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  1. Would it surprise any of you to learn that I love games like Armored Core?

    No? Oh.
    Okay then.

    As far as gamedev goes, I'm working on poses. it's something I should of already done, but I wouldn't of had a demo release if I did, because I probably would of had forty-plus pose sets for each character, when I only intend to have about eight of them, with only some characters using all eight pose sets.

    "What are the pose sets for?"
    Mostly the NSFW/Kink-related stuffs, but I intend to have a sleeping/napping pose set.

    Pose sets require that I do a lot of pixel editing. Lots, and lots. I'm one person; this is hard as is, plus I have so much else going on at any given time.....

    I could of made this a blog, but only one person reads those...#LMAO

    1. BluMiu


      I don't run into many that play Armored Core unless across a group on social media, so yes. A tad surprising in one respect.


      Just how many characters are you doing this for or are you doing bases to make it easier? 40 is...a hefty load of time to set aside and get done. Making good sprites isn't fast in the first place, so a project indeed. These personal use, resources or for what you're working on?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      No, most characters, which would be a total of over twenty.

      Of course, I'm nowhere near finished with the first set. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the poses.

      It's really hard without any sort of references other than what I'm imagining.

      For my game project. If I could actually setup a way to make money on itch.io, I'd also be selling some of these as resource packs. I don't currently have that option, and I may never have that option.