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  1. By the way, gift giving does not need, and never has needed a specific 'special day' to give gifts. On any given day, at any given time, give a gift. There's no need to have it be on this day, or that day, just do it, ffs.

    Or, keep on sucking up to Capitalism, because it works for the wealthy.

    Happy Yule, everyone (even though that technically ended yesterday).

    1. Kayzee


      Actually though the solstice is past, Yuletide lasts for more then one day. Depending on the exact tradition, it can last 12 days (Hence where the '12 days of Christmas' comes form) or until the next full moon which would mean it just ended a tiny bit ago when I am typing this, as the 22nd was recorded as the next full moon. Hehe, the first full moon after the solstice is also the fairy new years day by the way! It usually lasts longer then two days though. Though sometimes a full moon falls on the solstice! Last time that happened was in 2010 I believe, and it won't happen again till 2094 from what I read.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      From what I understand, Yuletide is celebrated/observed during the last days of Autumn, so the last week-ish of November through the Winter Solstice. Funny thing is, back home, Autumn doesn't feel or look much different from Spring, likely because of the temperate climate. More rain and wind than anything and lower tide, that's about it.

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