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  1. Nintendo of Japan has Nintendo of America do all the dirty work. Neither want rando scrubs rummaging around their IP, releasing titles. Their level of aggro would have little to do with intelligence (that's a ignorant stereotype created by society. Most serial killers have above average intelligence), and more to do with how seriously they take their content and business.


    The main issue is not whether or not you profit from said fan game, but what profits you make afterward using he exposure from their IP.


    It's not rocket science if you just step back a tiny bit.

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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      My face is too long for glasses.


      I have little patients for Edgelords or their nonsensical ravings about mortal-made laws.


      I hope one day, you and all the other Anarchists get shipped to your own island paradise where you can rob, rape, and murder each other to your hearts content. That is, before the few smart folks among you form a militia to rule everything. (Know much about Africa?)



    3. Kayzee


      Hey hey hey! That's not what anarchism is about, ya know? Anarchism is not really about the lack of rules, it's more about the lack of hierarchy. You know, using horizontal power structures instead of vertical power structures. Anarchism is a perfectly valid political philosophy with a dense body of theory behind it, not just a bunch of edgelords rebelling for the sake of rebelling. That kind of total disregard for any and all rules just dosn't work and we should all know that.


      The true aim of anarchism is not the totally destruction of society, it's about rejecting the idea of centralized power. As a matter of fact, the kind of pure 'survival of the fittest' mentality should be the furthest thing from what we really want. After all, if we topple one master only to end up putting another on the throne, what's the point? Still, that dosn't mean that the society humanity lives in now is fully ideal. It's better then a LOT of alternatives though, and I know that. That still dosn't mean humanity can't learn and evolve.


      Thing is, PS is kind of a pessimist. Sorry PS, but you are. She has basically given up hope on humanity. That's why she says stuff like that. But not me! Though you might say I'm probobly a little too optimistic, I really do think humanity can do it! That they can continue to improve and create a better world! But first humanity has to admit there is a problem and also realize what the actual problem is.


      But don't worry! I'm here to help! I like humans, even if they can be dumb sometimes, so it's up to me as a fairy to show you how silly you all can be. ... What, why are you looking at me as if I am crazy? Don't you know?



    4. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      I'm supposed to be gone, but I couldn't help popping in (mostly due to guilt surrounding my recent behavior).


      I get anarchism, I just don't subscribe to extremes. Eliminating central power isn't the solution. Africa is basically the best actual example of applied anarchism that we have. Even though Africa only embraced aspects of anarchism, it failed them in almost every way possible.


      I'm not a fan of any political ideology, because they are all flawed by their very nature. Adaptability is the key, not subscribing to set system, written in stone. It will always be abused, regardless of its structures and fail safes. Central power at least keeps a lid on corruption, although it will always exist. Corruption thrives  in anarchism.


      Without some form of central governing power, the door is opened for the types of mass corruption, even localized tyranny and violence we have seen in Africa.


      Democracy (Capitalism in the west) is the best system we've found so far, as broken as it has become.