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  1. I wanna make this clear to all.
    Anarchy is not, I repeat, NOT RIOTING AND LOOTING.

    Anyone who believes that chaos and Anarchism go hand in hand, either educate yourself on the matter, or get wrecked.

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    2. Kayzee


      Uh, you literally said "rioting and looting accomplishes nothing". But I am just going to assume you meant most of the time. But you are right, rioting and looting are really not really what it means to be an anarchist. That doesn't mean some misguided anarchist groups wouldn't use rioting and looting as a tool, but rioting and looting are use by many many different political groups as a tool.


      What I will say though, is 'Anarchy' can both imply politically anarchism, but it can also imply a total break down of society. Really I would define idealized 'Anarchy' as the lack of a social hierarchy. Like I said before, this can be thought of in a destructive manner, or as a constructive manner. In a destructive way, anarchy can in theory be achieved by destroying the vertical power structures holding up the social hierarchy. However, the moment anyone gets any kind of power over another, this is bound to collapse into something else. In a constructive way, anarchy is more about building up horizontal power structures.


      Also: Relating to the end, I was also talking about such changes. You could list a billion end-of-the-world scenarios. And many people have. People are always saying that this or that might happen and everyone could die, or giving predictions about such things. There could have been many many things that could have gone wrong with the world before now.


      Like have you ever head of the cuban missile crisis? Have you heard how everyone was so freaked out that the would might end in nuclear armageddon because someone would launch the nukes? But they didn't. Life went on.


      Wasn't the only time that happened. I heard that once some automatic alarm went off in russia that almost caused people to panic and launch nukes. But they didn't. Life went on.


      Many many meteors could have hit earth by now that would have caused another mass extinction before humanity had even been born. But they didn't. Life went on.


      Life could have been wiped out any number of ways long long before today, But it wasn't. Life still goes on.


      ... Or so it would appear. It's interesting that the world has lasted this long don't you think? Is it just luck? Or maybe... It's something else. Like for example, what if all those things actually did happen? What if everything happens? What if time branches and expands in all directions rather then just the single line that we can see?  Maybe there is at least one timeline where we will live forever? Maybe there is future technology that can recreate the pattern of consciousness at the moment of anyone's death? Maybe any number of things... Who knows?


      Until it happens, I will never believe that the world is doomed. The story we call life can always find a way to go on.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      ...Yeah. I mistyped. Of course, I appended that before responding. Rioting and looting accomplishes nothing good.

      Lack of social hierarchy? Yeah. Sounds familiar, sounds like home. Because it is.

      I did not necessarily mean end-of-the-world, or that such would be the end of all life. After all, the massive observance of change requires the survival of such change by those that observed it. I'll also mention briefly that the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' was an absolutely fake, scripted event. It was all for fear-mongering and embargo supporting crap. Same with the Vietnam war, fake. Well, the battles were real but the reasons were all staged.

      That was around the same time Chernobyl went boom, from what I heard.

      I think all parallels of existence hold all possible events, but not all parallels of existence are bound to the balance of existence. In short, I speak of sandbox parallels, and I think this might be one of them. Maybe.

    4. Kayzee


      Sigh. This is fake, that is fake, everywhere a fake fake. You know, okay. I am willing to give you one thing. I am willing to bet that a large chunk of history really wasn't exactly what everyone thinks. It's wouldn't be very surprising. Much of history has been lost. The exact reason for things, the exact moment where things started, sure there is probobly a lot that was much different to how history tells it. History is a story after all.


      But that's the thing isn't it? Something being fake is just as much of a made up story as something being real. You don't know what actually happened. You can't know what 'actually happened'. Maybe it was all a scripted fake like you said. Maybe it wasn't. You could try to look up all the official accounts on the subject and cross reference everything to check for any inconsistencies, but I am willing to bet you won't. Even if you do, you will probobly see something that you think proves your point even if no one else agrees, or you will say it's just a really good fake.


      When it comes right down to it, it doesn't even matter. Just like there can be multiple possible futures, there can also be multiple possible pasts and multiple possible presents. And you could walk between them every day without even noticing. But you always, always, always seem to chose the worst of them! I think I have an idea why.


      Have you heard this story? Once there was a world filled with violence and bloodshed. Horrible things happened to the people there every day. Life was hard, and people struggled. The people cried out "What reason is there for all this suffering? There must be something... There must be a reason." So they created in there hearts and minds the Idea of Evil. And the Idea of Evil rose up in the abyss like dark god and gave the people exactly what they asked for.


      The devil the people so desired was created by their own belief. The people suffered even worse. There was more violence and bloodshed. Even more horrible things happened to the people every day. Life was harder, and the people struggled even more. But now, they had demons to blame for everything! Now they had their reason! Would you say that was a good trade? Hmmm? If not... why are you doing the same thing?

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