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  1. Yes, yes it most certainly does. I'm sure that quote block isn't going to appear properly, but whatever. Since I quoted a user from the Frets on Fire Fan Forums, it's not like they're gonna know I did... I've found that even samples are imprecise. I've done lots of work in Audacity (it's how I have the original versions of many songs thanks to the individual quoted above), so I've had to try my best to get certain things in order, often times having to actually run with fragments of imprecision. One major example of this is me combining the stems for TTFAF from three different sources: Guitar Hero III, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, and Rock Band 3 DLC. All three sets have different offsets that I did not completely sync accurately, but to most people, it doesn't sound off-sync. Of course, this is going off-topic now, so back onto the topic at hand. I'll look in the repositories I have, see if it is there.
  2. RE: Audacity: One massive issue. That works fine if there are no loop points to consider (by the way I SUCK AT THIS ALREADY and have to guess a lot or use a calculator tool), but for most files, they have set loopstart and looplength values that will require adjusting after the changes are made, and honestly, that in itself is not ideal, since it also means that the game WILL TAKE UP MORE SPACE, and um, that I will pass on. Anyway, the slider thing you mentioned would be neat, sure, but if I'm going to have to make the workload more of a burden I'd rather use a drab menu with each selection and use Hime's Choice Options for managing that. Of course, that's sloppy, but, that's me going at this with my limited capabilities. By the way, I don't even know how to change where choice menus appear on the fly, so double drab emphasis.
  3. PhoenixSoul

    Character select script?

    I would also look into a Party Manager script as it might be more useful.
  4. @Kayzee Not exactly, no. The point is that if I set the title screen music to 110% pitch, it won't reflect this in the script as it is. The fix, I call future-proofing, to the end user/player, immersion enhancing. I figured that using a pair of variables rather than fixed numbers in place of volume and pitch would be all this needs, but not quite sure how to go about defining them, hence, why I asked in the first place. Of course, might it be necessary to do more than just that, then it's good that I am asking.
  5. So, what I wanted to do with the jukebox script was... filename, name of file, volume, pitch (only the first two are currently available for customization) That way, if the pitch or volume of any sound is altered in game and the script picks that up, it will pick it up with those settings rather than the default.
  6. Ninjamida made this jukebox script, and I love it, but there's one thing I really would love if I knew how to pull it off... Pitch and Volume settings. As is, if I wanted to have the selected sound file play back at the pitch/volume settings I have it set to, I'd have to edit the sound file and change a bunch of other things because, well... I mean, I could maybe try to set up some kind of variable like use 'vol' for volume and 'pit' for pitch, but then I'd have to set those up and I'm not quite sure how to do so... The other alternative is to simply set all music and sound to have default pitch and volume, but since I already use Yanfly's System Options, default volume already doesn't match up with the default volume settings of Yanfly's script...
  7. Well, this is certainly interesting. Sounds to me like one could use any number with this. 'return a.three?'
  8. Yeah, I should be active more, here and elsewhere, but as of late, crap like the thing ThatOneNPC found is flooding the online and offline society, and frankly, I don't blame them one bit for taking that step in moving on.

    I would too if, well, it would matter, and it really wouldn't. I still have no damn closure on a number of things, including my IP address being hacked and/or spoofed which led to some pretty stupid nonsense that I have no way of recovering from, short of cheating in some fashion (I wouldn't know what that would look like either). Probably wouldn't of happened at all if I had things like far better hardware, and access to internet safety software or whatever else, but that is one of those things I will not have unless I get donations and such.

    Yeah, about Epstein: publicly, definitely dead, but like Ian Watkins, is definitely still around...living a comfortable lifestyle in wait for the NWO that isn't going to come...

    I'm still making gamedev progress, but I'm struggling with this and that...

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    2. Kayzee


      Honestly, I pretty much agree with @That One NPC on all that. The only difference is, I don't think anywhere else is really any better. If you are looking for a lot of attention, I don't think you will find a lot of it in the RPG Maker community.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee Not really looking for attention (if I do ever complete a game I have means of spreading news around of such), just not wanting to deal with nonsense, especially since a lot of it comes from people who don't get the very simple fact that I am severely underprivileged...

