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  1. I'm close to done with Ramsey v.1.0, but I have these left to do:
    > Graphic bits (this is a game where sprites and faces are built piece by piece and are customizable)
    > Functionalities (it's mostly finished in that regard but there's still a few things left to make happen)
    > Mapping/Tiles (I think I have most of my needed tiles but making maps is going to take a while more)
    > NSFW filtering (this is going to be very difficult and it might not make v.1.0 - note that this will not include vulgarity if it actually becomes a feature at all)
    > Writing/Grammar/Spelling (probably the largest portion of this burden to complete)
    > P2P file sharing (yes I want to distribute the game in this fashion just in case other mediums fail-is not likely to be a thing by v.1.0)

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