demo, I figured out that the setting for a few furniture pieces was looking for a specific map event. (it's a bit weird that it is coded this way, don't you think?) Yeah, I know what sprintf is, at a basic level.
  12. Ta-daaaaaa! Face reveal! lolz
    Well, sort of, anyway. It's more like an artistic rendition of me.
    I know @Kayzee will whine about how much makeup I am wearing, but this is less than what I wear normally, so...tough tits, sugarlips. 🤣
    Besides, we both know she likes it when my red lips stain hers from kisses.

    Yes, I am wearing a single sleeve blouse. If only they came as right-handed...
    (meaning the sleeve covers the left arm instead)

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    2. Rikifive


      Nothing wrong really, it just looked slightly .. hmm.. sp00py or something. 🤔

    3. Verdiløs Games

      Verdiløs Games

      I like it! If that's how you look, then you look great!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Rikifive :thonkang:
      Ooookay then...(maybe if I recreate the Sabre Knights with angled faces it won't look so strange)

      @Verdiløs Games Merci beaucoup.

  13. PhoenixSoul

    Avery's Gear Icons Expanded

    It's a massive resource fountain, for certain...
  14. PhoenixSoul


    All the graphics I make for Ramsey, my current game project.
  15. As cool as that Secret Base-like script is, it's very buggy and most certainly would not do well in a finished game.

    Still though, credit where it is due since I've not seen this attempted by anyone else, not even dearest love @Kayzee...
    (You better be asleep as I'm writing this lolz)

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yes, I've watched Retro Explained videos. Mind you, I didn't retain a good chunk of what was said, but the SNES was far more capable than most developers gave it credit for.

      I'd be willing to bet a downsized Mario 64 game could run on the SNES, even. Maybe.

    3. Kayzee


      Hehe, I used to do a lot of SNES stuff you know. I know ASM and everything. Already knew most of that stuff but it's fun to watch anyway!


      Did you know people have made an add-on chip thing for the SNES that supports FMV and CD Quality music? It's called the MSU-1! There are lotsa game patches that add FMV and such stuff to different games.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Oh yes, I know about that. I've seen a patch for Mega Man X3 that allows one to use the CD music instead of the FM music. I have mixed feelings about it especially since some of the CD music changes the tone of emotion for the various stages (like the CD music for Blast Hornet is not as intense as the FM music as one example but the CD music for Toxic Seahorse is just as intense and as much of a banger as the FM music).