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  1. You know how in Looseleaf, there's height differences between the two sprite types?

    That's really stupid. Makes me wanna shrink the taller one.....lolz

    What were you thinking, Mack?

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Unnn...no way did I get rid of the only script that also draws onto face graphics. LMAO

      The VX Ace character generator overall is variety-rich but mediocre.

      Like, the best character generator parts are MV's Kid. Huh. Coincidence? Yeah, probably, lolz

    3. UncannyBoots


      Idk, aren't men on average taller than women? And JRPG style games usually have feminine petite girls so they just made it like that by default.
      If you have a girl who's tall or a guy who's short, it's an easy fix. You just erase a line of pixels around the leg region and then make the frame size smaller to match the new height; it's kinda hard to explain in text but imagine it like a row in tetris, where you complete a row and it disappears. Then the rest of the blocks fall down. It's like that but with the pixels. You cut out a line and then move the upper pixels down one line.


      Or you could just use one gender's body type for all the characters if you really don't want male/female differences lol

    4. Kayzee


      I just think it's annoying to make a set of 'male' outfit graphics and 'female' outfit graphics mostly.

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