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  1. Self Increasing Prices in Item Shop?

    You're very welcome. Good luck with gamedev!
  2. It has been a loonngg while~

    A bit late to the party, but I'll wave from the back of the crowd because I never got a ticket...
  3. I would of liked to of participated in the Make War Not Love Sega/Steam Event, however, my computer doesn't meet the hardware specs necessary for minimum requirements, let alone not having the funds for any of the games.

    Ah well...

    I did get the two free classic Sega games for signing up, Bare Knuckles II and Shinobi III...

    1. Kayzee


      First I heard of this. Oh well, Nintendo games were always better anyway. :3

    2. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee The Bare Knuckles (Streets of Rage) series is really good, to be honest, and I've always liked Shinobi.


      I actually like a good number of SEGA games...and ports from arcade to SEGA exclusively (KLAX, Super Tetris, Pit Pot, etcetera)...

  4. Saeryen's Art!

    @Saeryen Sure. Anytime. (still waiting on something from you)
  5. Been watching the Olympics here and there; I'm quite pleased with how well the athletes of North America have been performing, but I'm a little taken aback by this...
    'Olympic Athletes of Russia'...
    Why is it that instead of just Russia?
    Hmmm...I watched as Russia nailed the Ladies' Team Freestyle Figure Skating run, now that was sweet (not that I know the technical intricacies of the tricks or anything...)
    I also watched the Ladies' Mogul Superfinals...
    lol those lumps on the slope we call 'boobs' in the world of skateboarding...

    1. Seriel


      Russia was banned from taking part in the Olympics this time around because of "state-sponsored doping and testing fraud", so instead they allowed some Russians to take part independently (Not representing Russia, but as their own thing.)
      See here: https://sports.stackexchange.com/questions/17786/who-are-the-olympic-athletes-from-russia

    2. PhoenixSoul


      @Seriel Wow. However, I cannot say I am surprised, though this is the first I had heard of it...


      But 42 athletes...that's a big blow. Well, I guess that leaves the trustworthiness right in the open...

  6. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    LMFAO Well, that certainly opens you up for a LOT more free time, lol (well, potentially anyway)... Curious, have you been watching the Olympics? Or, are you not too much into such competition? Anyway, here I am, being your cheerleader once more. Rock your art, girl!
  7. pixel art Amy's Artwork

    Looks really nice. So, how're classes these days? I know it must be hard to get anywhere in this cold...
  8. Saeryen's Art!

    At least you put effort into this. I didn't even notice the topic at all...
  9. Found a useful script by an inactive member, and it does provide a neat interface for viewing actors like one would view their status if they were in party, even if they are not.

    It is one step closer to being able to view a compendium of all Soul Cards one has.

    1. Kayzee


      Hmm... Do the L/R buttons to scroll through actors work right in that case? I can see how one could call menus for actors who are not in the party, but it might be useful to have a special Game_Unit subclass for your soul card things that can use it's own menu_actor, menu_actor=, menu_actor_next, and menu_actor_prev methods?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee, it is a vertical page layout, like the menus, choices and so on. So yes, L1/R1 works correctly.


      Soul Cards are...

      Summoned Monsters (Actors)

      Spell Cards

      Trap Cards

      Force Cards


      So I'd need to be able to handle more than just Game_Actors for this. However, I'm thinking more along the lines of using pictures for this, but we'll see; it is too early in the game development to even think about such.

      I more or less have the script in the game to ensure I don't forget that I want such a feature.

  10. Hello again (i got banned?!?)

    @Rikifive lol, there ARE forums/servers that 'kick' members for inactivity though; I know, I've been there (and it is rather stupid because Real Life is unpredictable and is not a good reason for kicking/banning). But yeah, I do hope no one else has been affected; this is a serious issue!
  11. What Happened?

    @Saeryen Maybe. I know that the relationship between Ruby and myself is like a house of cards made from a mish-mosh deck used for Spite and Malice.... But strange that no one has answered the question definitively...
  12. So, yeah... I wanted to add a custom command to Yanfly's Status Menu, but it seems that if I want to do this, that I must add a draw window method, which I have no bleeding clue as to how to manage this. So, how would I make it just draw nothing (a blank window) instead, since the drawing method is for the preview window, which I really don't need for Vlue's Hero Roster. Any help I could get on this, much appreciated, merci beaucoup. Edit: I did figure out a VERY CHEAP way of being able to implement the command without an otherwise invalid syntax error. It is basically drawing nothing, but I'm curious as to how to optimize this because I'm sure this here is doing a lot more codex checking than I think is necessary. Like I said, I'm really a novice at this...
  13. Hello again (i got banned?!?)

    Usually, this is different from one forum to another but what I've come across when viewing banned user profiles is some sort of thing that says the user is banned, or the account is deactivated, or a custom 404 Error page pops up instead (or something along the lines of those three things). I saw none of those three things, so my guess is a forum bug (the forums did recently have issues with some sort of coding error or something so this may be the culprit). But no, as far as I can tell, your account is still there, as you left it...
  14. Self Increasing Prices in Item Shop?

    My only thoughts are to use choice commands as a custom shop interface and set variables, making sure to use the check if party gold is equal to or greater than the variable. (Also use TsukiHime's Large Choices and Choice Options scripts.) As for Shop Manager or Shop Options...I actually don't know how either script works as I've not used them.
  15. What Happened?

    Yes, just a simple query. What happened that caused the forums here to have a coding seizure of sorts? Glad that it is fixed, at any rate. lolz