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  1. Unrelated to RM, but I just completed a labor of love, one that took a lot of f*cking about with scaling parameters and such to get things to a point where boundary breaking and going under the woodwork would not be easily possible, and I had run into crashes many in the process, but it is done, and good grief...lolz
    Oh, what was this labor of love? I recreated Coastal Parklands in a less-than faithful way; it's a circuit (well circuit theme anyway) from Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2. I used TMInfinity to do so (TMI is a patch that allows one to use the track editor to change parameters like scale, movement and rotation as well as use any piece from any available environment).
    Now, I am completely fried, and my brain is completely disorganized, lolz

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    2. Kayzee


      Oh my, someone has a dirty dirty mind. <3

    3. Animebryan



      "a labor of love, one that took a lot of f*cking"

      Can't really blame him with a statement like that.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee, @Knighterius, @Animebryan, lolz

      Heavily inspired, likely because when I play NFS: HP2, I play the Coastal Parklands circuits the most (there are three-two closed circuits and one point-to-point road race akin to the type of racing you'd expect from Rad Racer or Road Rash).

      It's kinda funny; the theme consists of both coastal vistas and heavily forested areas in one area. It's the craziest mish mash of environments of the five themes (though on PC there's only four), with Island Oasis being right behind with both a volcano and a rainforest in reach of a populated area.

      The other three?
      Wine Country (lots of winding and narrow curves with blind corners everywhere in a Mediterranean environment)
      Autumn Trails (Taking to high elevation roads in the mountains and abandoned mines as shortcuts)
      Desert Wastelands (console exclusive-Narrow passages through dusty cliffs and roadways through various military establishments)

      I'm almost tempted to try my hand at recreating Empire City from NFS III: Hot Pursuit (a bonus circuit you unlock for winning Knockout on Expert). Almost. There's a lot of elements from that circuit that Track Mania United Forever doesn't have, nor does TM Infinity.

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