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  1. Ugh. Things could not be any worse.

    I'm considering leaving a good majority of media platforms, because of dishonest practices. I'm so done with the BS...

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    2. Kayzee


      @PhoenixSoul Have you ever considered that maybe your problem is trying to calculate everything with a 'balanced equation' in the first place? Life is chaotic and messy, and yet you seem to be looking at life as if it's a ordered system. It's like you see everything in just black and white without any shades of gray, let alone colors.


      The thing is, I can't very well say you are wrong in the way you see the world, anymore then I could say a colorblind person is wrong in how they see the world. Heck, when it comes to color vision birds have humans beat since they can usually see ultraviolet, and the whole idea of 'color' is really just an abstraction in the first place. Does that mean humans see wrong? I say no. People say color only exists in the mind, but I say that we are seeing something in the world that means something.


      I can't deny your feelings.  I understand where you are coming from. The problems you see mean something, they are out there in the world. But I think sometimes you aren't seeing everything you could, or are seeing it but you are filtering it out because it doesn't fit the ordered grid you use to look at the world. I think if you could you would understand a bit better.


      In short, I recommend you consult your pineal gland and commune with our lady Eris! You can always read the scriptures online. Maybe it will help!


      @Amysaurus  Society is broken though right? I think we can all agree on that even if we can't agree on how or why. Okay, okay, broken is a bit much. It's more like, a work in progress. It works fine for a lot of things but still has a few major bugs to work out.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      @Amysaurus Okay. (Most artists tend to have disagreeing perspectives anyway, lol)


      @Kayzee Bookmarked.

      FTR, I was trying to give the perspective of a mathematical persuasion, but even that translates poorly.

      It is hard to explain how I see things, because I see things through multiple lenses, if one will.


      I have observed that my ability to see both the corruption and beauty of everything as well as the mathematics behind it, only makes me an outcast in every regard, at least, here that is the case.

      One thing that I am never sure of, however, is the observance of these things via a computer screen, because I don't see anything but text and graphics. I can only make the best possible calculations via what I've observed offline.

      That said, I know I'm not wrong, because one cannot truly disguise their intentions with text and graphics, just put a mask over them. I can still see corruption when it is there.

      I know no one will agree with me fully, and it isn't what I expect. But to be treated like an idiot...beyond uncalled for. Nor is it remotely fair and definitely not balanced.


      "Only a society based in equality and reputability is a fully functioning society." -Odinn, Governor of Honor

    4. Kayzee


      Just because I don't think you are wrong doesn't mean I think you are right either, but even so I don't think you are an idiot. I simply believe that what is corruption and what is beauty depends a lot on your point of view, and aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. I don't believe in things like 'justice' and 'balance', not really. I mean I agree they can exist, I just don't put my faith in them. Rather I trust in chaos and freedom, in my own heart to guide me. I have a feeling that would not fit in very well with the world you would want to create.

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