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  1. This would require scripting. I'm sure there's a way to iterate an array of Skill IDs in a random choice, but that would be beyond my level of skill with Ruby/RGSS.
  2. The video card in my new PC is an AMD Radeon 7000.

    1. Kayzee


      You got a new PC? 😮

    2. PhoenixSoul


      New to me, anyway.

      It's dated, but better.

      A DELL Optiplex 7040.

    3. Kayzee
  3. Yes; my pfp is made with MV angled face generator parts.

  4. PhoenixSoul

    Multiple Currencies

  5. Dearest love @Kayzee mentioned Gaia Online, and it had me thinking about another online forum, that was more like IMVU, called frenzoo. Anyone here ever hear about that one, or better yet, were you ever a part of that particular site, before it went mobile?

    1. Kayzee


      Nope, never heard of that one. Was it like a zoo of frens?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Honestly, I dunno much about how the name came to be, but it ran off a primitive version of Unity 3D.
      The 3D animated avatars were cool, though.

  6. I myself have tried my hand at making furniture from pixel scratch...

    Having terrible depth perception makes all efforts look literally flat. I only ever managed to make a decent looking, 2D table that would look okay in a side-scroller... 🤣

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    2. Rover


      I know the feeling, I'm no pixel artist pro either. Keep at it!

    3. Aslanemperor


      I feel this so deeply!

    4. PhoenixSoul


      If I still had those efforts and that table (lost when an HDD decided to corrupt itself), I could possibly maybe use them in a PGE-based game like SMBX.

  7. PhoenixSoul

    Easy chairs and sofas

    Aye. Dé rìen!
  8. PhoenixSoul

    Easy chairs and sofas

    Celianna's resources might have what you need (specifically speaking about the diagonal furniture). If not, I do believe her furniture can be modified to your needs.
  9. PhoenixSoul

    How to show credits during gameplay

    Also, and worse, potential memory leaks/other issues.
  10. PhoenixSoul

    How to show credits during gameplay

    PaintDotNet is another great free image editing tool. One can also do this with Pictures. Just be sure to import the scriptlet that forces the game to delete the pictures when [Erase Picture] is used, rather than having it draw a blank 32*32 px thing, or else, LAG!
  11. PhoenixSoul

    Get currently selected actor in equipment menu?

    Yes! There is! I actually had to figure this out for equipment-related stuffs too. So, here's something I cobbled together...
  12. I'm glad that I know of the resource blacklist. I wish I would of known about it long ago.

    Even still, there's one problem; where can I find substitutions for the icons? I looked and found squat.

    But yeah...just me prattling on...

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      It's this one here, and I'm just glad none of the DLC I bought is on it, and I hope it stays that way.

    3. Animebryan


      It's a real shame that the 'Ultimate Icon Set' is included. You almost didn't need anything else with all it had to offer, but it was also an unorganized mess as well, to the point where I originally planned to clean it up, add recolors & call it 'Ultimate Icon Set 2.0'. But when I went to look for it, it was gone. Now we all know why. Also, you never have to worry about DLCs being plagiarized. I'm sure those submitted works are checked first before being put up on the store, lest Degica Komodo risk being an even bigger embarrassment than they already are. 

    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      Avery's iconset is the only viable replacement for the "Big Iconset", and does not allow commercial usages without expressed permission.


      This makes it very rough, and one is faced with the task of editing the RTP sheet to produce what they need.

  13. PhoenixSoul

    Using a cellphone as a tool?

    Be better asked in the MZ thread.
  14. I have difficulties with Executive Functioning. It affects so many things...

    So, when I bought RMXP for Zelda, it felt good because I wasn't judged or criticized for it.

    I was thanked, yes, but just that, well, I was given the "you didn't have to" speech, but I did it because I wanted to, and it's fine; she's entitled to know why I did that, but I didn't have/need a reason.

    I just don't do well with doing things and getting criticized unfairly. It's unnecessary stress.

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    2. Fjoraselda


      Thank you, Amy ❤️

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Oh no, @Kayzee, mon amour; you should hear the crap I have to put up with from the neurotypical brainwashed fools I live with, and by comparison, you're an intellectual field of flowers rather than a minefield of stupid.

      Anyway, executive functioning is...hard to explain. Trouble making decisions and doing things, is part of it. It's a big web of things that all involve processing everything and making a quick response to, like everyone expects. "RESPOND NOW." (when I'm still processing a lot of things all at once)

      You're very welcome, @Fjoraselda, my dear.

    4. Kayzee


      Intellectual field of flowers huh? I guess it's true! How else am I going to lure you in to my devious trap? :3 


      Maybe it's cause you actually think rather then just react. :3

  15. Is it just me, or do the MZ graphics, at least for faces, have that older anime look to them, like from Gundam, or similar?

    It was an observation I made when I was making some character art with MZ pieces in GCH PE.

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