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  1. South Central Kansas has some strong storms going on, like as I type this.

    Two of these storms have been tornadic, and both storms are likely headed in my general direction. I already hear rumbles of thunder in the distance. There is no tornado/fallout shelter within a hundred foot sprint short of any of the houses across the street (unlikely shelter), so if the worst comes to worst, this may very well be my last post because these apartment buildings won't withstand tornadic winds, and even if I survive, my equipment will likely be damaged or taken by the storm.

    I mean, if I do survive, it'll be a LONG F*CKING TIME before I have internet access let alone hardware of my own.
    That's what happens when you're on disability payments.

    So, anyway, it's been fun.

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    2. Kayzee


      Oh no! I hope you are okay! Don't give up! I am sure it will turn out alright, but I am still worried for you!

    3. PhoenixSoul


      The storm came, lightning, thunder, some hail, rain; a weakened gust and hail storm due to changing atmospheric conditions. Still, I had been running the same Windows session (hibernation for when I wasn't on my computer) for several days so it was good to shut my computer down anyway. Made it easier to defrag my hard disk from a fresh boot.
      @Animebryan No, I do not. 

      @Kayzee Not a matter of giving up but being practical. I'd take my chances by staying put rather than trying to run for shelter over a long distance.

    4. Kayzee