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    Fashion, Beauty, Art, Music (but not the Top40 garbage on the radio), retro gaming (got a lot of these), card games, board games, dice games, RPGs with or without a screen (meaning that tabletop RPGs are just as fun), LGBT - related gaming and art, among others, in no particular order (if any at all)...

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  1. My boredom is infinite, as is my loss of interest in gamedev. 


    I never thought that the loss of flimsy and obsolete technology would affect me like this; I just watched the entire Harry Potter movie series in the course of ten to twelve days. 


    Aye, imagination, pen and paper and some dice and cards only do so much for me... 


    And not a one has bothered to say anything about my latest blog either, even if I didn't expect it, proving me wrong is part of what humanity is, same as it would be for me to prove you wrong, reader. 


    As Van Halen said, that's what makes us Humans Being... 


    Good song, actually. Especially with the full orchestra intro. 

    1. Dark Influence

      Dark Influence

      Technology - Flawed and unreliable. Its human creators passed along some of their worst traits.