      @That One NPC I actually like this place, even if it is pretty much a ghost forum, but I wouldn't be more active for anyone's sake other than my own, to be fair...

      I wouldn't really know what the other forums are like personally; I first came here then branched out, only to learn of the nonsense that occurred beyond my knowledge (I know a lot more now and it's both unsettling as well as infuriating), but I do know that the majority of the admin are twats that know only how to shoot first then ask questions later.

    4. Kayzee


      I really meant more 'encouragement' and not just 'attention'. Just looking for attention doesn't really help that much.


      Personally I am not a big forum user in general. The biggest reason why I never moved on to a bigger forum is mostly because I am comfortable here and don't feel like trying to fit in with a whole new community. Heck, I am basically just now tied at the second top user on the site of all time, only behind @Rikifive in terms of liked content it seems. Probably mostly thanks to you liking everything I do actually. XD

  9. Hmmm... $game_party.has_item?($data_items[1]||[2]||[3]||[4],false) Not sure if above is the actual script call being used, but using || between each ID might be the answer...?
  10. @AeghtyAteKees That is an interesting addition, though, $data_armors and $data_weapons are separate from $data_items as I recall. I wonder if @Kayzee would have better insight into this, as I am still quite the novice...
  11. I'm making slow progress with YD, my RM2K3 side project.

    I decided to take a break from VX Ace, because RGSS is taking a toll on me. Also, I really wanted to get deep into the mechanics of 2K3, as I had yet to even try to do so.

    "What does YD mean?"
    It's just the abbreviation for the working title. I'm not going to elaborate on that either.

    Also, I'm still healing from the extraction I had two weeks ago. In comparison, the previous two I had (simultaneous) healed in less than a week...

    1. Kayzee



  12. Extractions SUUUUUUUCK!


    This last one I had a week ago today is still healing and I don't know if it'll ever close up! One thing is for certain though; it has essentially KILLED my creative abilities!


    I mean, I was able to finally finish another chapter of a short story series I've been writing (I'd share but it is NC-16 stuffs), but that's really about it.

    Most of the time I'm either lost in a dull fog from lack of sleep, playing a game, or doing nothing. ASS!!!

    1. Kayzee


      Tooth extractions you mean? :O Those do indeed suck.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      They don't even use sutures...that would of made this a much easier process...

    3. Kayzee



  13. @dailyminerals You're very welcome...
  14. @dailyminerals I think it is the following: Look for these in the script. I am not sure exactly how :fade effects it, but I think it has some involvement. FTR, 60 frames is one second at 60 FPS, the average that VX Ace games are made to run at. Change :full to 120 or 150 for two or two and a half seconds respectively.
  15. So yeah, I'll just go ahead and say it.

    The hardware I have sucks, I was ripped off, and I cannot do a damn thing about it.

    Wanna help? I accept donations via cash by mail and ONLY cash by mail. I should of never gotten this 2008 hunk of scrap, but that's how hindsight works, doesn't it?

    I got taken advantage of, and all I can do is deal with the consequences of the greed of others. And bitch about it because that's apparently something I'm also good at.

    As much as I appreciate @Kayzee offering me her older hardware, I need to get my own. Plus, I don't trust these f*cks at various shipping companies to not ship it completely broken and unusable. I'll simply find some way to build it myself, or I dunno, but it's only going to happen with your help...

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    2. Kayzee



    3. philteredkhaos


      Do you accept Cryptocurrency?

      What do you need the hardware for? It's a PC, I am assuming? 

      I have a few laptops that are 5+ years old, none of the batteries work, so they are basically tethered like a desktop. If you can get a hard drive, I'd gladly give you one, depending on what you need it for (they are pretty weak.) Currently I have a few running for Bitcoin in the background, and a couple collecting dust on my shelf.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I would if I knew how to actually use it.

      Yeah, I have a desktop PC; it's basically just old trash. it runs, but was designed with Win XP in mind.

      What I need is upgrading. Better GPU, CPU, multiple display capabilities, so, yeah. Thanks for the offer.