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  1. You know, I'm glad this is a place where one can freely talk about just about anything...

    It has come to my attention that a lot of sites and groups have really bad, biased admin/moderators that tend to play favourites but hate being called out on it or love to make examples of those that talk about 'sEnSiTiVe ToPiCs'...

    It's a bad trend and it's inspired by the same Orwellian crap that was meant to be fiction, always be fiction. George Orwell would be very pissed off, and would not be the only one either.

    I'm glad that I can talk freely, but I suspect that will change at some point. I was raised differently; Free Will is paramount and those that seek to erase it deserve the worst punishment feasible.

    1. WinolaKrista


      In what ways are those sites' admins/moderators "bad" or "biased"? What "sensitive topics" would they rather not be discussed? Who is seeking to erase free will, and what does that erasure look like in your day to day life?

    2. PhoenixSoul


      Ah, great questions, @WinolaKrista. Glad I chose to wait to respond though.

      So, I will answer them in 3/4/1/2 order. Simplest to most complex.

      3) Elitists, Politicians, basically anyone in government, or western religion circles, and those brainwashed by their poisoned but honeyed words (sometimes actions).
      4) I see darkness, and hear nothing. Feel nothing. Think that's pretty clear.
      1) Most admins are elitists and/or narcissists (or become like this). I don't think I have to elaborate too much on how bad that is, how imbalanced that is...
      2) Well, let's just say that, almost anything can be a 'sensitive topic'. Truth is, if it's a topic one doesn't wanna discuss, then they shouldn't get involved with the discussion. Pretty simple, but for an admin whose ego is so thick that it requires a damned mallet and chisel to break it down, it's easily overblown. I'm not going to specify any individual, even if they deserve it, because I am not rallying for an all-out-internet assault here. If I wanna duel someone, I wanna duel them in person. Internet drama is words on a screen, sometimes vid conferences gone bad, or internet telecom gone bad, but it's intangible due to internet volatility. However, actual pain and injury following an in-person duel is tangible, and something one can learn from. Of course, it is meaningless unless all dueling parties are able to walk/hobble/be assisted away.

      All those 'duels' in 'Western'/cowboy films? Absolutely, laughably pointless. Most of those end with few survivors and a massive mound of PTSD. 💩

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