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    Fashion, Beauty, Art, Music (but not the Top40 garbage on the radio), retro gaming (got a lot of these), card games, board games, dice games, RPGs with or without a screen (meaning that tabletop RPGs are just as fun), LGBT - related gaming and art, among others, in no particular order (if any at all)...

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  1. Game Progress:
    None. I'm completely drained as far as creative drive goes, and the reasons why are numerous, but the top three are...
    Burden of Taskmaster Forced onto me and I cannot adapt fast enough
    Waiting for any update on the game art that was promised
    (Well, there's a fourth that ties with the previous one and coincides with the first)
    Stay-At-Home/Lockdown Orders - I swore a #NonComplianceOath to this sort of crap a while ago (more like long ago in reference to any sort of martial law), but my hopes were that it would never trickle down this far into the sticks...looks like I was wrong; it goes in place this WEDNESDAY and I cannot wait to make it known I have no reason to comply because me being out and about is not harming anyone, PERIOD and no one can change my mind, GOT IT!?!??!!!?

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    2. Kayzee


      Bullcrap. Okay hows this for a conspiracy theory? You figured out nothing, you were led to that conclusion by people who use people looking for answers to fulfill their own agenda. And that agenda is mostly to make money. You want to be better then the 'sheep' who mindlessly do as they are told, and end up mindlessly doing as you are told anyway. It's a scam. It's all a scam. Social media sells your information to the highest bidder so advertisers can make money off of you, they create a feedback bubble in your search engine results, use google bombs to redirect traffic to their sites, make fake news posts, spread fear uncertainty and doubt, all so they can get a big fat paycheck.


      Meanwhile you slowly become what you behold. You soul becoming more and more empty as you descend into a black pit of paranoia and hate. Then guess what? Maybe you snap and go to a tall tower with a sniper rifle and start shooting, then end up killing yourself. Maybe now you are the new media talking point! But instead of actually fixing anything people just spread around more fear uncertainty and doubt. Your name is quickly forgotten, and all your ideals ignored. Just another crazy person in a crazy world. But some people might make a quick buck off you! Doesn't that make you feel better?


      What do you think? Are you upset about what I wrote? Maybe mad that I am basically writing a future for you you want no part of? You probobly should be. Or maybe you don't care, because it's just a story. Yet can you say none of it rings true? Well, yes. Yes you can say that. You are free to reject it completely if you want. You can choose to believe whatever you want to believe. I won't stop you. But! You are the one who is going to have to live in the world created by those beliefs, so make sure it's actually one you want to live in.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      (I did my own damn research into 9/11)

      The world I want? I have not really thought about it. Thing is, what I seek is for everyone to view one another as their equal, but that's something I wish for all, not just for myself. I don't have a selfish wish for the world.

      I don't watch enough TV to be one of those sheeple, am not suckered by the likes of the Communist News Network or MSLSD, and so on, but I have seen enough of it to know that it's easy to be sucked in, if you believe what they say and take it as much as gospel as the crap they talk about in churches and such.

      Google can go get bent; I don't use Google for a damn thing.

      The age of Advertising en Mass is soon-dead, and a war is on the horizon. It'll be a long recovery, no matter who wins, but that's what's coming. It's not some conspiracy or 'end of days', nonsense; it is just being able to see the chessboard as it currently stands and seeing five plus moves ahead, if you get the reference.

      At any rate, if my microchipping refusal gets me killed, then so be it. At least I won't be a slave.
      Is that what I want? No. I mean, no longer looking over my shoulder to see if assholes with badges, guns and batons are looking for someone they can harass and assault, that would be...like home...

    4. Kayzee


      (Using what sources?)


      Maybe not just for yourself no, but do you really not think wishing for everyone for everyone to view one another as their 'equal' can be a selfish wish?


      TV hardly matters anymore. Now most of the sheeple are on facebook. :P


      It's really all search engines, with the possible exception of duckduckgo, and I am pretty sure that has it's own sort of bubble.


      On the horizon? Don't be silly. The 'war' is already here and has been here for decades. It has been raging ever since the net began, probobly even before that. You might not see it, but it's there. It's not a war fought with guns (most of the time anyway), but it's still a war.


      If they actually start microchiping everybody like you said, I will stand with you and refuse as well. ...Or maybe I will get one so I can jailbreak it and load it up with retro games. That would be hilarious. But it doesn't matter, it won't happen. Or if it somehow does it won't take long for it to go hilariously wrong. Because it's a really really dumb idea. There is no point.


      Anyway why bother forcing people when you could sell it as a product? You know that Google Home AI assistant thing? It's a horrible violation of privacy and doesn't even work right have the time. But people still ate it up and now have proudly installed actual listening devices hooked to the web in their homes. That's how they 'control' people, and they make them pay for the privilege of doing it too.

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