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  1. This sucks; for the longest time I've had a direct, easy to access internet modem and now, I have to once again, hook up a wireless USB adapter to my craptastic hardware. The last two times I had to do this before the move, it did not work well, if at all. I expect the same from this adapter.

    Why is this happening? Because the purse string puller decided to switch ISPs to 'save' money, that likely will not last, if there's any significant impact at all. I'll no longer have a landline phone, and if this falls through, I'll not have internet access either, as I expect. I'd scream a bunch of vulgarities in all-caps, but that'd likely just have one of the admins mad at me for crap I had no control over.

    No, this is not fair. Arguments to the contrary and 'life is not fair' get a 'no' response.

    1. Kayzee


      You can switch ISPs? You mean you aren't an eternal slave to the whims of comcast? I was under the impression comcast had much of the middle part of the US in a monopolistic stranglehold. Or is it still comcast just a more shitty version?


      I would rather avoid bringing fairness into it at all. This is a problem. Let's try and find a solution. I am pretty sure there is one no matter how crappy your hardware is. I mean if someone can get an apple ][e to browse reddit with some tinkering, Surely you can find some way to get it to work if you try.


      Also... ... How to put this...



      Okay... Please listen for a moment. Do me a favor and look at your followers for a moment. I donno about you but on that second row there is a particular pink pony with yellow hair. You know, Rikifive, who I am pretty sure is your friend as well as mine. And also happens to be the most active admin on the site. Now you know me. I have opinions and I have al least once broken the rules gotten in trouble with Riki in the past. So have you if I recall correctly. I have seen tyrant admins before, and while I don't always agree with Riki, they are not one. They have always been understanding. I would even use the word 'fair' to describe them, and you know how much I roll my eyes at that.


      So here's a question: Do you think I would I stand by their judgement if you did if you did scream a bunch of vulgarities in all-caps and they banned you?


      ... Let's go back a bit and look at something you said in this very status update.



      I'd scream a bunch of vulgarities in all-caps, but that'd likely just have one of the admins mad at me for crap I had no control over.


      So... Here's the thing...


      Don't you think that by not screaming a bunch of vulgarities in all-caps so you don't get in trouble... You have in fact proven that if you did do it any admin that did in fact get mad at you would in fact get mad at you for something that you actually did have control over?


      You know... For a long time I have sorta been skirting around what I think is an important issue. Because I am really really scared you are going to get really upset with me. Do you remember our little talk about 'cognitive dissidence'? You know when I first heard you complain about it, I admit... I kinda had a thought in my head that went something like: 'I guess as the queen of cognitive dissidence she would know'. But I chickened out from saying it, as I have a lot. I still think what I did end up saying was maybe a little too mean and partly walked it back.


      But... yeah. You kinda say things like that a lot. Most people do to be honest. I probably do a ton myself and never really realized it. Or more likely have and passed it off as a dumb joke or me being crazy. Which to be fair to myself, it often is. But I try to be better then that. Or... no. I shouldn't say that. I try to be different to that. Better, worse, I have no idea. Not sure why I should even care. Ha! Even that sounds like I am trying to feel smugly superior by not feeling smugly superior! And maybe I am!


      Hehehe... Can you imagine what that does to my self esteem? I would like to imagine that if self esteem could be measured as a number like an RPG statistic, it would be NaN! I am neither better then, worse then, the same as, or different to, everybody else! I want to spread this feeling... Like snugging a big ball of deadly tarantulas! I believe it's possible to accept and understand yourself, even if it means accepting that you and everyone else is totally utterly insane! AND ALSO LOVE IT! Praise Eris!


      ... Okay that was way too melodramatic and pretty pointless, but I feel better. Also sleepy. Night!


      ... I'm totally serious though, even if I am still joking. My brain is wonderfully weird and I would totally love to drive everyone in existence totally insane. Well, I mean they already are, but I mean the fun kind of insane, not the unfun kind.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Technically, AT&T is not an internet service provider.

      They are a telephone company; it just so happens that they can wire the telephone lines to be used for internet service. Said internet service is provided by Verizon.

      As for the wireless USB adapter, for now (YEAH FOR NOW-GIVE IT A FEW MONTHS LIKE THE LAST TWO DAMN TIMES), it works okay. The wireless signal is acceptable, but I will be looking into a wired solution later on. Either that or moving out. Right. Like that's remotely possible.