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    Fashion, Beauty, Art, Music (but not the Top40 garbage on the radio), retro gaming (got a lot of these), card games, board games, dice games, RPGs with or without a screen (meaning that tabletop RPGs are just as fun), LGBT - related gaming and art, among others, in no particular order (if any at all)...

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  1. Cannabis brownie?
    Don't mind if I do...

    (FoUr HoUrS lAtEr)
    ...I took too much; I wasn't told how potent it was! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    I'm still buzzed from that brownie, and let this be a lesson to everyone wanting to try it. TAKE SMALL BITES. #LessonLearned

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    2. Kayzee


      Well... Yeah. That is what pro bono means. But I donno I have found a lot of free podcast-like content, and honestly if it weren't free I wouldn't bother with it.

    3. Animebryan


      You do know people upload podcasts on YouTube, right? Which is free.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      Well, yes, of course I know that.
      I was talking about the past, how that was, and it still remains true that if you wanted to put a few hundred songs on your iPod via iTunes, it would cost you a few hundred bucks.

      Anyway....yeah. I'm alright now.

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