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  1. I wanna make this clear to all.
    Anarchy is not, I repeat, NOT RIOTING AND LOOTING.

    Anyone who believes that chaos and Anarchism go hand in hand, either educate yourself on the matter, or get wrecked.

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    2. PhoenixSoul


      Except, am I? Or is it that I care too damn much and want to also see the suffering of everyone else end?

      Yeah, I know. Easier said than done to just turn off all physical senses.

    3. Kayzee


      Except you don't actually have a plan for that do you? You say you care too much. That you want to see the suffering of everyone else end. Yet you always always without fail frame it as if there is some source of evil that you can defeat that will solve everyone's problems. To be fair, I do talk about Yaldabaoth a lot, but that's more of a personal battle. And an excuse to make fun of the whole idea. Everyone has to defeat Yaldabaoth themselves. They have to find their own truth. There is no knight in shining armor that can save everyone. Everyone has to save themselves.

      If you want to help ease people's suffering, you can go out and do that. But you can't save everyone. But I wonder... Is that even really what you are trying to do? It seems to me like what you end up doing is making an enemy to attack inside your head. Doesn't matter what they actually did or even if they actually are real outside your head or not at all. Any enemy will do. Because you aren't fighting them. You just need them to 'stand up to'. You just need a banner. And while you go off chasing that enemy, no one actually gets any help. Least of all yourself.

    4. PhoenixSoul


      I'm more wondering if the source of misconduct/evil is a number of different things.

      I want to see it end, I do. However that comes about, is how it comes about. I'm no damn hero; I don't pretend to be and don't want to be. You once said that 'everyone is the hero of their story', and I say, pleh to that!

      There's no correct way to phrase that, but the best way is 'each person is the main character of their story'.

      I'm no 'knight in shining armor'/Spider-Man/Wonder Woman; I feel just as badly for them because they throw their own lives under the bus for the purpose of aiding others. I said I want to see the suffering end, and I'd be more than okay with such being from any form of mass-extinction event, as much as I would be with society finally pulling their heads out of their arses and getting rid of government.

      I'm not chasing any foe, I'm seeking answers.
      ♫They call me 'The Seeker'; I've been searchin' low and hiiiiiiigh!♫