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  1. Input.press?(:A)&&Input.press?(:Z)

    Use this for multi-button press conditional branches. It works way better than the event command.

    Change .press? to .trigger? or .repeat? as needed.

    1. UncannyBoots


      What's the difference between press and trigger? I'm guessing repeat means 2 or more consecutive presses?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      .trigger? will only look for a single press of the input. This is more useful for precise input mechanics, i.e. the Konami Code.
      .press? will look for the input being held down, whilst .repeat? is used to have the input command repeat whilst the input is held down, akin to turbo input/turbo-fire (auto-fire is a misnomer as that is actually in reference to the input being repeated without the input actually being pressed down manually).