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  1. I want to die scream; my so-called 'parents' always make me feel like I'm a bad person. I know it isn't true, but I have no one to fall back on.
    That's why I've never had a chance at life.
    Of course, I know no one will listen, will give me pause.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, I can see that happening, for other reasons.

      Like, sleeping with a lit cigarette...


      How many times have they dropped them? How many more before it becomes something far worse?

      I don't wanna know!!

    3. Saeryen


      I'm sorry your parents aren't good to you. *hugs* Be sure to call someone if you need to.

    4. Kayzee


      I was more implying the kind of 'accident' that someone could uh... encourage to happen. With a knife. At night while they are sleeping. Like, "Oops, how did that gets stuck in their back?  Oh my that's a lot of red, how accident prone they must be...." <3


      I know, I know, you would never do that, and I probobly wouldn't either. But it makes me really angry when parents are scummy.

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