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  1. ...In all due honesty, I've been considering leaving every site I've ever registered on, and just lying in bed because of how stupid everything is, and how badly I've been treated...

    I've been struggling a lot, and it doesn't help when my struggles are considered 'just being lazy' by ableist trash...

    I tried looking into the notifications, NOPE! EX145. Seriously, I've kinda given up, but still, can we actually have a fix that doesn't break!?

    Who am I kidding; nothing is actually fixable.

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    2. Kayzee


      It will get fixed soon I am sure! *hugs*


    3. ZeroKunKuronage


      it works again!!! thanks!!! *hugs*

    4. Rikifive


      As far as I know, it happens because of unreliable webhosting service.

      These constant errors bother me too, but sadly I can't do much about them... I have to mail the system admin each time this happens and await response.

  2. Having the Database terms update during any subroutine, is definitely tricky. I can say that having 'if X' conditional code blocks, will go a long way. I myself have done this so that MP bars aren't drawn if Max MP is equal to or less than 0. Of course, this is in itself, not dynamic, but is an example of how to make something appear differently based on a specified condition.
  3. I'm close to done with Ramsey v.1.0, but I have these left to do:
    > Graphic bits (this is a game where sprites and faces are built piece by piece and are customizable)
    > Functionalities (it's mostly finished in that regard but there's still a few things left to make happen)
    > Mapping/Tiles (I think I have most of my needed tiles but making maps is going to take a while more)
    > NSFW filtering (this is going to be very difficult and it might not make v.1.0 - note that this will not include vulgarity if it actually becomes a feature at all)
    > Writing/Grammar/Spelling (probably the largest portion of this burden to complete)
    > P2P file sharing (yes I want to distribute the game in this fashion just in case other mediums fail-is not likely to be a thing by v.1.0)

  4. PhoenixSoul

    Clearing My Name, Past and Present.

    By the by, I always do this. I always research everything to the best of my ability. HOWEVER! I also NEVER(!) tell people to 'take my word' for it, that they must find their own answers. That's precisely what 'do your own research' means. In essence, parroting/clinging onto what others say, that's a form of plagiarism. Fun Fact: Plagiarism used to be considered a 'high crime' (like treason/murder/etcetera), and those that backed/supported it were often treated as equally guilty. Obviously, that wouldn't fly in this era but if it were treated the same now as it were then, we'd probably see a lot of elite-class and elitist people doing hard time with felonies on their records. FTR, I don't support imprisonment as it does absolutely nothing but foster and fester negative feedback, but that is for another time. #Exile them.
  5. PhoenixSoul

    hi im new

    This 2007 DELL, I've had it since 2015. It's received a new HDD, a new optical disc drive, and a new PSU since I bought it. It runs Windows 7, and I've had to reinstall Windows only once (drive-by malware attack). The other PC, from like 2015 (also a DELL), came with Windows 10. Not only that, it came without an install disc, and I do not have the install key, because, reasons I don't understand (fucking UEFI whatever-I-can't-understand-this-at-all). It has a better CPU, better everything by comparison (the HDD was a downgrade though), and it came with an AMD Radeon HD 7000. A very nice GPU. All of that still works, just the HDD needs replaced.
  6. PhoenixSoul

    Clearing My Name, Past and Present.

    I didn't say it was; I did say that if it's that cathartic for you, then don't stop, because you're obviously good at it. Of course, you did indeed dump on those people with this post, but there's a huge difference between tossing an ever-inflating balloon back at the one who placed on your shoulders (before POP!!), and making a joke post about it all. Yes, that was a reference to the Yoshi's Island minigame... (clenches fists) I'm angered, and yes, awestruck. It is one of those things that boils my blood. I have a mental list of people that deserve at the bare minimum, to be #FaceFisted, and she's on that list, among over five thousand others... Aye. Dé rìen!
  7. PhoenixSoul

    Clearing My Name, Past and Present.

    Hmmm... Makes me wonder if... Nah, I'm done thinking about it. Celianna is an excellent artist; like Ted Nugent, however, is exceptionally jaded and full of herself. Probably supported the axing of Roe v. Wade too. Liberty is way worse though; unlike Celianna, she's wild and unstable. Archeia and Unity are okay though... but are just as susceptible to the nonsense/belief therein. Honestly, if shitposting/jokes is that cathartic for you, then by all means, keep at it; you're obviously good at it. Some jokes at the expense of elitists like Celianna wouldn't be uncalled for either; elitism is bad, and it leads to narcissism, of which, Celianna has already gotten to those lofty heights, among many other 'modern-era' artists. Actually, Hollywood actors are the worst in this regard, but that's another wheel of rotting cheeze altogether.
  8. PhoenixSoul

    hi im new

    Definitely relatable; my other, more capable PC had its' HDD corrupted by Windows 10 being what it is, and it's still in that condition.
  9. PhoenixSoul

    Conditionals based on notetag?

    I had put this whole thing on the backburner and forgot it... Yeah, that script will do. Merci beaucoup.
  10. PhoenixSoul

    Editor Won't Run

    The blank file was in the process of 'delete and resave'. Yeah, it's VX Ace behavior.
  11. PhoenixSoul

    Editor Won't Run

    Yes, unfortunately. VX Ace is not good at saving projects. It's very buggy.
  12. PhoenixSoul

    Editor Won't Run

    There's a script that allows one to export all scripts to an external file (they're separate entries). I forget who wrote it, but it will allow one to preserve the script data in .rb format. @Tsukihime also wrote a script for automatically backing up data.
  13. PhoenixSoul

    Editor Won't Run

    #MistakesWereMade. Should never, ever do that with anything running, especially not foreground-running applications like RPG Maker. It's actually risky to allow screensaver applications to run whilst RPG Maker is also running (depending on what resources the .scr file accesses). However... Those DLL error messages tell me that Windows is not indexing the DLL properly (an unfortunately common occurrence especially from Windows 8 onward), and thus, if this is a Windows DLL Indexing Error, starting a new project is going to have similar issues, if it even works at all. The fix? Well, that depends on if the DLL Indexing Error is just with that DLL, or several, or most of them. If it's more than nine of them, or worse, most of them, it's a kernal issue. Such requires an OS reinstallation. Otherwise, it's a registry dive. It's also possible that there's a weird filesystem error that resulted from you shutting your laptop. A hard reboot may be needed. Or, again, you can dive into the registry. Hard Reboot: Shut down, and discharge the components (unplug from external power). After rebooting, some things may need to be set again, depending on numerous factors.
  14. PhoenixSoul

    Conditionals based on notetag?

    Okay. The module is what's important; I'm looking to have that change based on notetag conditionals. As far as where I'm looking, it would be under (I'm guessing) Game_Party (?); I am trying to have it so it checks for party member notetags (as aforementioned it would be any of the party member's possible notetagged attributes-Actor/Class/Equips/Skills/States) I'm also having this check be done in a common event script call.
  15. PhoenixSoul

    Conditionals based on notetag?

    I meant if the notetag is present on the actor itself, the actor's class, any skills the actor knows, any states applied, any equipment... I mean, I guess in code I worded "actor's features" incorrectly, but that is what I meant. So, like, actor.note =~ /<note>/ is what I'm looking for, or whatever similar code bit works for that. I don't know if the scriptlet provided will do much, but I can see what I am able to come up with.
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