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  1. It's likely that using @Selchar's Durability Affixes breaks @Tsukihime's Item Affixes for any other use.

    So, if I wanted to make a prefix to have some piece of equipment be unbreakable, that isn't possible.

    Either that, or some compatibility bug is present.

    I cannot tell which; I have so many scripts in play, I don't even think dearest love @Kayzee could figure it out, not that it matters since she's more often than not, playing her Switch these days...

    If I could get my PS3 working again I'd be okay with that. I'd still have to get a lot of games that were stolen from me back somehow...

    1. Kayzee


      Actually I haven't played my switch very much at all lately... I even did a little work on my game a little while ago! 😮


      Still not really feeling up to coding most days, but I think I am getting better...


      Anyway, what happens if you give equipment zero max durability? Or maybe infinite (Float::INFINITY or 1.0/0.0) durability if floats are accepted? Or maybe just use a ridiculously big number and code it to display as infinity and never decrease durability?

    2. Kupotepo


      @PhoenixSoul, thank you for letting us know about the compatibility issues.

    3. PhoenixSoul


      I haven't tried to give the value of zero durability, though I'm pretty sure that it would just immediately 'break' the item and make it unusable, or if DestroyEquip is set to 'true', then the item just vanishes instantly.

      @Kupotepo, there is a possibility that I have the script call setup incorrectly, but since the Moon Princess herself chose not to actually imply what exactly, code verbatim, goes into the script call (only referring to RPG::Weapon or RPG::Armor), I may have the following incorrect:

      set_prefix($data_weapons[1], 421)
      421 being the ID of the prefix Armor to be used.

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