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  1. Yep, this is depressing.

    But don't worry about me. I gave it my best with the skill I had. I'm sure that if I had the ability to figure the complexities out, I'd be able to make this happen, but ultimately, it's time for me to either get results, or move on.

    The former would require that those who know RGSS better than I do to aid, and that looks to be an impossibility unless I pay someone, which is also outside of my capabilities, so yeah. It's been fun, and I do enjoy working on stuff, but the goal post just keeps getting moved forward, and well out of reach alone.

    It's too much. 

    1. PhoenixSoul


      Updating this:
      I got something to work, after all the BS I went through with other things.

      That said, it's really bad when one asks for aid, and ends up with the short end, on a cyclic pattern.
      Burnout exists, after all...

      Anyway, that's just how it is because of uncontrollable circumstances, little to none of my causing. I can't help it if people are going to be stupid and ignore both compassion and common damn sense! lulz

      I'm still a novice at Ruby who occasionally gets lucky; even if I took @Kayzee's advice on just tinkering with Ruby scripts, that's only part of gamedev, and that's where my heart lies is the whole thing, not just one piece of it.


      It's like writing a story; if you only spend your time on the mechanics of one aspect, you're gonna forget about everything else pretty damn quick (which is why I've had a really hard time with my most recent story because there's one mechanic of the story lore that is really hard to put together and have it work with everything else).

      No, I won't go into detail on said story here; Maturity Rank 3 stuffs, lol

    2. Kayzee


      Rank 3? Huh... What are the ranks?



      0 - Kid friendly

      1 - Implied adult issues/jokes/situations

      2 - Explicit adult issues/jokes/situations

      3 - Implied sexual adult issues/jokes/situations

      4 - Explicit sexual issues/jokes/situations

      5 - Sexual teasing/fanservice

      6 - Softcore
      7 - Hardcore

      8 - Kinda kinky

      9 - REALLY kinky

      10 - OMGWTF!


      9999 - Paraphore

    3. PhoenixSoul


      Rank 1: "There's a reason why you don't eat boogers..."
      Rank 2: "Well, I guess it is time for us to talk about sex..."
      Rank 3: "Okay; maybe there's some things about you that are meant to be kept to yourself..."