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  1. I was gifted Assetto Corsa.
    Only the launcher runs but I'm grateful to have it all the same. Maybe someday I'll have the proper hardware to run races, to do a lot more as well like have a more secure OS.

    1. Arrpeegeemaker


      I don't know what your price range is, but secondhand computer or secondhand electronic shops online and brick and mortar are known to have good deals on pc's that are good if not oddly built. 


      My PC can't run modern games, I got it for $300. It has a SSD and reboots in 60 seconds (it's ready to use, like steam is finished hogging the startup by then)


      It has 12 GB of RAM, which is enough to keep MV from being the PC-Slowing jerk it wants to be. 


      If your price range is even half that, nowadays you can find deals on secondhand stuff from these kinds of shops. They often rebuild them in ways that sell in that market, which means they're generally much better than they received them, and sold with a 'somebody buy this' mentality. 

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