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  1. So, this PC isn't capable of running everything I have in my Steam library.

    Aside from that, I have obstacles many (well one big one anyway) that are keeping me from transferring everything from my older PC to my new one.

    Main issue: This newer PC has room for only one HDD, and the one installed has a capacity of ~500 GB. MY older PC has a 1 TB HDD and has more than 600 GB of that reserved for use, most of that full. I also was not a dummy like last time; I made a larger partition for [C:\] and thus, have even less space for anything on my newer PC.

    Yeah; I'm not gonna be able to get any upgrades for this PC anytime soon, if ever. The joys of having to buy from brick and mortar stores and not really being able to, because of BS reasons.

    Oh trust me, I prefer in-person shopping; I wish online shopping would crash and burn.

    I'd of made this a blog, but...

    No one reads those, except for a few people. More people read these.

    1. Kayzee


      My lappy toppy only has like 458 GB of which I have 398 GB used. I have a huge external USB HDD for backup and old stuff though.

    2. PhoenixSoul


      I've been needing to get an external HDD for that kind of thing for a while.
      Again, it's on the super-long list of unmet needs.

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