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  1. :thonkang:

    Well, this is odd; apparently, one cannot display icons using variables.
    I mean to do so like this:

    Like, the point of this is to use the variable's current value to point to the icon index. I mean, sure, I think one could use the following:
    \i[\v[#]], but I'm not sure if that would work outside of message boxes and such.

    1. Kayzee


      Wow,  \i[\v[#]] actually works! I didn't think it would at first glance, but it totally does! It should work for any text that is drawn with draw_text_ex, which I think by default is message boxes, item descriptions/help windows, choice lists, scrolling text, the battle log... and I think that's it? Most menus or other windows only use draw_text which doesn't support control codes at all, but most of them manually draw icons or other things anyway.


      Here is a fun thing you can do with message control codes: You can technically set a variable to a string using script calls or the set variable script operand. This makes the \v[#] command a LOT more useful if you ask me.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Yeah, let us just say that this is outdated; my topic in Programming is the actual thing to be looking at. Since you have my project, you have both scripts at hand.

      I mean...I'm not going to skip over an obstacle because it'll be there no matter what until the obstacle is eliminated, so if this stalls my demo release, then BITCH MODE ACTIVATED.