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    Fashion, Beauty, Art, Music (but not the Top40 garbage on the radio), retro gaming (got a lot of these), card games, board games, dice games, RPGs with or without a screen (meaning that tabletop RPGs are just as fun), LGBT - related gaming and art, among others, in no particular order (if any at all)...

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  1. Starting a new project.
    The previous one just got to the point of overcomplicated to fix, especially since I know not what is in error.

    So, this new one is going to be less complex, I hope...
    (my super-charged creativity makes 'simple' impossible)

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    2. That One NPC

      That One NPC

      All of my projects outgrow my capacity as a developer, so I sympathize. And it is impossible for me to do simple as well. My last four projects started out as 'something simple just to complete a game' and ended up being shelfed.

    3. Vis_Mage


      Oh, I know the feeling. I've pretty much rebuilt the systems in my project at least 4 times now. It always starts off fairly simple, but has a way of slowly but surely growing more and more complex and hard to keep track of. -_-

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I've already hit the point of frustration...
      Especially since I'm going to put myself through the torment until it either works or someone provides aid. Or, I break my computer out of sheer frustration and likely end up in an 8x10 cement and steel deathtrap.

      Yeah, gamedev and gaming helps to keep me from losing it, but Ruby is being a BITCH right now.