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  1. PhoenixSoul

    Auto Save / Auto Load

    I guess loading the last savefile index would not work as intended...
  2. PhoenixSoul

    Auto Save / Auto Load

    I'm just curious; what happens if one were to make it so that auto_load or continue_load were allowed even if there were more than one game save? Would it try to load the data from all game saves?
  3. PhoenixSoul

    Bub's gender function script needed

    Aye. Dé rìen!
  4. PhoenixSoul

    Come Get Your Candy: Black Rock Shooter

    May the Divines, the cosmos, and the Aether guide you...
  5. PhoenixSoul

    Bub's gender function script needed

    I have the main script and the one obvious add-on. (I don't know of all the add-ons as I'm not familiar with the system in question) Anyway... Bubs - Gender Functions.rb Bubs - Gender Requirements.rb
  6. PhoenixSoul

    Not Leaving But...

    Oh yeah; there's supposed to be some kind of stimulus thing...if I ever get it, I'm hoarding it. Yeah, right; like that'll happen. I'm more likely to find myself in front a damned firing squad.
  7. PhoenixSoul

    Not Leaving But...

    After I started not doing daily internet catchup, it only got harder to keep caught up. This means that, in time, I may end up vanishing completely for a while...but I'm not leaving... "wHy DoN't YoU tRy GoFu**Me?" Because I can't use any funds from those. They come in checks/cheques I cannot cash. CashApp requires a credit/debit card, don't have that either. "What do you have access to?" Physical currency, bills, coins, and what those can purchase. Means that, I have to go places, brick and mortar stores to buy anything, including Steam Wallet cards. Anyway, enough of all that, just letting you know, that this dated PC is why I am slowly but surely less and less here...I may be on Discord, but not everyone here is. And of course, the one person I actually wanna talk to, who only talks to me here, is never online elsewhere anymore...and they know who they are!!! Yup, any PMs here, I'm not going to respond to; if you're on Discord, send them to me there. It's much easier for me to be on Discord anyway. Or Steam. Somehow, I can run those two a lot better than I can run the internet browser. Go figure. Well, that's it. Until next time, or, whenever, I guess...
  8. PhoenixSoul

    ramsey Entry 00F: Ramsey v.1.0

    Yes; next version will be 1.0. I will have the intro chapter and the first chapter finished. What to expect: Chapter 0: Introduction: Backstory and Lore Chapter 1: Ramsey's Demons: Deadbeat Dad; Alley Rats Game Menu and Menu UI ETA: Soon (TM)
  9. This 2008 DELL is just not able to run super heavy internet browsers and site code.

    I am not asking for aid, because aid would not be given, but, you've seen that I no longer am on daily (am on Discord daily yes), and the reasons why are a few but the main is that it takes forever to do any sort of catchup, because this PC is too dated. I know that someone is going to tell me that I could do something amazing with this but I don't have the resources to do it! Jeez!

    I actually am having trouble with getting the monitor to turn on now; it takes several tries to get it to turn on and stay on, so there's that too. Eventually, this whole thing will be done, and then, I will too. I will have nothing to keep me occupied, because I am completely lost and isolated, and very much alone. If I lose the one thing that helps pass time, I will end it. I'm not asking for help, it's too damn late for that. I'm still working on Ramsey; hopefully, that pans out, but as is, I dunno. I am trying my best, but I need help with coding here and there, oh and need more help right now kaythanks. See ya in Discord.

    At least I can run Steam, Discord, those run fine...games run fine...but if I need to research anything on the internet, it's a nigh insurmountable task now, and shame on everyone who let that be so.

  10. PhoenixSoul

    Noob vs Newb And Why it Matters

    Or if you're inexperienced at something....anything.... Seriously...what the literal, actual....
  11. PhoenixSoul

    pixel art Amy's Artwork

    They're right, ya know...
  12. Well, I managed to quash a lot of bugs, and have made progress towards the next release of Ramsey. Yeah; still going.

    In the meantime...lots and lots of code and other things to deal with. I have UI to make and other art assets...I still have not gotten the art I was promised, and that may never come, which sucks, but oh well...

  13. PhoenixSoul

    Holders Animated Battlers

    You have a Discord? Hmmm... Class Ideas... Eh, nothing comes readily to mind...not in the mode at the present...
  14. I'll definitely give this a look.
  15. paypaI.com (capital (i) in place of lowercase (L) #LMAO) If I had $1 USD for each of these I had gotten since they started trying to pull this crap... I'd probably have close to half a thousand dollars by now, lolz
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