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  1. You know how in Looseleaf, there's height differences between the two sprite types?

    That's really stupid. Makes me wanna shrink the taller one.....lolz

    What were you thinking, Mack?

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      @Kayzee Or to pixel-modify one set to have a certain look (it is not easy to give/take boobs)...

    3. UncannyBoots


      I've had those issue more than a few times. At this point I'm just completely designing my own clothes/body types for my characters (I have some very muscular characters in my game...) while keeping the looseleaf base but it is a lot of work so I wish there were male and female variations of clothing and body types in the default generator.

      Btw, do you two use Game Character Hub or the old online generator? I haven't been able to find the latter since geocities was taken down, is it still up? GCH is better regardless but I still miss the old online looseleaf generator for nostalgia reasons lol

    4. PhoenixSoul


      The old looseleaf generator is somewhere, likely archived. I've used it before.

      GCH is far more stable.