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  1. I still think that script translations should be mandatory, especially if the language barrier completely makes the script's function too cryptic to know what it does by just looking at the title and syntax. But hey, that's just me, even if it makes total and complete sense.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      @Cookie Ninja I can do music; my low-end computer cannot run MV.


      What exactly are you looking for? BGM, BGS, ME, SE, theme, length...

    3. Rikifive


      Hey, but it's the same as with many other things. For example it's quite rare to see a game fully and properly translated to Polish, so many of the polish players have no idea what the story is about- they can only assume things based on cutscenes and what characters do in them, but when it comes to talk- it's nothing but irrelevant 'blah blah' to them. It's not as easy as you think it is to release something in many different languages. If somebody doesn't know English, it's not their fault for not releasing it in that language. If you think it is their fault, then please make something legit in Polish language, so that I could perfectly know what you've created. Are you up to that challenge?


      Try using Google Translator. That's what I did with some scripts and at least I had the basic idea of what the script was doing. If you don't have time for that, then don't blame scripters for not having the time either.


      Also please calm down with cursing. At the moment you're number one when it comes to use foul language. Be aware, that there are users under 18, so it's not appropriate to use that amount of curses in an offensive way, like you did.

      (Perhaps I also should turn CAPS LOCK ON)

    4. PhoenixSoul




      I won't go there, I'm better and greater than that.


      Also, translate.google is garbage. It will work for simple things, in MOST languages, but some languages come out completely wrong, and there are even phrases that don't translate well, even from Spanish. I'd use an AVGN quote, but I'd get tagged as offensive.


      No, I'm not the only one who uses profuse vulgarity, and I'm not even the strongest of vulgarity usage. I just happen to be the most visible, because I am the least constrained by 'societal norms'.


      'Most users are under 18'

      Most people know mainstream vulgarity by age 10. Not saying that everyone should use it, but 'shielding' is a bad practice in general. I will skip the psychology of it, mainly because I could write an essay on the matter and it is overall, irrelevant to the topic at hand which has irrevocably derailed now.


      I will ignore further replies; it is obvious that I cannot say anything, without firing up some sort of controversy. I feel like one of those critics on YouTube, like SidAlpha or HighImpactFlix...