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    Fashion, Beauty, Art, Music (but not the Top40 garbage on the radio), retro gaming (got a lot of these), card games, board games, dice games, RPGs with or without a screen (meaning that tabletop RPGs are just as fun), LGBT - related gaming and art, among others, in no particular order (if any at all)...

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  1. With the current asset pack I am using, I found myself using events for tile overlays once more. This is a temporary thing until I get a chance to merge these individual tilesets into one cohesive tile set, and possibly more.

    There's a lot of potential with the asset packs I grabbed with the latest assets sale that ends soon, and I look forward to seeing Ramsey travel through them...

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      I have a lot of art to create though.
      Lots of dynamic sprites (I'm using Neon Black's Composite Character script), fixes to art bits, so on and so forth. Lots to do, one person team, with the occasional aid from @Kayzee.
      Hope she gets to feeling better...

    3. Kayzee


      I hope I get to felling better too! Personally I blame all the nasty pollution in the human world. It's hard on a delicate fairy like me! :3

    4. PhoenixSoul


      It is pretty damn noisy at times, huh?